Rear beam axle rust on Plymouth Voyager

Average mileage: 131,793 (86,000–200,000)
3 model years affected: 1993, 1994, 1995
5 people reported this problem
4 people shared problem details
1995 Plymouth Voyager115,000
Have the same problem as a result of PA using salt in the winter and moister build up inside hollow axle. Picking up a used axle from junk yard. Looks like a straight forward swap. Remove shocks, brake lines, and emergency brake line. Remove U bolts on springs and drop axle.
1993 Plymouth Voyager125,000
rear axle has rusted thru and cracked.
1993 Plymouth Voyager132,967
rear axle rusted in half it brock going down the road
The rear beam axles in Chrysler product minivans of this vintage may have dangerous interior rust issues. The beam is hollow which allows all manner of moisture and road salt to accumulate and sit inside causing the rust to develop. As rust will do, it weakens the thickness of the axle which will lead to the possibility of total collapse of the rear suspension system, perhaps at highway speed with any number of possible results. To diagnose: Get underneath your van and look for any obvious cracks. Grab a small hammer and see if you can find a weak spot. Don't beat it to death, just tap around. If the beam is weak you'll find the spot. To fix: You'll have to find a junkyard axle that isn't rusted or try and find a new replacement. Figure a two day job by yourself, if you have skills. Figure a large payday for a mechanic if you don't. Whatever you do, have that axle checked!
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