There were no signs before going out to find my car would not start. Can eventually get the engine to start if the key is held in the first position, listen for the clicks, before actually starting it. Then when driving it to repair, the dash was going bonkers. They did a diagnostic and nothing came up. Thought a critter got in the engine (signs of a feast of nut shells) but after checking all the wires, all is still in good condition.

Hello, I had recently purchased a 2003 golf gti with a 1.8 turbo 4 cylinder engine. The vehicle has 139,000 miles on it. Before purchasing, I had a mechanic come out and look at the vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection, and ran the code P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) which without test driving, told me that is what caused the shift shudder I noticed when I had test driven it a previous day. He told me the coil packs were in good condition by looking at the top of them, and told me if I replace the spark plugs, the issue should go away. I feel it is important to mention that he had also run codes on the transmission and nothing came up. Taking it home, this morning I had replaced the spark plugs and driven it for about an hour both regularly and aggressively to test it. The problem is still there, and I was really hoping that there is a solution to this problem, because everything else on the car is beautiful, while being my dream car, I just want it to work as well as I know it can. I appreciate any help offered in resolving this issue, thank you very much!
-Christian H.

Changed starter in the car now it won't read park or start

The VW place told me I had code P0301 misfire on cylinder 1. They checked the ignition coil and it was ok. Performed compression and it had 100 psiof compression, performed cylinder leak down test and it had 80% of leakage. Removed valve cover to checkfor broken intake valve spring and could not verify.

It is difficult to start my VW passat 1.8t 2003 in the mornings. After it has started and heated it does behave that way until i park it for long hours like 6 hours and the problem occurs. I need your help. My mechanic have charge the fuel pump in the fuel tank and still the problem is there

Shop wants $3000.00 for the used one installed with a 3month warranty 34,000 miles on it? My car runs good I service it always but can't decide on a reduilt ? With a year or two warranty please help? I'm a disable veteran low income and I'm paying cash I live in Garden Grove CA 92843

receiving a p0341 code want to check wiring to cps .need diagram to locate cam position sensor/sensors thank you

Was driving on hiway car kinda startled slowed down abs lite came on wouldnt start.changed battery drove for a few hours same thing happened now it just clicks when i try starting it all lites work fine.sometimes the radio goes out when i try starting it.what can this be.sometimes it will start but when it does i press the gas and it just goes down to the floor.any help please.

My headlight switch has only two positions; one for "on" and one for "off". However, I have fog lights on the car which are supposed to be activated by pulling out the headlight switch. My switch does not pull out in either of the aforementioned position,s nor does it turn to any other position. Do I have to purchase a more complex headlight switch? If so, why are there fog lights if they cannot be activated with the switch already installed in the dashboard?

About a month ago, i would drive about 15 minutes to work and right when i got there the ac start coming out cold. Now that doesnt even happen. It is always blowing warm air. I put ac pro refrigerant and nothing, The air is the same.

I have a 09 jetta se, when i am in neutral, car is smooth, when I shift to drive, engine turns forward and it rattles a little. When driving, it is shifts smooth. It looks like the wishbone maybe worn?

Is it dangerous to drive the car when it needs work or replacement catalytic converter?

, cannot understand most of the time. my wife's little Fiat 500 has a fantastic BT system. I cannot use the VW and use the LG 'around the neck' headset. any recommendations beside buying a different vehicle?

the speed output sensor located in the same place in a 2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 liter turbo as a 2001