Turned car off one day started the next and the odometer was 10k over what it was the day before. Trip odometer never reset and is the mileage it should be, any idea's? It is at the dealership now and the tech of course says this is the first case he ever heard of. TIA for the help

Bearing went out blowing the oil seal in turbocharger. Blowing out blue smoke from exhaust and using around 2 quarts of oil every 5 miles or so. After capping the oil feed line... the transmission is shifting very won't shift easily from 3rd to 4th...or from 4th to Drive? Does the "brain box" need to be reset?

I can't get to a code reader. So what can I try at home?

it has a 2.5l engine and is a USA version.

Does anyone know if there are recalls for Passats? Volkswagen is not helping in the situation, does anyone have any information? Thanks.

My car also tells me to STOP oil pressure is high turn off engine

1999 Volkswagon Passat wagon 1.8 turbo Has been running great. Got gas yesterday (not empty,,about 1/4 tank left), started car, went about 20 yards. Car died. Would not start again. Sounded like it wanted to a couple times. Sounded like it was not getting gas. I put a new pump in it. Still not starting. I disconected fuel pump from engine side, it is pumping out fine. Removed plugs, poured some gas, put plugs back in, still no go. Put spark tester to coils. All lighted up. Used tester and put plugs on the end, 3 of four did not seem to light up. One (back towards firewall) lit up well. Battery is at 11.7 now. motor spins, no go. Checked fuse for fuel pump. Ok. Ideas?

It also said, HO2s 2 bank heater
Circuit open

the steering wheel is a little bit hard and the power steering signal lamp is orange what to do?

I lose power and the transmission don't will not pull

It has not overheated it works fine wat could it bee ?

The time delay defeats any fast response to problems. The idle is fast enough that I have to hold the brake engaged when waiting at stoplights or signs. The delay causes a wait time before proceeding. when merging into moving traffic this can be a problem.

Hi there, i just bought a wv passat, been working on my girl for a while to make check engine light go away first was the maf sensor i replaced and fix wires than had a misfire so by default replace coils. She runs perfect with new coils, my ride its standard, now i have a lot more power at least 20hp more rhan before but check light its on and code p0354 shows up, i erased it a couple of times but no luck. I mean do i have to drive it so pc can work with new resistence parameters? Rewarding tech sheets, pc will hold old codes till pc get used tonew item.... i never heard that before but, who am i to judge.... if some one can give me a hand i will really apreciate it

Oil pressure dropped driving down highway then car lost power
Tested the oil pump pressure and it stays about halfway then with in a minute it drops way down to almost no pressure at all!

Dealer wants $300.00 to fix it. Said they have to replace the entire tail light assembly. That's outrageous!

And sometimes it will start back and it will idiol real high

1st issue at 40,000 miles needed to have the "Water Pump Replaced (was originally going to be charged from Dealership over $800 but after I mentioned calling VW Corporate - the price dropped dramatically from $800 to $110. (yeah - car was still under warranty shouldn't have been charged at all - even got my $110 back) then in June of 2013 the EC "Engine Fault Workshop" message came on - was told is was a faulty Throttle Pedal Assembly - I had to have it replaced (3 times within a 2 week period I kept having to bring it back to dealership because even after it was replaced the EC light continued to come on more "Throttle body issues, ie wiring, etc. Then in June 2014 EPC light is on - brought it to another dealership was told it was "Internal Defect in Throttle Body" - replaced that Then in July, 2015 EPC light is back on brought it to Dealership - cause communication loss - dismissed - 2 weeks later August EPC light back on lose power won't accelerate bring it back - now told its the Throttle Pedal Assembly having that replaced now. Please help - is this a major issue with vw that I will have to deal with for the life of this car? Should I sell now- or is this poor workmanship from Dealerships?

cool air until the car has been running for a few minutes. Is there an issue with my a/c? My warranty ends in October of this year. Thank you for any help.