GMC Envoy Problem Report

GMC Envoy Rear Lights May Be Out Due To Failed Light Socket Plate

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One or more of the rear lights may be out due to a failed light socket plate. Our technicians tell us some 2002-2004 models were recalled for this issue. For more information on this recall, please click here»

OK i have the same problem but I have replaced both circuit boards in the rear tail lights for starters and checked every known fuse I have and every one is good. I've checked the break pedal switch that control the third break light and that works perfect. I have running lights, turn signals, hazards lights and reverse lights. The only lights that don't work on my car are the break lights on both sides. And I can't figure out what the problem is for the life of me. My mechanic looked at every thing and even used a probe to test the problem even jumped it from the break pedal switch to the rear break light circuit board and every time he did it, it would blow a fuse or not work. He had told me to give him a few day to see if he can look it up on some Mechanic web site that he's a member to. But I think he's just blowing smoke sort to say. I watched him do all this work and I'm great full he didn't charge me. But know the stress is just to much. So I ask the car GODs please please help me. If any one can figure this out my name is MIKE and i can be reached at 215-260-7986 thank you in advance. -
I have the same problem and had the sockets replaced by GM. Still have the problem. -
no left and right brake light -
my rear lights are out due to failed light socket plate -
Rear brake lights stopped working. Not a bulb issue. -
Replace constantly, just give up -
left tail light out right tail light works -
no tail light on passenger side. replaced tail light circuit board, fuses and bulbs. I have brake lights and turn signal but NO Tail light. Need a solution. -
I've had the same problem for a few times within a year for a few years, have spent money on having them replaced. I didn't know it was recalled. -
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my rear lights do not work and i put new light bulbs in and the fuse is fine