Electronic power control

It is difficult to start my VW passat 1.8t 2003 in the mornings. After it has started and heated it does behave that way until i park it for long hours like 6 hours and the problem occurs. I need your help. My mechanic have charge the fuel pump in the fuel tank and still the problem is there

Was driving on hiway car kinda startled slowed down abs lite came on wouldnt start.changed battery drove for a few hours same thing happened now it just clicks when i try starting it all lites work fine.sometimes the radio goes out when i try starting it.what can this be.sometimes it will start but when it does i press the gas and it just goes down to the floor.any help please.

About a month ago, i would drive about 15 minutes to work and right when i got there the ac start coming out cold. Now that doesnt even happen. It is always blowing warm air. I put ac pro refrigerant and nothing, The air is the same.

the speed output sensor located in the same place in a 2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 liter turbo as a 2001

How can you tell if a relay is burnt out

My vosvwageni pasat after warm starts irregular makes a noise and if it ceases freksjonin press

brake pedal is very soft. Some time it get firmer pedal if I pump it

the light went out on its own after rain and wind abated and dried up and the engine light is off on its own and the shaking is abated. felt like a cylinder was not firing like a miss
but lights out now and all is better is something like spark plug or wires getting wet, the wind had something to do with it I think

It comes on sometimes and doesn't sometimes. Does it depend on coldness in climate or what?

Like air being released from a balloon. It heard on the passenger side front.

are good. The alarm would go on and car would not turn over. What should I do?

My cigarette lighter plug in front and back has also stopped working

Need either the best Volkswagon repair shop in Phoenix area and or the best shop that there business is rebuilt engines.

My airbag light came on last night, then today, my steering wheel started clicking when I turned it, and the controls no longer work for radio/bluetooth on the steering wheel. Of course, this part is no longer under warranty. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? What did it cost to fix it?

I'm trying to tap into the cigarette lighter wiring to run a remote wire to an amplifier. The tray does not seem to pop out and I don't want to pry too hard and damage my new car.

I have spongy brakes, and checked both fluids. Brake fluid is fine, hydraulic fluid is low--can I drive the car to get it looked at?