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We're reading code P0237 on our Volvo. We replace the boost sensor and reset the check engine light. Light hasn't come back but the code is still popping up. Can't pass the emissions check with the code. Any ideas on what to check next?

the speedometer and the fuel gauge no longer work. the indicator light of the fuel gauge is on no matter the quantity of fuel in the tank

We have had the vent blown out with air by general mechanic. That solved it for 1 fill up. Volvo dealer says they cleaned out gas tank fill vent filter and checked lines and all clear. That helped for 1 fill. Dealer mentioned replacing a pump?

Even with headlamp switch off, everything is on

Middle of driving and the emergency lights come on. It will stop for a few mins and do it again. The batter in the car is brand new.

and right now my right tire is hanging onto two good studs I can't move my car at all I was driving and I heard rattling or knocking in that same tire and the two studs broke

At what mileage do I need to replace the front shocks?

Having noise in the right front end. Had the CV joint replaced. Still there and getting worse. Checked motor mount. Is ok. Please suggest what other things this could be. I am very limited financially and cannot afford another shop looking and fixing something not broken. This car has 60k miles on it and has not been driven roughly at all. It is adult driven. No teenagers have abused it.
Though the roads here in Louisiana are horrible.
Please any suggestions are helpful.
Thank you

Had the belt, fuel pump, rebuilt engine replaced. There was fluid at the bottom of the right front wheel well. The mechanic says the leaked onto the timing belt and it needs to be replaced. I was told that can't be the case because the belt is encased.

how reap lace ignition coil?

It seems to be running fine, no funny noises but I have a message saying it needs regular maintenance check so wanting to know what a mechanic would be looking for?

I need to replace the fuel injector pump, but I can't seem to even find it. Does anyone know where it is located on the S40?

they were working but i crossed a wire and it sparked. it blew the courtesy light fuse when it happened so I replaced that and everything else seems to work except license plate lights and I cant find a fuse for them

Timing tensioner broke, jumped time but did not break belt, car will turn over and the spark plugs are getting fire, and the fuel rail is getting fuel-not 45 psi but some fuel. The compression is still good but there is no fuel getting to the spark plugs-the plugs are dry if they are pulled after trying to start the car. The top cam shafts show to be in time but the bottom crankshaft not sure if it needs to be TDC or lined up with the fuel pump pulley.

My fuel pump in my 2004 Volvo S40 was replaced. Now I am getting less than 15 miles per gallon.

Engine is making a bad clicking noise at higher rpms. When it idles, the click is soft and can barely hear it but once you get on the gas it sounds like a metal card in bike spokes. Could it be the valves? If so, roughly how much does that cost to fix?

When I apply the brakes, the steering wheel shakes and shudders. Happens pretty much every time I hit the brakes

Even when my daytime lights are on the highbeams will come on by themselves. I have tried shutting them back off but they stay on. I can hear a clicking noise over on the passenger side of my vehicle every time they pop on also. What could possibly be causing this and is there a way to fix it without bringing it in and getting a huge bill?

I took it to a Mecanic and he drove it around he said it was smooth when driving which it is so he said it can't be the engine.it just started saying time for regular maintenance as well.