Rear-end lowers after being parked on Hummer H2

Average mileage: 96,288 (47,300–150,000)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008
22 people reported this problem
15 people shared problem details
After my H2 is parked awhile (mostly overnight), I will find the rear end has "dropped" approximately 6" as compared to the height of the front end. The rear end will regain its height once the engine is turned on. This happens intermittently.
2003 Hummer H2150,000
I get a "service air suspension" message, the compressor runs either constantly or not at all when the message is displayed. This doesn't happen all of the time, just randomly. Sometimes it completely drops the rear air suspension and sometimes it's just fine.... Drives me crazy!
I was the second owner of my 2003 Hummer H2 and the air started leaking from the rear compressor or tank about one month after buying the vehicle, I have tolerated it until now ( about one year now ) because now I have to stop and restart it just to get 25 miles now! Any ideas what I should do next like a conversion to shocks and springs or repair/replace the expensive part ?
Rear drops when parked. Noticeably more on drivers side. Looking for the solution.
2003 Hummer H280,000
air susp. pump runs all the time
I have a 2003 hummer h2 while in park the rear loose air and it sit really low and it takes about 20 min to rise back to normal for me to drive..I could hear the compressor turn on when I start the hummer but its taking for ever to go up from the rear. What could be the problem
2003 Hummer H293,000
Over night the back end of my h2 hummer drops down but after driving during the day it stays the same height of the front . Until I get up in the morning it happens all over again.
2005 Hummer H2122,252
can't fix every time I take it in and get something new done it happens again every time I park it goes all the way down to where there's like an inch between the tire and the back don't know what to do frustrated 2005 SUT Hummer
2006 Hummer H2118,000
air pump run all the time, rear drops down when shut off
rear air lowers over night and we can push button in truck and raise back up and then next day it is down again
rear end lowers after being parked
2003 Hummer H2125,578
I have a 2003 hummer h2 while in park the rear is loosing air and it takes for ever to get it to rise to normal what could be the problem
The air ride on the rear overnight goes down and we can press button on dash to bring back up and it will go back down overnight
It uses to be you could go on website and find your problem read about it and fix it that was some years back? Now days all you get is some Shadetree mechanic trying to take your money with the wrong answer look guys why take over the websites don't you have enough work............... THAT JUST LIKE A WANT BE MECHANICS....
2006 Hummer H281,900
Same thing over night parking and it sitting in the ground
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