When i start my car and drive it for a awhile and turn it off at nite i have to jump it off before it'll start.

When I start the car I hear a grinding at the rear spoiler like gears are not going together, but it stays in open position. I cannot find switch in car! Help!

My check engine light has been on for awhile now, and we can't figure out why. It's also had trouble in the past starting after being filled up at the gas station. Recently, this took a dangerous turn when my car completely turned off (battery indicator flashing and all) while I was pulling out of the gas station. Thankfully, there was no traffic at the time, but I hate to think of what could happen next time. We just replaced the battery, so I know that's not the issue. And just the other day, the brake signal flashed and beeped once (just enough to alarm me), then turned off and hasn't turned on since. I have had no issues with my brakes, but my car issues are becoming more alarming than annoying.

when driving the windows go down and will not stay up even when parked in the garage. The turn signals flash when car is parked

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving and when parked in garage

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving Any ideas as to what is wrong would be appreciated

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving Any ideas as to what is wrong would be appreciated

Replaced due to damage to the fan blades on one of the fans. Should I replace the entire cooling fans assembly or only the actual damages parts?

The wistle stops and the light goes off. What is that ?

coolant is always full, engine oil is full

After taking off the water pump on my 2004 vw bettle there was oil, gas,andwater mixed tigather. What would cause this to happen

I installed a new fan control module. Did not fix problem. No voltage reading @ fuse #16..which sends power to compressor clutch.

idles fine just dies after 3 seconds or so

My car will start and run but it stutters and the acceleration isnt right. I took it to a shop. They didn't give me the codes from the diagnostic machine. However they did overcharge me. the sparkplugs were replaced and the MAF was cleaned. I'm trying to figure out which part to buy. Can you help?

Last week, my car had huge groaning sound and the workshop told me to continue drive the car until the replacement part arrive (estimated arrival date for parts was 1 week). This morning my car could not start at all and the workshop told me that the battery is completely flat and need replacement. There was no indication of low battery whatsoever throughout the material time. The question is whether a defective water pump can affect the battery, causing battery to fail?

I had it towed to what was a recommeded auto shop, verified by this and that, They told me they would run an diagnostic test on it that would be $75.I also told them I had a slow lwak in rear tire that needed to be repaired. I agreed....358.78 later. I have no recored of service code from machine, 26.00/ea X 5 sparkplugs replaced at labor cost 107. 6$ for fuel put in car and then they charged 20.00 to replace slow leak! Can I call them to get codes from my car. and is there any legal remedy....OH YEA!!!....They told me the fuel pump was out and that would be $1200.00 !!!! The car will start and run, I dont believe them. I am not driving it at present. What could be other possible problems. I'm just a girl and dont know alot about cars, but I do know that is a crazy price

The button started not working and I was using a tool to push to open, the it didn't work like that anymore. So recently I used a little screwdriver and it pushed inside and I can't get it out and it won't work. I'm sad I can't use my convertible top. Can someone help.

Started doing this 2 weeks ago, but eventually started. Now. starts and then stops. wont take fuel

I put a scanner on it and it gave 2 codes 16726 camshaft sensor and 16486 mass airflow to low. I replaced the cam sensor and inspected the timing belt it looks ok even though the car has 75,000 miles on it. when I try to start it, it sounds like the starter is spinning but not engaging I the timing belt nor the serpentine belt pulleys are moving when I try to start it? is the engine blown?

Accidently had energy drink spill off roof of car and onto car lock on passenger side while window was down..Lock is aticking and not unlocking..Anything we can use or do to fix this ourselves without going to dealer to pull door apart