What is the procedure to re learn my 2006 vw passat 2.0t? Battery was disconnected and now no start. No parts replaced, nothing taking out. Battery has a complete charge. Turns over nothing else. I can hear fuel pump engage.

how to reset brake pad wear light after brake job on 01 vw passat v6 2.8 4 motion wagon automatic

are heater and defroster were not working prior owner mixed green and red coolant i drained coolant and changed thermostat because it was stuck open thought that fixed it im not losing coolant but drove in heavy rain car fogged up and would not defrost so wasnt thermostat should i do heater core next

Am told the Add Blue Pump costs $700 plus labor. The check engine light does not light every time I start the engine. I have only 46,000 miles on the car and am told the part is not covered under warranty. Seems like something like that should be covered or not so expensive. Is this part of the emissions and is it crucial to be replaced? Would the EGR system have anything to do with the error code P203B00?

the car is a 2.8l v6 4 wheel motion

The check engine light and the break lights have been on, but the care runs fine.
No major issue has been detected at the shop.
The lights are permanent; the alarm comes on when I start the care and then goes away.

Took it to the dealership, they said to fix the muffler system. Did that, the car idles weird, and the check engine light will come on and the car looses power, its pushing a large amount of gas, then randomly will return to normal..

Could my front axle which is Leaking be the Problem?

Could it be leaking onto my a/c system?

I was told my axle was leaking oil, Repair person said my a/c could be
getting the oil on the a/c is there an axle in the front of the a/c I am confused

I have replaced, PCV valve, diverter valve, all fuel injectors, vacuum pump valve, all my vacuum lines and secondary air pump lines. I have good fuel pressure. The issues comes and goes, I can feel it run rough. The CEL will go away sometimes and come back a few days later. it doesn't go out at any specific moment. Can anyone help?

I went to do my first oil change ever and noticed my POS is leaking oil. Granted I've known my POS to have many small problems like, the emissions workshop flashes after accelerating to 30 - 40 mpm and then begins to jerk hard and also tends to never wanna shift from like 2nd to third or 3rd to 4th. Not exactly sure which ones. I just know that it always revs to 3000 rpms+ before switching to next gear etc. So now with oil leak I'm hella discouraged that I gotta deal with this crap now.

I'm losing coolant when I turn of my 2.8 v6 engine from the overflow, I'v had heater-core bypassed , water pump changed , thermostat changed , new cap and tank , any ideas why it's still doing this , please help cheers :-)


synthetic oil in was all good now no oil in engine

i have 140k on my 2010 Passat and the check engine light came on...dealer said the tensioner and timing chain needs to be replaced (both upper and lower) for about $3200....is this a fair price? What would it cost to do it outside of the dealer? Also, with all the research i've done, it seems that the lower tensioner and chain going bad is rare, but the upper tensioner and chain have had well reported problems....additionally, from what I read replacing the upper tensioner and chain is a much easier job (don't need to take the engine apart)...any advice on how to handle this? The car is at the dealer and taken apart right now....