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are these serious? are they easy fixes? thanks for your time
A new battery was put in less than a year ago and thankfully still under warranty. It recently went dead without any warning lights until the very last minute and it went dead. Took it to a mechanic who put in the n...
It has happened a lot especially when it is cold but now it is warmer and it won't come out all.
About every 5 seconds my card surges forward whether sitting still or coming to a stop. It sounds like it "revs" on a 5-second relay. It has 270,000 miles on it. I bought it used last year and have replaced many parts...
After cranking about 20 seconds it 'coughs' but doesn't start. If my battery is fully charged and I can repeat this about 3 or 4 times it usually sputters like mad then smooths out and is running fine. It doesn't seem...
screen seems blank and a white light shoots acress. map system still works
Just had the software updated and before fixed the valve body on the tranny. After i got updated from the dealer it lasted good for two days then the first time I hit the freeway and went over 80mph it occurred again.
leaking near serpentine belt, alldouwn by passenger side. could it be pcv system?
So, I have taken my car to a local Firestone and also Volvo Dealership. Both ran diagnostics and can't pinpoint my issue. The Fuel pump and filter was replaced 3 yrs ago, the O2 sensors/ignition wires/ spark plugs 4 y...
My low beam headlight will flicker and go off, if i shut the car off and start it back up they work again. sometime it the right and sometime it the left side. only once has both went out at the same time.
It does not come on over bumps or under specific circumstances I can determine - seems a random occurrence. The dealer has not been able to replicate on short visits. Any ideas?
antenna ring as anti-theft system does not seem to disengage.
I had to disconnect my battery,now I need too reprogram my stereo.I can't remember how to do it.I do remember it being simple.
I had to disconnect my battery.I can't remember how to reprogram my stereo.Can someone tell me how to do it,I remember it not being too hard to do.
Noise happens when driving and sometimes when turning the steering wheel. Not a consistent whirring but getting worse. Just under 60k miles
When left flasher or hazards are on computer warns me driver door is open and driver door lock becomes unusable. If I lock it manually the alarm goes off but if I signal a left turn the alarm comes on again. The alarm...