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Car wouldn't turn over, no noise. Wallace VW said diagnosed couldn't read ( new identity ). Said they don't make the parts anymore. said it was unable to fix because each car has only 1 and should be junked. It still looks good and until this was running great. Should I junk it?

I have the #1cylinder at tdc already and I'm replacing the timing chains and guides and tensioners

check engine light is on. Code reads has a misfire 4 Cylinders needs to be replace. What's the cost?

my 09 jetta has 140k on it and now when im sitting at idle or in traffic it has a high pitched scream from the passenger side of the car idk what it is but i want it fixed its really annoying and loud so people are always looking!! please help!!!!
FYI check engine light is on but only code that came up was MAP sensor

Clicker sends message to log the doors and alarm sets, none of the 4 doors lock. If you open one of the doors, the alarm goes of. I can lock my driver door with my key, but only that door, leaving 4 doors vulnerable. Quoted $2200 at VW dealer to fix!!!

car was parked for 2 months. It was running fine before that.Not starting now. self starter slips.A picture of a brake blinks on dashboard. The brake pedal is jammed.

Just quit. And now won't start at all

Why I won't start with we have spark and gas and when it ran before and now it won't start what could be the problem why it wont start?

At a stop sign taking off my transmission made a clunk and I had to coast off a road. Car is stranded and won't go into any gear. Any ideas what could of happened? Have never had s problem before.

How do you fix the problem?

The sound in my speakers have a noise that something is has fallen and cause a buzzing sound. In addition the bass goes in and out. How would the est. cost to fix and what would I need to replace the speaker?

The car have no power you can turn it on but have no power to drive

Can't figure it out

An is it a recall on my VW Jetta

I have a GLI 6 speed turbo. Use to have a 2009 and the DRL was always lit up on the dash during the day. I just noticed it was off today.

So yesterday I changed one of my low beams on my 02' Jetta 1.8T. I thought everything went well because when I flipped the switch, the bulb I changed was working. However, I didn't notice till it got dark that those were the only two bulbs doing anything at the time. I'm pretty sure all my lights work. They all turn on but just not when they're supposed to. The running lights work all the way up till I flip the switch to turn my tail lights on. Then all I get is two shitty bulbs that I'm pretty sure are used for the turn signals up front. If I push in the switch and turn it like I was going to remove it, I can get head lights and dash lights. But still no tail lights!! Unless I flip it all the way, in which case, ill have no headlights! I checked all the fuses, even on top of the battery. I pulled the switch out everything looks brand new, but I'm no expert. I followed all the wires from my lights to make sure there was nothing loose or melted. I don't know what else to do, except pay someone else to do it. I really would rather not do that if it's something I can do.

I replaced the camshaft position sensor but my car still won't start what else could the problem be? It's a 01 vw jetta vr6

I just got the car as a gift I know nothing about volkswagons ,I'm not sure about what happened to the car when the last person drove it hoping its a minor fix but I'm sure with my luck its transmission or clutch