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1985 Volkswagen Golf GT. The car idles fine but shuts down at different times while driving.
The car trys to start but it looks like it don't get no fuel.
Its fine while driving but as soon as I stop and try to start it again it doesn't ,sounds like there's no petrol so the starter works but it won't start, after being pushed a few meters it barely starts then its fine,...
My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?
My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?
It's a little silver cylinder with a plug on top and when I shut my car off it constantly runs only way to get it to stop is if I unplug it for a little can anyone help me tell me how to fix it? And tell me what it is...
Found crack in coil pack and replaced it made little difference also replaced plugs Appears to be a shorted sensor seems if I unplug one or more sensors it clears up Like oxygen sensor and maf or temp sensor .
My husband was replacing the timing belt but the he can’t get the nut off to rem
1998 Golf GL with 1984cc engine - what is the proper order of cylinder ignition wires to distributor cap
It cranks but not starts.unless pushed start. Then it runas fine
i wanna take the transmission out of my 1999 and put it in my 97 will it fit
It sounds like the engine struggles between 3000 and 4000 RPM when on the highway at about 60-75 mph. The problem does not occur until I am on the highway. It almost seems like I run out of gear and my car wont shift ...
My headlights and break lights are fine along with all power windows (including moon roof) but none of my fuses are blown. No idea where to start.
it does not happen when engine is cold only when it is heated
-On the D position the car remains with the second gear all the time; it never shifts up or down as required, except for R.
Driving in traffic my car surges with acceleration and deceleration Is this perhaps dirty fuel injectors ? I have done 125000 Kls. If I am driving slowly and take my foot off the accelerator it feels as if it shuts do...
I have a 2004 1.4i citi golf, now every time it rains water some how gets into the distributor cap and the car starts jerking and at the best of times the engine cuts out. I have tried silicon but to no avail. really ...
Indicator lights went from not working intermittently to blinking twice or four times as fast when activated. When brakes are depressed, left indicator does not work. As soon as brakes are released, indicator work...
new thermostat temp sensor, Top hose gets very hot but lower hose is cold and heater doesnt put hot air only cold.
Installed NEW H2o pump, Tstat, engine coolant n fan sensor/switch, Now engine overheats (temp gauge over 230deg). Still have no Heater in cabin at full blast... Need help thanks in advance!!!
when I drive on the high way at in 5th gear I tac will read 3000rpm around 80 kmph and at 120 kmph the tac reads 4000rpm does anyone have any ideas this happens all the time does not matter if the motor is cold or warm
after diagnosis it threw code 00515, imobbilizer is ok now what is problem.... heeelp
Where is the thermostat on 1994 VW Golf Diesel CL? I would like to replace it.
as soon as i touch my brake peddle my turn signals stop flashing can any one help
All lights blink when using a turn signal. thet are a touch dimmer when this happens. it does not happen when i use the brake lights