Saturday my car just stop switching gears on me it won't move but will turn on what dose that mean

My car turns on but when I switched it to to first gear the car doesn't move ?? I need a new clutch

The fuel pump turns on when it turns over but car wont crank, was getting where it was "vapor locking" when it got hot now it wont start help! Im stumped n i need my car running gotta work n have three kids-

2.0 AVH

where should I look since the panic button will not shut it off. Have to let it cycle and it be OK the latest if the passenger door opens up while it is running it will go off also. Where should I look.

Ac and coolant fans not working replaced water pump,fan control module,temp sensor, fan control switch on radiator checked all fuses both inside and on top of battery tested fans with jumper both working with jumper what else could it be

When I turn on AC it gets cold had checked for leaks and it is fine It I turn the dial to outside air it blows fine but when I turn to inside air the air is not coming inside like it used to the blower is working

It just started happening on one side. The window goes up half way and then immediately goes back down all the way.

VW 2001 is a diesel

it was ran out of oil before and over heated ran bad sence

Cannot charge phone both plugs not working

Basically she decided that she just no longer would get into reverse. Tried to shift her and while the manual shift shifted into the right position, she wanted to go forward. The stick seemed kind of mushy, though, like it wasn't catching something properly down there

Can't seem to find anywhere to get this part. It the digital plate behind the face plate of the radio. My preset radio buttons #2 & #3 are stuck/broken and its located on this digital component. I need it to start/.reprogram my cars computer so I can start this trouble-making car of miner. Anyone know where I can find???

My wife's Volkswagen beetle was evaluated and said to need a secondary fan and hose replacement. We were quoted at $815. I don't know much about cars, but that sounds expensive to me. Sounds like a 3rd of what the cars worth. Should I sell my car, or pay for the repair (or is there a better option)?

I was working in my 2001 beetle and disconnect the battery for about 4 days when I was done i connected it again and the car didn't work and showed p0606 code... The car was running good I just replaced head gasket, there's no spark... Put a new camshaft position sensor...

It is the 50/50 coolant which states that it can be used in all cars, but doesn't say anything about Volkswagen and and doesn't say anything about G12.

code Po221, P1559, P1579

replaced battery and read i need the code for my anti-theft radio so car can reprogram itself. Won't turn over - nothing. Battery is new and charged. Help

Put on new
Plugs and new fuel enjectpr

I've replaced fuel pump,crank sensor,cam sensor, and mass airflow sensor. It still won't start.