Steering wheel shakes then jerk hard to the right Happens periodically

Looking for a hood radiator drives fronts head light and fan and bumper

I bought the car. And now it keeps overheating

i have passat 2007 1.6 manual when turn on the a/c the ac fan wont working and the temperature wont go high and when shutting the car the air coolant fan doesnt work ,,, how i can to repair this problem to make the fans working as well

checked it out with my instruments and its came with an error code p0299 which stands for an under boost in the turbo ,i ve checked the dv still intact no tear,dont know maybe its expire,i love this car pls what should i do ,its makes the noise only when you accelerate for power.

My car has been through 2 "certified" mechanics, including my local Audi dealership. As well as myself trying to fix the problem. My Passat misfires constantly, I've replaced spark plugs, ignition coils, and the air filter. Audi replaced the connections to my coils. (I did my repairs before taking it to Audi). The last thing I can think of is a failing ECU. If there is another option I can look into please let me know.

I have a 2010 Volkswagen Passat 2.0t an jus the other day it started shutting off but I had almost a full tank. So I was sitting tryna cut it on but wen I put it in drive an try to accelerate it cuts back off. So I got it towed home an a machanic came off an put the diagnostic test on an it say it was the fuel pressure regulator so I went the next day an bought that he put it on an it was driving fine so later that day I went out an it started doin the same problem it was doin before I got the part. So I don't know what it could be do anyone have any suggestions please. An Thankyou ..

Iwas driving my 08 vw passat when the air stopped blowing cold the radio shut off all the dash lights came on and the power steering went out and then it died

I need to buy a new pair of front axles for my 03 Passat. I need some info on what company makes a decent product? Anyone with some input on where to buy the best axles. Price range , $150- 200.. Thanks for the help. I live in Oregon, if that helps?

I have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, and the air filter. It was running fantastic (engine light remained on) until I accelerated quickly. I toke it to my local auto-zone, where they plug in the handheld computer and it came up with 9 codes. 3 were for the misfires, one relating the mass air flow sensor. The problem seems to be worse after 2,000 RPM and gets slightly better if above 3,000. But when I come to a stop the car will jerk back and forth. And be visibly shaking.

i had a 00' vw passat dropped off to me several months ago by a friend to be fixed. he over heated it by mixing the orange and green together ,which seized water pump. he asked me to do full basic maintance. i pulled valve covers and all the vent holes in the topof covers were plugged solid. I soaked them in kerosene scrubbed the debris out rinsed and let dry a few days in the sun. I also soaked oil cap . he calls today and says oils shooting all over the place when it wasn't pre over haul. I drove the car 35 min prior day to deliver so im stummped. where do i begin looking ?

Electronic power control

It is difficult to start my VW passat 1.8t 2003 in the mornings. After it has started and heated it does behave that way until i park it for long hours like 6 hours and the problem occurs. I need your help. My mechanic have charge the fuel pump in the fuel tank and still the problem is there

Was driving on hiway car kinda startled slowed down abs lite came on wouldnt start.changed battery drove for a few hours same thing happened now it just clicks when i try starting it all lites work fine.sometimes the radio goes out when i try starting it.what can this be.sometimes it will start but when it does i press the gas and it just goes down to the floor.any help please.

About a month ago, i would drive about 15 minutes to work and right when i got there the ac start coming out cold. Now that doesnt even happen. It is always blowing warm air. I put ac pro refrigerant and nothing, The air is the same.

the speed output sensor located in the same place in a 2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 liter turbo as a 2001

How can you tell if a relay is burnt out

My vosvwageni pasat after warm starts irregular makes a noise and if it ceases freksjonin press

brake pedal is very soft. Some time it get firmer pedal if I pump it