My oil pressure light started illuminating on corners about a two weeks ago, scheduled service and Volvo suggested I add oil since it was a few days away. Told today that that they did not get a read at all on the dipstick. Quoted $1000 to repair a failed (worn? damaged?) engine oil trap plus possibly another $500 to clean the carbon buildup (dropping the oil pan and cleaning the engine from the inside?). Does this sound reasonable?

Automatic Transmishion 2000 VOLVO V70 XC CROSS COUNTRY,
No Reverse.

no one seems to have a fix. Can you help steer us in the right direction?

When it is hot outside the AC fault lights flash and the AC won't work. Also sometimes the turn signals won't work unless I restart the car. I tried cleaning the cabin temp sensor and thought it corrected the AC problem but the problem is back.

I see that the left rear stablizer bar is bent causing the front of the tire to point toward yellow line not sure if this causing the tire to pull away from each other. Tires are new on outside and bald on inside.

I replaced the starter still won't start

in the motor

Water was coming heavy form under the car

Hesitation on acceleration then viberation.

My air compressor has gone out 3 times in the last two years. It's failing for the 4th time and this last one was put in by Volvo mechanic 2 months ago. It has to be something other than the compressor - Volvo has installed 2 out of 3; will do the 4th one as well. What can be making the compressor fail repeatedly?

The computer is having trouble recognising sensors and as a result the engine light will not turn off all the time and when it does turn off, the computer still does not recognise this(the sensors).
The ABS module/brake light will not go off. The odometer will not work either, which affects engine idle. I have been all over the place in our area trying to get help with this problem so my car can pass the annual smog inspection,I have spent a lot of $ but have gotten no solution to the problem. Time is running out. If anyone reading this has any answers, please let me know. Thank you

If the part doesn't affect the functioning of the car, I'm not sure it's worth $310 to have it repaired.

Not working at all

When I start driving the speedometer doesn't always come on and might come on later while I'm driving or if on cuts off while I'm driving

Check Engine light is on and will occasionally go off but returns eventually and is on most of the time. I cannot obtain an emission test for my registration.

Does this seem normal? I had a 2000 S80 and at 193,000 my engine blew (to be expected at that mileage for something catastrophic for that to happen). Please help!!

What engen is abel to fit in my 1999c70

Over a period of about a month the warning lights of my Volvo would come on., and there would be a bit of a lull. Then suddenly the car slowly came to a stop and the car would not start. The battery was dead, but after a couple days there was juice left in the battery, but not enough to turn the engine. Is it the volt regulator, the battery, or the alternator?

smog diagnostic noted psi's of each cylinder and that "excessive"smoke from tailpipe, hear air leaking past valves @cylinder leak down test; recommends replacing engine & turbo. fixed by volvo dealer w/tune up & gas cap & related hoses and tubes, passed smog. what's with the engine/turbo diagnostic?