What does it mean when my electrical power steering light comes on and car is hard to start. How much to fix this problem

My lights come on when I start the car which I like is this common in 2008?

We have tried changing the fuel pump and other stuff and yet havnt had the chance to drive it itbkeeps making sounds but does not want to turn on

When i release the clutch, at idle, after i drove a bit, there is rattling noise happening. It is not happening first start in the morning, nor after short distances. Its happening after a 15 minutes drive though and more and more. It goes from subtle to clear rattling. Its almost scary at some point. The transmission has been rebuilt by AA transaxle 2 month ago. I talked about it to theme but those guy seams to be so confident in there job that they don't hear me. they tell me its all about other places like muffler or else. Many people and a mechanic says the noise comes from the transaxle though. Its relatively easy to spot. Any insight would be welcome. Thank you very much.

My abs light will come on and then my e break light will flash and it stops after about a minute but when I shut my car off it won't start back up. All my dash lights disappear the radio won't turn on its like my battery is completely gone. I took my battery out and checked it, had 12 Volts, I put it on the charger and then put it back in, car started right up as if nothing happened... it just happened again too, what could be the issue?

airbag light always on

I just replaced the compressor, which turned out to not be the issue at all as it is still not blowing cold on the highway. Not even the dealer ship can diagnose the problem. My guess, it has a high pressure vacuum leak. But I'm just here for another opinion. The car only has 40k on it and it's the SE model.

I took to VW and another mechanic both gave the same result...power steering computer failed and have to replace the full rack and pinion $1700-$2000....has anyone had this happen before?

car starts, and dies, you reset and try to start it and runs for 2 sec and dies. I replace the fuel filter thinking that was the problem and it wasn't.

This is the pump monitoring the car's emissions.

after needing a battery jump my rpm's went down to 550 and engine runs rough

After flooring the gas pedal, the engine starts back up and idles really roughly, sometimes shuts off. After a minute or so of revving it a little, the problem goes away. On really hot days it shuts off by itself at intersections when it should be idling. Could it be some kind of vapor lock in the fuel line? Or a computer or sensor problem? The overheat light comes on at erratic intervals, even if the engine is still cold. We replaced the temperature sensor for it already. Also the fan for the air conditioning seems to run fast/slow, fast slow. No diagnostic codes about it, several car mechanics have not been able to find a solution.

Obd2 connector does not work at all.

i had a 00' vw passat dropped off to me several months ago by a friend to be fixed. he over heated it by mixing the orange and green together ,which seized water pump. he asked me to do full basic maintance. i pulled valve covers and all the vent holes in the topof covers were plugged solid. I soaked them in kerosene scrubbed the debris out rinsed and let dry a few days in the sun. I also soaked oil cap . he calls today and says oils shooting all over the place when it wasn't pre over haul. I drove the car 35 min prior day to deliver so im stummped. where do i begin looking ?


Where is this located?

When should the air bags go off how much impact does the car have hit for them to go off

My drivers/passenger door cylinders quit working and I replaced them. That left me with three keys for my car: d/p door key, trunk key, and ignition key. Now the the driver's door actuator (I think) has failed as that door can not be locked but the key will still turn the cylinder and lock the other door. That's primarily why I want to go to a fob that can unlock all three doors. How do I do that?

sounds like its running on two cyls and grey smoke

Car won't start. Wont krank all the way over

When you throttle the engine and let out the clutch it stumbles and is showing an exhaust code but I'm finding a problem fiscally.

Ive replaced the coils and the spark plugs and still won't crank over. What could be the issue

will i have errors if i move to hella led tail light

I have a VW EOS 2008 2.0 turbo that is having air compressor failure and it is at 140, 000 miles in. Due to the history of problems with the air compressor in the EOS are there any discounts available for me for replacing my air compressor?

CAr starts then starts to run sluggish n won't accelerate even when pedal is to the ground then eventually stALLS. CHANGED FUEL FILTER STILL SAME THING THEN TOOK FUEL PUMP OUT AND IT WAS CLOGGED WITH THIVK SLIME CLEANED UP AND RAN GREAT NOW ITS DOING it Again but now I noticed white substance All around gas cap area and Also near the muffler.I do have a code indicating misfire ..any ideas what it could be please help !!

Price s 50000 mile check up?