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I am having issues with my 1999 VW Beetle. Check engine light has been coming on and now it flashes, with poor engine performance accompanying it. I want to know if there is an alternative method for obtaining diagnos...
how do your replace the latch handle, can't figure how to get clip in to secure the latch handle to release the hood. The original sheared off.
My car started idling back and forth yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to trade her in for a newer car. It would only do it at red lights and while in park and in nuetral. A guy told me to put a gas treatment in...
It started with a little power loss, but if I eased back on the gas it would pick up. Finally got to the point of not being able to take a hill at all. We thought it was failure of cat converter, which was down to pie...
The problem started with when Engine mgmt light on dashboard lit. The car was running absolutely fine. Took to dealer he told to change air mass flow sensor, spark plugs and purge valve. The light came on again in 10m...
Help! I'm reading all different things on-line. What is going on??
When turning on engine, it will take longer and makes weird squeaky noise. The temperature light will be blue then change to a flashing red in seconds I need help
car has been overheating, seem to have that solved. But now have warm heat at idle and cool air when driving. WP, thermastat and housing, coolant cap, flush and heater core flushed/back flushed.
This is more noticeable on the highway and it seems like I am using more gas than I usually do driving local and on the highway.
I had trouble with it starting from the cold, figured it was the glow plugs. Also had lost power while on a hill on the hwy the day before
Some parts that could cause this problem
My mechanic says it is not the bulbs. It is somewhere in the harness. Replacing the whole assembly for both is 1000.00 There has to be a less expensive way to deal with poor design. Any suggestions?
Have a 2000 vw beetle. Had front and rear brakes done at a small garage and ever since then I have blown through THREE brake light switches! They last anywhere from a week to a couple months....then suddenly car won'...
i turn the car on and it takes about 5 to 6 times turning the key to start then turns off as soon as i press on the gas
it used to crank when it cool off and something is killing the battery now it won't crank at all
Replace the alternator
stopped and turn car of for about 10 mins. Tried to start and nothing. Won't crank, won't jump start, lights work, horn works, but windows are down and won't go up, radio won't work and keyless entry won't work eithe...