Rear door lock stuck on GMC Yukon

Average mileage: 140,451 (89,789–210,000)
4 model years affected: 1992, 2000, 2005, 2009 more
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rear hatch door does not close
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2005 GMC Yukon210,000
rear lift gate will not unlock, key fob does not work and power lock from inside does not work
I have the same problem with right passenger door. It does work consistently and it is not reliable locking by remote. I am just dealing with it!
The bottom rear hatch of my 2000 Yukon Denali will not open.
The rear locking mechanism in my 2000 gmc yukon appears to be stuck and I cannot close the door. The lock catch seems to have moved out of place and when I push the door in it is still ajar. Is there any way to solve the problem? I tried using the lock/unlock lever on the door as well as the key fob but the lock clip on the inside of the door appears to have shifted down thereby preventing the door from locking. The door handle is not broken just the clip inside the door that keeps the door lock once closed.
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