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No other code coming up, Anybody have a clue on what else to do???
car wont start I don't think it is o2 sensors
helping my friend with his 99 VW Jetta GLS. need to replace glove box door and not finding much in the way of youtube. any input? Would Haynes, Bentley or Chiltons repair manuals cover removing the door to replace it?...
code pulled is P2096- any idea what this is or can I fix myself??? Also- it came on 126 miles ago, how long is it SAFE to go? I think I can get appointment for Thursday? So I would do about 400 more miles
My tdi Jetta lately it started jerking the whole car when taking of from dead stop from gears first to second the car will shake and also third gear at times and also since that happen my temperature light is blinking...
car starts and dies after 3 seconds took it to the local VW dealership and tey said it was a bad ECM, replaced it and its doing the same thing wondering if it needs to be married to my car or if there is away around t...
The passenger seat is stuck in the relax position and will not come back up is there an easy way to fix this problem?
Will purchase rebuilt engine need price to install only
p0301 1 cylinder misfire ...okay but what is the fix for that problem??
Turned on my Jetta this morning and waited for it to warm up for a bit as usual, after a while I tried to take off and I couldn't. The day before I hit a very unexpected dip, and I thought I had messed up my bumper bu...
I've had the light checked by a mechanic and reset, but the light keeps coming on. I need to take car for inspection. Any suggestions.
I purchased my Jetta a few months back and I have a flat but can't even change tire bc I wasn't given a key by the dealer and I'm willing to buy one but don't know which key is right
Can I use regular fuel instead of premium on my 2014 Tiguan?
Brought it to the dealership. They said fuses and power to the radio are OK. Said radio needs to be replaced for $700. However doing research online, this appears to be a VERY common problem and it more likely rela...
Put key in ignition switch turn key to on position with engine off ..and then I see smoke coming from switch connector.what can I do to fix that?
What do i need to do to replace the serpentine belt