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The car has (180,000 miles). My wife tells me when she started the car the AC would not come on, after a while the AC did come on. The car died in the middle of the road 15 minutes later. The scan gave a P0117 ECT circuit malfunction. It was about a gallon low on coolant. Reset the scan and no longer there is a code. The car still has the oil and the engine light on and will not start. it sounds like starter spins but engine does not crank. I would appreciate any advice.

Yesterday I had a question. Neede an answer

Just replaced rear shocks a week ago. Now,during cold backup, it feels like theres a block behind the rear wheels. A little extra gas,and the problem quits.

For us, only occurs turning to right. Clicking sound under dash, also. The correction just about rips the steering out of your hand. Dealer 'calibrated a sensor' for $500 and problem remains. Then suggested replacing steering column. Then leaking CV boots. Then bad front shocks....
Only had calibration done. The rest sounds like they are just shotgunning the problem.

The legs of my Sienna get so hot as though the brake does not return properly. 1 day ago I hard a horrible experience where one of the rear hubs was very heated and was smoking and smelling like real fire, I was lucky to be able to cool it off with water, I feared the car was gonna get burnt. Often the Check VSC and TRAC OFF lights display on the dashboard. I called the mechanic who suggested the ABS module is bad though the ABS warning light doesn't display. Previously the brake system was going flat especially in the mornings and the mechanic suggested it was my brake masters and he had to change it, now I'm experiencing the hotness of the hubs. Please could this mean that the ABS module is bad even though it doesn't give me warning light?


This is for my Power Steering

I understand there is a recall for dashboard cracks and that Toyota will replace the Dashboard but I haven't heard anything from Toyota

this happens with both keys. Sounding like i'll need a new Immobilizer. What's that cost? Any other possibilities?

The car has a 1800 V-6 engine in it.
Thank you for your answer

After non-use for a while it will cool again. New condenser and Freon.

These noises are easily heard and occur when the engine is turned on (whether the vehicle is moving or not) and sometimes occur for a time after the vehicle is turned off.

My rear passenger door suddenly stopped latching and would not stay shut. I overrode the sliding door mechanism, which stopped the beeping noise that results from an open door. I have struggled with this draining my battery for a month until I could no longer take it and took it to a dealership. They called to advise the motor mechanism has gone out and they have quoted me nearly $3,000--YES, $3K--and I am furious! This is not covered by warranty and I paid $45,000 for this fully-loaded minivan, purchased brand new. It has 79,000 miles and the warranty was only 3 years/30,000 miles. My question is this: is this a legitimate price to pay for this motor replacement? Furthermore, being that I have NO interest in replacing it for that price, can I override the electric mechanism to manually open and shut the stupid door? I am TICKED as a loyal Toyota customer and have NO further interest in owning one. Please help!

The brakes are very soft. Have to push down far on pedal to stop. New pads were put on. 3 mechanics have checked i t- all say it is good. But, it still feels soft - pushing down too far to stop. Feels like the brake pedal goes to far near end. Any suggestions???

siena 2011
69000 mi
toyota service center I call
they can not support it is no warent.
check fee is $280.
fix fee is $2400
it is wandering
I did buy for siena is stable car.
I can i do.

Was quoted 280$ for new ignition switch. Bought an OE switch and key from parts store. Car won't start. Was told the key needed to be relearned?

is there a relay or fuse somewhere?

Two motors and adjusters are working. Up and down, and the backrest will go forward and backwards. The motor sounds like it's just spinning or grinding? Feels like the right side rail may be jammed by lose change or something? How can I remove that rail and take a look? I have the seat disconnected now. Thanks.

its a kea sorenomay be spelt wrong its a suv

Mechanic says 02 sensor needs to replaced.
How many 02 sensors are there in Toyota Sienna 2009
And what are the possibly that could be the problems?
It has 97k miles on it.
The codes that I found out was:

Any advice ?

It is manual. Just happened out of no where. It only has 135,000 miles. I noticed other vans reported this problem with this year. I just had my car at the Whittier, CA Dealership. So far no answer, help!

hesitates/jerks at fast acceleration. Would like a general cost for repairs please