car still ran though was slow from a standing start to pick up speed again. would pick up speed. when I stopped and shut car off then restarted, all worked fine, however check engine is still on

Only 54,000 miles

shifting hard from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd

It sounds like it could be a loose head or im not an exspert but soon as you start the engine rattle rattle rattle no over heating does leak oil

The instruments and ligths work some time and suddenly stop working when car is runing.

I drive for about 15 miles and restart the car it stays off then only to come on again about 10 minutes late. at one time system shutdown. I replaced the battery with Volvo brand last night and light came on again? Help

2004 volvo 260 with 151k miles

Car seems to run ok then randomly it will act like it is going to stall out. Check engine light is off. After a while it will lose power and stall out. Sometimes it will stall multiple times until it decides to run again. When it stalls out the check engine light illuminates. But then once it sits for a little while and I start it again the light will be off. It wil run fine for a little while then goes through the whole cycle again. I brought it in when the engine light was on and the error code p0089 shows up. Any info would be helpful.

Car dose not start no ignition light on the dashboard but if you hit the brain computer some time the ignition light come on and the car start and drive what could be the problems ?

The indication comes on each time i turn the car on and off. I can temporarily turn it off using the button on the end of the directional signal. What do I do to reset the notice?

Transmission fluid is full but looks a little burnt. Don't know when it was last changed; it it my wife's car. Oil was two qts. low and burnt.

It says that the Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold on bank 1.
I wanted to know what steps to take to fix this trouble code

This only happens whenever the car is in reverse.

Can the fuse # 21,in the passenger compartment or the 4 wheel drive control module fuse #17, in the cargo area, be causing my transmission to surge or slip? If not any ideas? It seems to happen after driving for about 1 hour. I have tried in manual a few times and I seem to have no problems

i have 69,000 miles on the above car, 3 years old. she has been cared for very well, driven with a light foot, all services, synthetic oil changes, etc. i need a vehicle for 3 more years, and plan to put on about 25K miles/year. i am able to purchase an extended warranty that would cover the car for 5 years, to 169K miles, for $3400. the warranty covers only named parts and standard labor charges relative to engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axels, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, climate control, engine cooling, fuel system, high tech, luxury electronics, and failed seals and gaskets. i am weighing if this is a reasonable purchase -- at the end of my ownership, i plan to see the car with 10K or more miles left on the warranty (which is transferrable to the new owner). any thoughts on the most likely repair issues i might face with the care between 69,000 miles and 150,000 miles? thanks for your ideas.

My car wont start and a Mechanic told me that i have water in my engine ... Can someone help me please

I can get the car to Stewart using starting fluid but won't stay running.

Only lights not working on the dashboard. Clicking of signal off too but comes on occasionally. Bulbs have been checked so I have no idea why they won't show or click on the dashboard?

Our Volvo was rear ended in February causing bodily damage to the vehicle and also caused the muffler and exhaust clamps to break at the welds, the car was not checked for engine repair only body damage at that time. we had the car body repaired by an auto body shop, the body shop drove it to a local Volvo dealer to have the exhaust and new muffler installed then drove it back to the auto body shop. we were able to drive the car to the auto body shop but after the repairs were made massive amount of smoke was coming from the exhaust pipe, the owner of the auto body shop told us we could no longer drive the car. We had towed the vehicle to a garage where they found the PCV hose had been broken, not sure how but assuming from the accident. we had the hose replaced but the heavy smoke continued and oil was dripping from the exhaust pipe. Now we are being told that it could be from the turbo charger and now we are experiencing major engine problems. Could anyone tell me if there is a possible association with the problems we are now experiencing and the accident from which we were hit from behind. thank you