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The FJ Cruiser which is a great vehicle overall has cheap plastic parts on the end of the bumper and other places too. Toyota should be ashamed for adding these cheap junky parts on the end of the bumper. Anyone know ...
Every time. Not balance or alignment. One said transmission. Another said no. What to do?
Is there a recall on this item
When driving fj I hear a grinding sound when I turn steering wheel to right. Stops when I turn steering wheel to left
it looks as if the car controls its self a little bit by waving and wobbling. though not constantly but in every three to five polls
shop says it needs a engine overhaul full of sludge did flushes
Dealer changed vvt controller.Light came back on the next day.Car performs great.No indication of engine problems.Dealer wants to tear top of motor down to detetmine cause at a thousand dollars?Please advise.Thanks
Hoping sensation when driving uphill at slow (20mph) speeds..?
engine hot and making a noise out of end of coolant hose
hv same issue? dealer said no known ac problems on fj said drivee it turn up radio etc... doesnyt do it all the time which is odd...
What does this mean? Can I take it anywhere or should I go to a Toyota dealership?
just got my 2007 fj serviced the mechanic told me there is an oil leak from oil pan gasket and an oil leak from the main seal. how much should this repair cost?
Go out to start it and it will click,once, and wont start, you have to try several times before it will finally start. Have had it at the shop twice, once they put a new battery in, and second time a new starter. No...
Has Anyone fouund a roll bar/cage which does not involve welding in the passenger compartment? I lived with my CJ which was really messed up by spatter burn for years!
want to change the water-pump myself can I ?
how much does it cost to repair a bad clutch
The odometer of my toyota FJ stopped at 27022 miles. Any tipon what should I do to fix it will be appreciated. Thanks
at what mileage should you replace timing chain/belt
I just replaced my spare to match recently replaced rims/tires. All of a sudden, my pressure indicator light came on. Does the original spare come equipped with a tire pressure sensor?
How do i remove the upper glove box on my FJ? So I can put the top of the dash gauges in.