Rear Lights May Not Work Due to Rear Light Socket Plate Failure on Oldsmobile Silhouette

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The rear light socket plate may fail causing a brake light or other rear light to stop working.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 137,054 (16,600–244,000)
8 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
43 people reported this problem
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both blinker lights stayed on inside car.when this happened, blinker lights in back worked erratically, then brake lights stopped working then all lights in back stopped working. Also caused "problem" lights to intermittently go on and off. Replaced the back light circuit board and the pigtail and now are fine. problem was where the circuit board and pigtail connected.Did not make good contact.
I replaced the rear brake light bulb but it didn't fix the problem.
Rear brake lights quit working
Both main brake lights do not work. Secondary brake light does work.
Left brake light failure. Over heats and melts plastic on the bulb and the plug in. Not fixed yet.
Rear right side brake light would not work,even with new bulb. Problem was a faulty connection, entire socket plate had to be replaced.
Tail lights don't work right. Took apart and looks like the wiring has melted
no brake lights
Tail light assembly needs replacd
Brake lights were not working. Went to my mechanic, and he determined that the Rear Light Socket Plate failed, and would have to be replaced; which I had him do.
No rear lights working, checked light bulb 's, checked balance not the problem. Need fixed asap.
Left and right brake light does not work the 3rd brake light in the middle still works.
All lights not working started with tail lights
Tail lights do not work properly when lights are on. Took lense out and notice both harness and light circuit board were fried. Replaced light circuit board and harness. Problem still occuring replaced them three times
No running lights.still not fixed. And can't turn off head lights while vehicle is running. Replaced the headlight switch but didn't fix the problem.
Rear light's goviut from time to time more often when cold and wet. pull bulbs and out rught back in for temporary fix van stated running hot so replaced thermostat then thought it had been faulty so I replaced it again found out our was the intake gasket had went bad and really wanted to do the heat gasket as well but I was afraid the heads could have been warped so didn't do the head gasket. I would suggest if you can replace the heads of there bad then do all at once because of you are doing the intake gasket it's 8 or ten more bolts to go the test of the way I just happens to be out of state and doesn't $1,500 on tools parts and hotel. I had to take the chance that the head gasket wasn't blown and stop there because of the heads had been warped I want site I could get em and really didn't have the money to spend anyway and new Super careful because the upper plentum is aluminum and almost 300 bucks new because I brike mine because a faulty tork wrench. Job sucks any wsy you look at it so be prepared and good kuck
Replaced bulbs but still don't work.
rear tail light keeps burning out. it has not been fixed