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Replaced fuel pump. Still won't start. Looking at fuse box for relay switch but owners manual does not list that fuse. I'd like to know where I can get a fuse box schematic. Not sure this is the problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

every time fuel is added to gas tank no matter what fueling station is used it takes a long time to fill gas tank as the nozzle shuts off after every 1/2 gallon or so

PS mine doesn't have the star wheel adjustment. It has a different kind of adjustment system. Any information would be great thanks.

I was told years ago it was going so I know that's the problem--plus had a mechanic listen to the noise.

i know there are two screws with each headlight in Toyota Echo/Yaris to adjust the direction of headlight beam and its focus area in front of the vehicle, but what i exactly want to know is that which of them will help me to tilt the beam across x-axis and in which direction.

additionally i have adjusted the screw situated nearer to radiator to adjust the height of the beam i.e. movement over y-axis.

I have an automatic Transmission Echo.I felt a soft downshift as if driving a standard then 30 seconds later the car cut off and I had no power to drive. All electrical worked. I waited 5 minutes then it started again and was able to drive.
Battery was changed out. I picked up the vehicle from the dealership stopped at a traffic light and the car cut off again!! Waited for 5 minutes, it started then I drove off again. WHAT is Wrong with my Echo

is timing belt the common problem for that model

My catalytic convertor is fine. The cost of a direct fit convertor (which I have presently) is about twice the price of the convertor by itself. I was wondering if it's possible to get my hands on the pipe between the convertor and the manifold and weld it to the convertor that I have now.

Looking for a cheap fix the car will soon have 400 000km not sure investing long term is a solution


Original water pump no problems so far.

nothing electrical just a key

This Ethenol Blend fuel has just been introduced in our country Zimbabwe

head light high beam working but low beam not working.pls give me suggestion

a rattle in top left moter.just a littler to start with now most of the time sounds like a pulley lose we have no code for this

car has new compressor, drier, expansion valve and cabin fan. Renew cabin fan because it nwould not run new fan will not run to.

The problem started after I had disconnected the battery and then reconnected the battery, no check light

wait a while then it starts

i change the Throttle Position Sensor but nothing changed could it be a idle air control valve issue

on after i ve been driving for awhile

My dash board lights went off nothing works then the clutch also not engaging. Used the small red nob to engage the gear used it but later the red light for temp came on. Whats the problem. Is it senor switch or man swtich and why clutch not engageing normally without forcing.

where is the 4th cylender located top one or bottom one

i changed the spark plugs (original)120k changed MAF sensor i got a too rich code and low fuel code
if i drive up a hill it will downshift and engine purrs, but regular driving i get whiplash (like learning to drive a stick LOL) if you have an idea what i should check next i would appreciate it

AIR INJECTION - filed diagnostic test said, mass air flow circut+ air temp.sensor circut

I have removed rim & can not get drum to come off.

How much should it cost to replace an oil pump for my 2002 Echo? Most places estimate about $600 but the dealer and another place estimate about $1100. Why such a discrepancy in pricing?

i looked under dash but dont see the fuse box and i dont have the manual anymore

Although I am located in Toronto, Canada, it would appear that I have a similar problem to other queries.
On May 22, 2012, 104,000 km service performed (actual mileage 103,206)by an independent garage. Engine light on June 5th; computer advised problem due to code EVAP. Gas cap tightened, system reset; light off.
Thereafter, I have returned 4 times (gas cap seal reversed, rust removed from gas tank intake,and finally, a new gas cap was purchased). Invariably, the engine light would come on again 2 to 3 days after refueling. However, the last time the light came on was 2 days after the system had been reset. I am now being advised to go to a Toyota dealership and that I may be facing a bill of $3 - $400.00.
Was also advised to simply ignore the engine light being on; but of course this may eventually mask another problem.
Before consulting a Toyota dealership, I would appreciate any and all advise inasmuch as I was once advised by a dealership that the clutch was leaking oil and that the repair was urgent. A second opinion was sought; no problem found and I drove the car for another three years without any oil leaking from the clutch.

15 Mar 2012 I took 2004 Echo 4dr Autotrans to dealer for scheduled maintenance. They told me the engine had "sludge" in it & it must be removed or engine replacement would soon result! The radiator, which was leaking, was also replaced(16400-21070)$576.31, 771 CP 1.50 $129.00, Sludge remove 771 CP 7.00 712.00, Cyl Hea Gasket (11213-21011) $23.36, +misc $ Total=$1584.39 Note: previous maintenance 12 Sept 2011

new mass air idle control selinoid

My Check Engine light is on and I need to pass emissions

Water Troubles?
I checked all the fluid levels and the reservoir was down about a liter and a half. I filled it with water as it would have lots of antifreeze in it for this time of the year.
Engine Troubles
I checked the Gas cap and it seems fine.
Where is the Mass Air Flow Sensor and how do I clean it.