Always a problem during or after a heavy rain.

It won't start if I push either I have to jump start I don't get clicking sound either like like I don't get any juice out of battery unless I jump start.

have replaced 3 pumps in 13 months-replaced the relay-tank is clean-filter is new-electric pump inside the fuel tank-works fine after replacing for a few months until won't start one day

the 1999 toyota corolla has 3 wires on the front turning signal bulbs.
i want to put my LEDs in but i need to know which of the 3 wires from the turning signal bulb is the ground and which is the turning (red)?

Why does the whistling noise gets heard when steping on break pedals while driving forward

I would like to get an estimate but timing change tensioner is not available in the repair list. Any suggestion would be welcome.

Possible ground ?how do I find it"?

Went to have my car inspected. It failed the emission test. The mechanic said he is seeing Code c1201.

engine won't turn over when engine is cold. If engine is warm, no problem

Temp outside was about 20 degrees both came on a.nd won't go off. Gas was purchased the day before

What could be the problem and are there any easy fixes for my problem?

My car has 91k miles. About a week before I was told they cleaned the pcv valve after which the light went off. Now, a week later the check engine light is back on and I'm told I need a new air fuel sensor & that there is another problem they "can't see" until they replace the sensor. I was quoted $350 which includes labor; I didn't get the work done but wanted to know if this sounds right.

my brake light comes on and my brakes go all the way to the floor and then my car start to hesitate and the engine starts to make some noise but when I put brake fluid in it and brakes getting harder and then there's no more hesitation or engine noise

I know the struts are blown. I do not know if the springs are sagging. I have searched the internet for over an hour to no avail. Ride height is measured from the ground to the wheel well. Please advise.

when taking off flutters/dies in the ass if you put your foot down straight away but if you slowly put your foot onto the accelerator it will drive bad but once you get to 3,4 gear it drives normal? had it put onto a g scan and told to change crank angle sensor and cam sensor ???? been stuck for months and help would be appreciated

Checked fuel and fuses

I lost my keys and took the ignition out and now it seems like it's not getting fuel checked all the fuses its getting gas up to the injectors but won't start what is the problem and how do I did it

Recently my car was fine then all of a sudden with no warning sign it started to be hesitant an sluggish when stopped. I got the spark plugs changed which made a significant difference but car still is stuttering when at a stopping point. I got the wires changed also an still its doing the same thing. Like its missing a little bit. Please help anyone!!!

200K on engine. about the last 50K the idle has been low and rough very intermittent but getting worse. Took it to dealership they check compression and said number 4 cylinder was bad, authorized a valve job...said they could not do a valve job walls to thin!! purchased a engine with 60K and them install...they said that should take care of problem....I've had the car back about a month and 3500.$$ later it's doing it again...when I stop the idles drops very low and rough then pops back up...I did take it back and they cleaned the throttle intake they said that's all it could be!!! obviously they haven't a clue. the car runs great I've done all the you know what the problem is?