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can I do the replacement job my self
the van has about 96.000 miles on it and it belongs to a friend of mine. she said today the check engine light came on and she cant take to a shop to have I checked because she is home sick but her daughter is using t...
the mcpherson strut tuns in steps instead of a continueos motion. Is the mount bearing shot or is the strut bent?
m y car has 134000 mile and I was reading AAA and they rec. buying a warranty your thoughts thank yuo
My van failed smog twice because of this. I am also in a low-income household.
I bought Toyota Sienna 2003 XLE which was transferred from 1st dealer to 3rd dealer then the 3rd dealer claimed the current odometer is reading 100,420 mileage which actually display on the dashboard unfortunately I w...
where is the engine oil pump at ? Toyota sienna 2001 3.0L pleas
I need inspection cert and after visiting auto center they mention Obd 2 analyzer did not communicate during diagnostic test. i recently got check engine fixed for o2 sensors.
trying to find location of igniter (ignition control module)
I bought the car from a nissan dealership in oklahoma last saturday 06-01-13, the car died on the highway on my way home, towed the car to a mechanic who said the engine was no good, that it knocked. Now the car start...
both vehicle seem to have the same rack and pinnion set up. can the camry 3.0 and the sienna rack and pinnion can use the same rack and pinnion
I would like to replace my cabin filter but I couldn't find it. I already opened the front passenger's cover but it wasn't there. I wonder may be not the same with the other Toyota model?
My rear air blower is not working again. Last year when this happened toyota replaced the rear blower motor and transistor and say that this time the problem is "1 module is not sending a signal to the rear blower mo...
2002 Sienna, 113k. Annoying to daily driver wife. Looked at twice by same shop; cannot find. Brakes good, tires good. Noticeable inside above rt wheel well only at 5-20 mph. Replaced rear shocks at same time noise bec...
Sienna 2002, 113k During alignment, tech reported to me that I had play in right front rack and pinion. Quoted me $ 800-1,000. Not noticeable at that time when driving. Said would eventually notice looseness in ste...
Dealership will fix it for $1500. I bought my van less than a year ago. It was certified & I'm having issue with passenger side door & driver mirror!!!
It is like the motor is running when the car is on.
When the van sits over night, the first time you apply the brakes there is a noise and a cycling vibration in the brake system. What could be the problem?
In the last four months I have had to get a boost because I could not get started. Once I received the boost it started immediatly.I just checked the battery and the water level was very low but not cmpletely out. I ...
What are the symptoms of a timing belt that is going?
The noise will stop after turning off heat or fan control. Some times the noise starts without the fan on. I turn it on and then off and it stops. What could this be?
Rear passenger side problem. The plastic cable wire is frayed & dealership will fix for 1500 bucks. When I tried to open manually it wouldn't budge.
We are a 2 car family and have a 2004 Toyota Sequioa and a 2005 Toyota Sienna.
I have engine knocking noise in the engine and the moment of the engine goes down how can I solve this problem? Thank you
had repair work done. Recurring incomplete drive cycle for 5 times
They say "Won't pass smog test if check engine light is on"