My mechanic told me that he will not use the Toyota brand coolant to flush and change my coolant in my Toyota echo because it has corrosive chemicals (he called the Toyota brand the "red" coolant, but I've only seen green coolant used in my radiator). Does this make sense to anyone? I would think that Toyota would make the right coolant for its cars.

I have never changed the transmission fluid because the Toyota service book does not include an interval at which to change it; I had no idea I was supposed to change the trans fluid until many miles past 60,000. Then I was told that it was risky to change the fluid because if the transmission has too much debris the changing of the fluid could actually cause problems. Also, all the service book says is that a mechanic should check the transmission for leaks.

Engine light has been on for a while and mechanic said it is because mass air flow censor needs replacing. The car sometimes stalls a little, especially on hills.

heated cat not supported catalyst not ready evap system not ready egr not supported air system not supported air conditioner not supported

falls flat on take off from a stop what could be wrong and what could be possible repair

the stud on the ball joint is turning clear thru is this normal

My air is not blowing cold air and I found a plug under the dash not connected to anything. I need to know where to plug it in. the wires are purple and pink

the man that put me a new one in didn't know how so another man came over and did it, if its not in there right will that show evap valve?

There is low air coming out of the vents.

Would also like to know if I can add a concentrated gas treatment for carburetors and injectors

my gas pedal is soo loose ! it hase NO TENTION AT ALL !! how can i tighten it?

Dealer says CEL is due to hoses from charcoal canister and canister itself leaking fumes. Is 836.00 reasonable?

It started when I slowed for construction and when I went to accelerate I could here this occasional knock. As i accelerated it increased so I pulled over and tried to find the problem. When I began to drive again I didn't here it.

Is there an adjustment for the clutch? I can let the clutch completely out and the car hesitates for a few seconds before it moves.

My Echo engine has been very quiet since I got it, but about a month ago very occasionally it would sound like an old dump truck or tractor for just a second or two and then the sound would disappear. I thought I was hearing things at first or actually hearing a vehicle next to me. Then the sound lasted longer and longer. Now I hear the sound about 10 -20 % of the time the car is runnning, mostly when we are idleing at a light or just starting to accelerate. Any ideas what it might be. I'm taking it to a mechanic this week and I want to have an idea what to expect. JD

I have a 03 Echo that over heats!Upper hose gets hot, lower hose stays cool! When car gets hot,coolant comes out overflow tank. Have replaced thermostat! Help?

Just got a diagnostic from a muffler shop and in addition to a few items, suggested I replace my front brakes and rotors because I'm down to 20%. I'm not hearing any noise or noticing and decreased braking power. At what percentage of wear should I replace my brakes? Or should I just listen for the warning strips as my guide?

Gauge fuse will blow when changed then when I put car in park and turn off car it will lock in park until I put new fuse in.It repeats itself.I have replaced rear lite sockets,problem went away for 3 days then it happened again.

Humming while I drive and now there is a grinding, screaching noise coming front the front wheel. I check the brakes and they are fine. The steeering shakes when pressing on the brakes.


It feels like some kind of cable snapped. I'm afraid to take it to the dealer because they will find all kinds of things wrong with it. It has 66,000 miles on it.

What kind of fluid does A standard trans take

Sears put in max valvoline and when i called valvoline in oswego N.y. they told me the oil which was put in should have been type IV(4) or ask the mechanic to put an additive at least 2 pints,this is really frustrating,I thought there was something wrong when the ATF was pale and smelled like oil instead of transmission fluid so is it what type of dexron which I think was used before? please advise!

how do I replace the trunk release cable on my 2003 Toyota Echo?

passenger window broke. need repair. what's the cost.

need to replace stabelizers.
i'm wondering how much this should cost
i've been quoted $250 because will also need to realign
wheels,does this sound right ?
said they're worn down/why i have noise turning wheel.


I bought this car from a Nissan dealer who said the car is noisy because of poor insulation. It sounds like a small airplane. Noise increases with speed. was considering adding insulation or bedliner paint under the carpet. Transmission was serviced by dealer and seems to shift fine. Anyone have some advise?

In very general terms, how much should I expect to pay to replace the shocks and struts? My mechanic quoted me almost $800. Is that about standard?

How long should one expect to wait for an auto repair shop to replace the exhaust manifold?