had it scanned saying #3 misfiring?

The way the transmission fluid leaked out, it came out all at once in the very front. I was told that there might be a hole in the hose. Is that possible? If so, how much to fix this problem and is it an easy task to do by yourself.

Car wont turn over? Changed the crank sensor! The ignition coil ive tested but my test light doesnt glow? I don't have a code reader port in the car!! Didn't know it when i bought it!! There is a box behind the left headlight with wires going to it?? And one of the wires goes to the ignition cole?? How can i fix this to have my car turn over??

On a few occasions when I am downshifting to come to a red light and I put it in neutral it feels like it wants to die but then I quickly put it into gear and I feel better. Any idea what this could be?

It normally occurs when I start it up and goes away but then it will vibrate randomly. What could be the cause?

The car just starting making a loud ticking noise so I checked the oil and water but both are good but the ticking is getting worse and the oil light continues to flash what could be causing this could it be that the gaskets are over working or something more serious

I am losing power when i am in gear not touching the clutch only gas and it feels like i have no power.3 gear and up are where i feel it the most

miss fire check vac no lieak

I slowly release the clutch and it grinds my gears a bit then I push the clutch back in and release and it goes in. Anyone know what it could be and how much it may cost?

how do i fix them

There is a knock at lower TONs when the motor is warmed up

car won't go. Stalls immediately. Just got it ! three days ago, help!

I bought this car about three months ago and found a switch that the previous owner had installed while he had it. it is a simple off/on switch and if you are not going to drive the car for a couple of days you have to put the switch in the off position because it turns all the electrical off in the car. my question is what is draining the battery when the ignition switch is off and out of the car? other than that I love the car. I bought the car at an auction. thank you.

I replaced the starter twice. Each time after putting the new starter in it started right up. Drove it, but after turning it off it would not start again. This happened both times. When you turn the key everything comes on lights, dash, radio..... but nothing turns over.

Will the broken engine mount bracket cause the car to idle unevenly and epc light to come on. I've replaced spark plugs, coils, air filter and fuel filters but noticed my left front mount is broken. 2010 polo vivo

Would like to take it to a shop in Sunnyvale or Mt. View, CA. Estimate was $1000 in Sunnyvale.

My #4 piston is cracked n i want it replaced how much for parts n labor

Ran fine for 100K+ miles. Had accident that broke trans mount and tore trans pan. Replaced parts and began leaking trans fluid from bellhousing. Removed trans, found front seal chewed, pump bushing spun and siezed on TC. Replaced flexplate (suspected bent in accident impact) and trans w/ TC twice. Both times leaks exactly the same almost immediately. Questioning if installation error, but doesn't explain original leak. Must remove trans now for 4th time. Help!!!

The only way would be a leaking head gasket for the 2 fluids to mix, are there any other possibilities to check for?