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my car runs fine its not the fuel system checked it ran plugged it in a week ago at a shop it read it was emissions so i ran threw the exaust its good to go but my epc light pops on for a min then kicks off then loss ...
After the car wash, I when home and the fan never stop working, what can I do??
The heat still stay on o times
Tried switching the comfort control module, but it didn't work.
It will die in the middle of driving it. I an pull over then crank it but until I wait 20 minutes it will fire right up. It will always start when cold it's starting to do it more often now. Replaced fuel pump relay....
Its also currently started by a push switch when I bought the car from a family member and it the first time the key has been stuck
My Jetta loses power going up hill. The rpm goes down; car turns off. What should I do? Im considering calling the guy I bought the car from. I'm so frustrated n broke.
And on the dashboard the brake light and the low tire pressure light popped on
So I've had misfiring issues since I bought the car till now. Current issue I have now is semi responsive coil, firing. I have replaced all 4 plugs, all 4 coils, and even all 4 coil connectors. 3 of the 4 are great...
i check the battery for the age ,i purchased it in 8/08,so i replace it.after installing the new battery i still can't get it to start,all the lights on the dash light up but it won't crank over
just bought a 07 Jetta without automatic headlights. All of my other vehicles have automatic headlights and they are older vehicles than the Jetta. I thought automatic headlights were pretty much standard any more. I ...
I noticed it is leaking inside the hood. Must be a hose disconnected from the nozzle but everything is run through the underside hood-framing. How do I access it to reconnect the hose or fix the problem?