The check engine light is on and the vsc light is flashing and it's off

I pulled speedometer cluster out of a junked 1 zz I just don't know I have the basic corolla ve speedo & it's a 5 spd the corrolla I took it off looked like it a 98 & it was a automatic would have many headaches & wouldn't my miles displayed change ?

While driving, the car doors unlocked themselves without the unlock button being pressed. I pressed the button to lock the doors back and less than a minute later, the doors unlocked themselves again. This has happened twice before and both times I was in the car alone. Super weird.

I turn it on put it in drive it shakes den cut off

So when I turn the car on it shakes I put new gas so now it don't shake as much but it still cuts off when youu put it in drive

Well taken care of by elderly lady, about 120,000 miles. What cost is she looking at & since numerous complaints would Toyota help with parts

I bought the car from Canada and the first time I changed the oil and filter the maintenance required showed up till now.

Tried 3 sets of o2 sensors OEM and Toyota. Another computer did not fix it. To get waiver from NYS DMV is at least $450 dollar attempt each year to fix it. Do you know of any false triggers for o2 sensors in Toyotas? It has to be something else causing the codes.

did oil change checked oil next day was low .checked fillter and it was dry .oil not getting to it .i am putting oil in every day not leaking on ground.HELP.......?

the heat shield has rusted loose and is making a knocking sound.

The past 5 months right after I got my oil change my car has been making a weird scraping sound only when stopped at a light but it stops if I put my car in neutral. Now I'm coming across an issue whenever I turn right my car will shut off.. Usually if I just keep driving it comes on right away but today it shut off and I had to get to the side so I can turn it completely off and back on. I'm scared it might shut off and I'll get in an accident... Please someone help I have a warranty still do u think it's a machanical or electronically issue maybe? Please help me and tell me

i have a 2014 corolla eco and a light came on (abs/stability control). code p1585 acceleration sensor circut.

someone added longer wires to battery terminals was fine after I drove the other day killed it wont start back raised hood looked like pos.wire (that was added) was touching neg terminal wire

I have to accelerate to get down the hill.I have front wheel drive.

A while back I replaced my car stereo. Bought a wiring and stereo install kit and everything works fine, then I tried to install an amp. Hooked up the trigger wire from the amp to what I thought was the right wire (An orange wire from the car that was unused when I installed the new stereo). It didn't work and now my tail lights, lights in my console (AC, shifter, etc), and the turn signals when I unlock the doors don't turn on. The braked lights, headlights, and turn signals (the rest of the time) work fine. I replaced the tail relay with no change, tried reinstalling the stock stereo, again no change.
Any ideas?

Every small bump in the road or parking lot produces a clunking sound in the front end when going slowly ( less than 25 MPH). I have changed the struts and strut bearing plates, front and mid transmission mounts, and both CV joints. The front and rear engine mounts are in good shape. Two different mechanics including the Toyota dealership cannot diagnose the problem. The clunking is getting worse and now clunks when shifting between first and second gear. (Unless I am being real gentle on the shift) It may be something internal to the transaxle, but it shifts fine and there is no unusual noise at high way speeds. I am resigned to drive it until is breaks, but would prefer to fix the problem.

A broken radiator was change because it's shorts water easily.
Even now the replaced radiator does same.

Please what can I do?

The car turns over fine but just won't restart right away.It is getting spark so it is a fuel problem.The catalytic convertor clogged?It did catch on fire when the car was running rough.With a tune up it is running better.

Once it died I restarted it and it idle rough but I could keep it running with a little gas but the second I tried to take off it died again. Happened 2 times then would not restart