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On one site I read that Toyota covered this repair even though beyond warranty. Is this possible? Another site said 2008 rav 4 doesn't have viscous coupling rather has electro magnetic something or other..?
How large a snow tire may I safely use on all four wheels?
Noticed a gas fume smell inside my car after a long car trip. I only smell it when either the fan/AC/heat is on. Other than the smell, the car is running fine. None of the dashboard lights are on and my fuel level is ...
light is on, the little car that slides is on. please help was running fine til -9 degrees hit the other night.
cost to repair water pump
I believe a cd drop behind the glove box,I can not close the door,how can I get behind the glove box,to see,see the problem. Thank you!
hello again!!! anyway, every year for the last 3 years my rav would startup while boosting the battery.this is the first time the rav would not start;engine would crank not rav was towed to my bro-in-laws me...
After driving in a while I feel hot air blow around my legs in the driver's seat coupled with a smell of oil
saw a little smoke before it stop working
Rav4 stalls while driving, today on freeway at 65mph. loses steering and seconds before total stall. Has new alternator and 3 new batteries in 8 months. Dealer newest battery/ECM reset that did not work, VERY DANGEROU...
Is this an expensive repair and what else does a maintained Rav need at 150k miles? The dealership was pretty clueless.
When I start the vehicle all dash lights comes on for about 2 seconds afterwards they go off, but after about 15 min of driving the battery light comes on and the vehicle loses power steering and acceleration. But aft...
Pushed the brake pedal that thumped and pulsed and did not hold the car. Out of 4WD it did not do this....
Main Bearing or seal. What is the approximate cost to replace
When I put it in reverse and then press the gas the engine revs but their is a 2 second delay to when gear engages and the car backs up.
What is approximate cost of valve clearance adjustment
I just had the transmission rebuilt the day before this happened. I was driving down the road and the car applied the brakes by itself
Vehicle does have a rear camera mounted activated when backing up. It has taken 5 weeks to "research the issue and possible remedies--this will be at the selling dealer's expense-Are there really equivalent systems o...