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Some days the idiot light comes on, other days its fine.
just did a new vlave job and had head shaved replaced head gasket and tested compression but it has started smoking after it warms up and it didnt do it before the valve job?
Even when the defroster is on the windows constantly fog up until I drive with the windows downs. It has become dangerous now in the cold weather. I've replace the pollen filter. The blower and temp work fine. Is it ...
crank sensor is bad . Where is the crank sensor. Is it off the cam or underneath of the engine?
always the back lights are burned same how and reflects to signal lights
driving to reset INCs so can retest emissions. Over 150 miles. Still have 2 INCs. Only allowed one INC. What's the "drive cycle" for an 03 elantra?? Thanks
there is white smoke coming from tail pipe
Drained the battery overnight by leaving the headlights on. Replaced the battery, checked the alternator for loss wires since the car now won't hold a charge.
I drove my car yesterday morning and everything was fine. I went to start it yesterday afternoon and the key won't turn at all. The steering wheel isnt locked and I was able to get it into Neutral to push it in the ga...
2000 S70 with 60k miles needs tune up, what is average cost (quoted $270).
Since someone tried stealing my s70 it wont start. I was told there is a relay or switch under the passenger seat or the truck? where is this and how do I test it?
how to replace the front left axel
The stopping takes longer, with a trembling, noisy stop. I was told that it might be from "park brake locking". This malfunction happens in warmer weather (above 60F). It seems the noise is coming from the rear lef...
It cranks and starts up the first time out and dies, after that it just turns over but will not start up.
starts and shuts off driving car and at stops dies
just bought car lat week. car will crank, not start. Was told to disarm the alarm first. HOW?
Trouble code: P0602 P1618 ive swithed transmissions, the old one did the same thing but i could put the car in first gear the new one i cant do that but i can manually shit from 2nd - drive gear
now what? The back shocks are being replaced next, could that have anything to do with the noise, appears it is coming from under front fender well. I have nothing to jack up the car to look for myself.
Heater isn't blowing hot, barely Luke warm. What could be the problem?
The harness that connects the pump is not getting power. what could cause it
i pulled my battery cables off and put them back on and the radio would not work.
i pulled out my radio but didnt disconect it i took the battery cabels off then put them back and the radio would not turn on.what is the code for the radio
I have a 2000 S70 with over 203000 miles. Yesterday my transmission light started blinking and now it feels as if the car is starting in 2nd or 3rd gear from a stop. There are 4 codes: P0753 - Shift solenoid A circuit...