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airbag light always on

My drivers/passenger door cylinders quit working and I replaced them. That left me with three keys for my car: d/p door key, trunk key, and ignition key. Now the the driver's door actuator (I think) has failed as that door can not be locked but the key will still turn the cylinder and lock the other door. That's primarily why I want to go to a fob that can unlock all three doors. How do I do that?

ok when I hit the brakes, the is all over the place but its not the brake

There were no signs before going out to find my car would not start. Can eventually get the engine to start if the key is held in the first position, listen for the clicks, before actually starting it. Then when driving it to repair, the dash was going bonkers. They did a diagnostic and nothing came up. Thought a critter got in the engine (signs of a feast of nut shells) but after checking all the wires, all is still in good condition.

Why would the cat need to be replaced with less than 30,200 miles on it?
Is this a recall item? Can I get it replaced by VW

There is still a light on but it is very very dim. Do I need to change whole headlight fixture or just a bulb.

I have a fault code of J386
door control module
drivers side
power supply to small

any thoughts on this and where is the door control module located?

Runs well most of the time but will cut out while driving does not stall out

The light and housing was knocked inside the wheel well - I managed to fish it back out and its OK but how do I attach the housing back to the inside of the fender? Obviously some kiind of cement but what kind? Is the fender fiberglass or plastic? Will PVC cement work

This is a 5-speed manual.

You cannot see out of the rearview mirror with the top down because it does not lay flat on the vehicle and it buzzes and beeps when you're driving with the top down

but as soon as you hit the gas it will die what would be the cause of that?