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is the sensor on the front of the engine or underneath the engine
Have been looking in various places on the web and in a book but have not been able to find the answer. I am needing to know exactly where it is that the freon needs to be put into.
ran out of gas. I can use starting fluid to get it started but won't stay running. I replaced cap,roter,plugs.Thanks for your help
There is not enough clearance. Do I have to lift the engine up?
Daughter blew up the original engine and when trying to drop in a used engine, we discovered that the newer engine has an electronic distributor. The old one was mechanical. Since my wiring harness has no extra wires ...
Year selection does not cover 1960. The model of the vehicle is Volvo PV 544. Once again, the vehicle is a 1960 Volvo PV 544.
Is the horn connected to the air bag? The horn doesn't work at all.
well the Turn off signals work . that is about it…. Could it be the relays if so where are they?
this car was running fine and then cut off. started only once since ran for a minute fine tried to drive the vehicle, started moving but once I pushed the accelerator it cut out again. gas is getting to the engine and...
after it stalls you wait a few minutes and it will start back up, now when you put on the brakes the brake light come on the dash and the demisdifer light come on and stays onfor a while and then goes out until you us...
Do rotors need to be replaced with new pads.
Engine red light comes on & off. I always make sure I have enough oil in the engine. Does the red light indicate to replace engin oil sense switch. I have checked & cleaned the wire connection to the sense line. The t...
my trans is out, no forwoud or back. eng is ok, whats next?
when unlocking the doors,it seems a relay is constantly allowing the door mechinism to continue to engage to unlock.While driving a sound of moss code can be heard under the dash area.The doors cannot be locked as a u...
key in 'on' position, in tank pump won't run. start car both pumps run. should in tank pump run briefly in the 'on' position? is this an ecu problem.
It started after my son put some oil in the engine. couple of days later he noticed heavy smoke coming from the tail pipe. Went to repair shop to get oil change and the smoke continued. Repair shop investigated and we...
what is a reasonable estimate for labor and parts for a radiator, upper hose, and oil pan gasket?
transmission fluid low, what type fluid to add?
transmission fluid is low. Need to add some. what kind??
in addition to my previous question. today i was searching the data link connector and ine #2 port received a very strange response. it was steady constant flashing and i could hear a clicking sound coming from the th...
car stalls out when accelerating from stop sign/ far have retimed,dist cap,rotor,plugs,wires,coil,fuelpressure reg. also car struggles going uphill. at a loss. any halp would be grately appreciated. thank you
What procedure should I follow to start a 1990 Volvo 240 that has been sitting, garaged, for three years? It has 37,000 miles on it. Thanks. Charles
Stalls after the car warms up? When I slow down and turn?I know I need fuel relay, but a friend hard wired it so I pull the fuse.I pop the hood when it stalls & wiggle the wires then it starts,sometimes it takes a few...
I want is to know where the fuel filter is on the car
how do you change a license bulb in a 1993 240 Volvo
I can't open my hood after hitting a wall to avoid hitting another car, I can seem to find the hook
where might i purchase a crankshaft pulley for 90 volvo in louisville kentucky?
had bushings done tighten front end got alighnment but stills pulls to the right
Will a 1986 turn indicator with cruise replace my broken one in my 1991 volvo 240?
When I drive over 60 mph and turn slightly to the left or right, my wheels/steering vibrate like crazy. It seems more than a wheel balance issue.