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How do I open the door to remove the door to cut the cable so I can use thew door manually
the digits on the clock will jump and dance around like crazy. The time is always wrong. Every now and then the radio will change stations by it self.
The module was burnt together with the electrical plug in a short. I am trying to get the new module unit but it has been impossible. Hope you can help me. Thank you. Toyota Previa 2007 VIN: JTEGD54M77A000803 engine n...
love my van and it runs beautifully, just want to keep it that way.
anyone try this or know if it will work, Toyota highlander engine to Toyota sienna. Any aider please
maby bad bearings.t belt replaced 84k mi,it has 111k now...
Sometimes when I put my key in I have to jiggle it around for minutes and then suddenly it allows me to turn the key and start the car.
Cylinder #3 & #6 don't park misfire, we thought timing belt we replace/water pump/crank shaft censor and hydraulic pump cylinder, problem still the same, any aider please
I can no longer start my 1998 Toyota Sienna van. Sorry I disregarded the engine warning light. The car now won't start. Has only 110,000 original miles; original owner. What do you suggest.
My dealer is stating that I need to change timing belt on my 2004 Sienna which has 75000 miles on it. My impression was that timing belts don't need to be changed until 100K or 120K. Is that right? or is it also age...
My headlights wont come on, even the brights. I just replaced both bulbs a couple months ago. I checked both 15amp fuses and they were still good. What else could it be? My turn signals and hazards and all other light...
Is there a remedy short of replacement? Dealer says no.
replaced speed sensor & 2 oxygen sensors. codes wont clear & car is still not running right
having water pump,timing belt replaced. tech snapped off two bolts and shop says it took them two hours to get them out
My front catalytic converter turns red hot and cylinders 2, 4, & 6 begin to misfire. The engine code reads misfire in the three cylinders. There is very little exhaust when the vehicle begins acting up. I have removed...
how to replace it
_ diagnostic code PO758 _ the transmision shifting is not smooth.
Dobbs (local chain store mechanic) is advertising $45 for cooling system drain & refill service. This is less than half of RepairPal's estimate ($115-152). Why is the big difference in price? Should I go to the Toy...
manual states that airbags may not deploy as a result -how can this be fixed ?
We have a 2004 toyota sienna xle AWD and the heat only blows hot on the passenger side. The ac blows cold as ice on both sides and in the back. But when we turn the heat on it just blows cold air on the drivers side f...
I have a 2007 Toyota sienna 3.5l. I get a massive plume of blue smoke when I start it in the morning and occasionally on acceleration. I'm thinking valve stem seals but I've heard you have to drop the power train out ...
09 sienna with 90K. Van has timing chain not belt. Dealer recommended water pump replacement at 90K. Seems very soon especially if not being done at same time as timing belt which is not needed for this car. Thx
It reads "The external system has stopped working". How do I fix this?
there is nothing wrong with my car - I just haven't had a tune up since I've had it. what should be done in a tune up
I made a quick stop to the store and now the car will not start. If I let it sit for awhile the car will start. The weather is hot (over 100 degrees).
can I do the replacement job my self