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Hi all, my warning triangle as turned red and the left hand display is saying srs urgent service, I've had to replace the battery and the alternator but this light won't go,any ideas where I can check myself 1st as I'm not a mechanical minded person and don't trust most garages, thanks for reading my issue.

when i put take off from a stop, the front wheels squeal, when I make a sharp turn the front wheels squeal. When I try stopping suddenly the feeling is as if the front brake pads are skipping over the part that helps the braking system stops. In other words I am afraid that if I have to stop suddenly, the breaking system will not work. properly.

After driving in traffic, my transmission shifts hard. Started happening at around 20 mph when not pushing on gas but now it happens more often and at acceleration at any speed, even from a complete stop.

I mean sometimes really if I don't catch it violently slams back into gear it has broken all trans mounts (replaced)and three engine mounts which I now have to replace them all again. it dosnt happen all the time and it cruises perfectly on the highway someone said moduals no codes have ever come uo and im at a school with the top three scan tools available thanks for your time in advance

If there is not, is there any way I can fix this myself?
The test they did at a friends shop showed all the connectors have the same reading.

car was loosing power but kept running, very little power, stopped and turned it off then when I started it ran fine a few minutes then did the same thing. check engine lite was flashig while engine was running with little power, trans shifted fine just took a long time because car was only going 25-30 mph ????

it was still running but very little power and the dash display read "slow down or shift up" I stopped turned off the car and when I started it and took off it ran normal for a few minutes then did the same thing. also the check engine lite flashs when the engine looses power

To stop the blis light, stop the engine & start again. Should I change or repair the blis sensor?

The "normal service required" message began flashing just two days ago, To My Surprise....

i have changed front wheel bearings but still the same

AS stated above, at times when I go to start my car (cold or warm), It seems to struggle to turn over and at times it just fires right up. This has been going on now for 6 months, Till 2 days ago I was at the store and when I got back inot my car and tried to star it it jsut made a grinding sound and slowly started to struggle more and more as if the battery was dead. I sort of pumped the accel a bit (but! that is pointless with all the electronics) And I let it sit 30 sec. tried to start it again it made that horrible slow grinding sound again, then all of a sudden it made a pop and the engine started right up. It was idling smoothly and as normal and drove home Onegin quiet/smooth ran normal.
I just assumed it was the battery since it is the orig battery. I have had AAA come out they ran a diagnostics and found the battery , to mine and his amazement, was in grt shape fully charging 600A. The diagnostic checked the alternator and starter as well, The starter showed some declining in voltage below 12V and dropped (meter down to below 8 volts during start up. So! he said the problem is with the starter.
Now here is my concern!, Even though this is a 2008 S60, which means 8 yrs old!. I only have 18,500 real/orig miles on this car I am the original owner and purchased new.

I have had no issues in fact this has been one super nice trouble free car. Well up till this started!! :).
Again when all this is going on the dashboard instruments, (check engine light doesn't light up except during starts of course) and on board messaging center give no warnings or alerts to a problem.

Aren't starters typically have a life span of 100K and up , not 18K.. :((
I read it could be as minor as dirt that may have gotten into the connector (electrical) or a cracked connector or exposed wire, insulation is cut near the starter, or a flywheel issue, etc.. If a flywheel , well that raises even more!!! questions

This week I was driving and somehow I hit the tiptronic so too hard that I broke the rocker arm. The car was reading the tip tronic, but wouldn't lock in D gear, So I drove home in the loose tiptronic, once I got home it was a struggle to get the gear into park, but after some wrestling around I got it in P. Found the spring loose, so I pulled it out of the shifter box.

After some research I had my mechanic replace the rocker arm. It locks and functions perfectly, but once I put the gear into D, just as quickly it becomes gear 1 on both the shifter light and dashboard computer.

Please let me know if they did not do the best job fixing it or if its a larger issue now like the computer.

I'm really in a shit whole and could use any help that I can.

Thanks Advance!

The car has now 68750mi on it. And so far so good with electrical parts but the passenger window keep rebelling itself.
This what happens: When commanded to close automatically, after the window hit full close it returns to open, like something is jamming it.
Visual check and nothing unusual with it.
The more curious thing about it, sometimes the right window does this too.

Sunroof never show this kind of behavior.

Battery is new, bosh 80amp.

I need some problem with my car gear box.It is very jerky transition when my gearbox too hot.Always descending from 2th gear to 1th,I feel big jerk .

my fuel gauge only reads half a tank when I just put 17 gallons in. My trunk lid opens and rear doors lock so could it still be REM?

The is a massage on the car that reads "ENGINE SYSTEM SERVICE URGENT". also the triangle in the middle of the gauges is lighting red. What is wrong with the car, please help.

the problem started a day ago when I open door the radio use to go off now it don't I keep getting this meassage saying car is not in park, I try deleting meassage. that don't work.or resetting meassages I still get the same meassages car only have 30,000 miles on it.

I got Transmission Service Required message and the check engine
light is on. My husband thinks the transmission fluid is low and we want to check it. Is there even a dipstick? There is also a "bump" when I am stopped at a stoplight, the transmission shifts perfectly.

I have just picked up my car and on the way home driving on the highway, I accelerated to <3000 rpm, and as it hit the 3k rpm it lurked.

lid is two piece. Mine is the plastic part with license plate holder

It started a while ago and does it all the time. It does not have the pick up that it used to have. I don't want to hurt the car by driving a lot.

So i recently replaced control arm on passenger side due to worn bushing. I repleaced both front struts as well as ball joints, just as routine maintanance as i do have 160,000 miles on the vehicle. So ealry mornings no problems but afternoon or with increased drive when i turn to the right side i hear a sort of grinding noise.More of a noise that you would hear when playing cards would run along your old bike spokes... for those of you who remember the good old days. I do hear the noise when i turn to the left however its coming from the passenger side. Any ideas?

WHEN I BRAKE TO SLOW DOWN OR BRAKE TO TURN VEHICLE STILL hesitates sometime engine cuts off

Emmanuel Komu,East Africa

Emmanuel Komu,East Africa

Tanzania africa

it still runs good no problem, just having problems putting gas