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The car lurches when start from a stop.
Service dept. said it is not defective and someone in our family is driving it incorrectly or badly. Can this really happen? My son drives 5 miles to school every day and that is it. It is not driven at night or w...
When getting on the interstate one night the car just died. Got it towed back to the house, checked the fuses, changed the crankshaft sensor, changed the fuel pump, added fuel and still it won't run. Every now and the...
and it just keeps on cranking and wont start but I left it for a couple days and it started for like 5 mins then died again what might be the problem
Was driving car and just died a stop sign got a new batt have lights but won't even crank over to Start at all
Is fly wheel and release bearing replaced when clutch is replaced??
had some work done on transmission and now none of the gauges work.
I'm tired of this whole window crap and the rest of my issues with my vw beetle.. So, just now I went to the BBB and filed a report saying it should be in the Lemon Law catagory. It was easy, they ask you a bunch of ...
Mine is a 98 and the windows just fall into the door, so then you gotta take the door panel off and fix the little motor or whatever is broken.. You can literally pull the dash cover that goes over the speedometer off...
where I can order one. I have been looking for hours on line and no success
it's as if the near side wheel is coming off that's twice in two day's
We went to get the estimate for repair. They said combi valve and air filter needs to be replaced. Can much should it cost to replace both?
the three bulbs in the front left housing will not work i tested the fuses, replaced bulbs check connections but will not come on , passenger side is fine, any ideas?
used regular oil until last oil change when I switched to synthetic. Is it best to continue to use synthetic or ok to go back to regular oil? Thanks
so it over heats. I must put anti-freeze in it every day!
process of elimination for vibration when turning right. replaced pads and rotors, new tires and now before alignment could get done I have a rythmic clicking noise front left with a shimmy that starts at about 40mph....
When I push the button on the key fob, there is no click or release of latch for the trunk. Neither is there when I use the release on the inside of the car. We have crawled in the trunk via the back seat and cant see...