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When I am turning the car from "off" to "Ignite" position, to wait for the glow plugs to warm, when I turn the key I hear a very faint noise, almost electrical I guess you could say, for 0.2-0.5 seconds. I turn on the...
Engine light on. Code for DEF pump. Part over $800 plus labor. I have read this has been a problem and wonder if common or am I just lucky as my extended warranty just ended about 2000 ago. Has anyone been able t...
I have an engine code P202B; adblu tank heater not working. If I decide not to fix it, what than? It never gets cold enough for the DEF to freeze here in south texas.
The care rides great. A VW dealer changed an air intake and 2 wires (unclear where). After picking up the car the light and warning returned within 2 days. Any ideas.
shop my window washers,the adjustable timed wipers don't work.
CEL came on. Ad Blue Pump out. Not warming the fluid. Cost to repair 1300 at VW. Common problem?
They used the hand computer on my car. I thought he said it was the trottle. He said it was something on top of the motor. They removed it and said if it comes back on to bring it back to be fixed.
It went out. Does this mean I do not have any brakes? Is it safe to drive it?
Could this be it has a tiny leak or something worse?
I've had it put on diagnostic by vw mechanic and looked at by another one with no luck. I changed the fuel filter and tried diesel fuel additive. They tell me it could be injectors but i don't like the work could. Any...
Code is P2100 (Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit/Open. Need to know if anyone else has had this repaired? Car failed emissions test due to this code light being on.
All glo plugs replaced as well as girdle belt. Now they are saying I need a tandem fuel pump replaced for oil & fuel leak. Also told the outer CV joints need replacing as well as #4 glo plug. This is like a $4000 fix....
I need oil change and what else
Anytime wheel turns or bumps up or down. Runs fine, alignment OK. Just replaced the axle and CV 18 months ago. Any thoughts.
Interested in how usual this is. The total repair cost is $$4100 parts plus labor of $1300. I have kept my car in good condition, always bring in for maintenance and repair. It has 130,000 miles, mostly freeway driving.
Engine Management light comes when driven 60mph and above.
The mechanic said it waking a little noise from the inside of the engine and it's no trouble, just if it bother's me, the chain needed to be replace then.
The car sat for 12 days in mild winter weather from 12/14 - 12/26. Initial engine start was really rough but after a few minutes it seemed fine. A few days later the MIL came on. Took to VW dealer and diagnostic co...
I have a vw passat 2.0 TDI on a 55 plate. After i have been driving a while i get a fault comes up on my dash saying po234 turbo super charger over boost condition. what can i do to find the fault. help please
What is the cost to replace the automatic transmission?
01222 code for crash sensor side air bag location passenger side. Fault defect no,G180.
How do I replace it?
100000 mi. on my vw. do you recomend timing belt change?
driving car 60 mph and it redlined. Tried to shut off by turning off key and it kept running. Friend (mechanic), says he found the "turbo" behind motor and in front of firewall seized up and it was running on oil? ...
how do you check the transmission fluid on a 2004 vw passat
Cost estimate for replacement of rear brakes, calipers and roters