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i checked all fuses on all 4 fuse boxes. i also changed the turn signal switch. 4 way flashers work wipers and the horn works. i also have no steering wheel controls
starts up fine will run for a minute, then shut off. when i start it back up, I have to keep the RPMs around 2-2.5 or it shuts down.
there is a rubbing noise, and the mechanic I went to thinks it is the awd system.
The impact totaled my car the passenger side air bag deployed but not the drivers
Mechanic did flush and fill- then drove down the road and all was OK. Said he then stopped momentarily to turn around, and it wouldn't go into fwd or rev. Checked fluid and was OK. Car towed back to shop... Mileag...
car has been sitting for 2 years with a bad timing belt.i replaced it,car cranks up no problem then cuts off,its fuel injected and if i try to accelerate it shuts down
car has been sitting for 2 years .cranks but wont take gas but only runs about 15 secounds .its like turning ignition thanks
does valves bend when timming belt breaks
i need to do this alone and want it right thank you for your help
Come on. More frequent cold weather. Clear code might not come on for several hundred miles. Mostly at idle.
Passenger side temp control knob froze in position.
Temperature control knob suddenly froze in position mid level preventing heat setting. No heat from drivers side vents. In extreme cold windows fog.
hi i have a vovlo s60 diesel engine and every time i want to change gears only wennstrom starting off the čar fumes and jesrks off diagonisis shows 0083 vehicle speed sensor signál too low 5310 communication probl...
It happens when I shut the car off after having the a/c on
Sometimes when I come to a complete stop the engine stalls and the car switches to Weather mode on its own, does this have anything to do with the air distributor hose that cools the ecu?
I have a 5 speed , I drove for 25 miles at 70 mph on highway , on the 3 gear , car stalled , and won't start again, did I blow the head gasket ? I over rev the engine?