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The battery was drained. Problem has occurred once but will happen again with charged battery. No other lights were on. Car started fine.

blew now? Also, the timing chain cover had a crack, could that have happened with the repair of the water pump? They also sealed the head gasket saying there was a leak.
Please help me understand, thank you

switch the car on but car dose not crank, but turns. trying to see if it's the fuel pump or bad gas

Light up and a wire with clips behind AC vent I is not plugged in

a couple days ago I tried to turn my a/c ON but there was no air coming out. I noticed my compressor kicking in because the car usually idles more than usual when the a/c is on. so I had my compressor on with no air coming out. after a couple seconds I noticed my compressor turned off. I checked all fuses with ohm meter and have tested the relays. I removed the blower and tested it with 12v and it worked. I removed the resistor pack and it ohmed out good. I don't know where else I can look. Evrything seems to be in place. I unplugged my blower, hooked up my voltmeter and I was getting 0 V when I tried to turn the blower on.

The car was running fine and it died while going down the road. She said it acted like it was running out of gas. Then she stopped and it started right back up. When she tried to put it in gear it died again. Put it back in park and started right back up.

On a cargo van I once drove, the lower back of the seat was straight(ish), and the slight angle (crease that's indented) was higher up where the shoulder blades rest. On my corolla, the angled crease is in the center, causing the middle of my back to bend and hunch over. I was trying to look for some sort of seat cover that would reshape it to the comfortable type of seats I like so much. Do things like that exist? And if so, what do I search for? (Because the only results I get are basic seat covers or braces/cushions of various types, no matter what o search)
I'd even be willing to buy an entire new seat if that were my only option/possible lol.
Please let me know!
Thanks so much! -James

My sisters brake pedal goes to the floor every now and then. From what I read it most likely seems that it has to be the master cylinder, please correct me if I'm wrong. There's no brake fluid leak and no air in the lines. If the Brake booster was bad it would make it hard to press the brakes, correct? Also, on this year car can you tell me what the brake bleeding order is(Ex. RR,LR,FL,FR)? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone provide me with the order that the brakes need to be bled? I'm changing the Master Cylinder this weekend on my sisters car and I want to make sure I'm bleeding them in the correct order. Also just to get another opionion on what's wrong. She said the pedal goes to the floor every now and then which I find odd that its only sometimes. She doesn't have a leak, no air in line so I would assume thats its a faulty master cylinder. If it was the brake booster it would only make it really hard to press the brakes correct? Thanks in advance for the help.

Undid bolt on the end of pipe connecting fuel injectors and there is fuel there. Checked sending unit and seems fine but not hearing fuel pump turning on. Dont wanna drop the tank just to check until im more for certain that its the problem. Anyone know anything else a lil more labor and cost friendly to check first or any good simple ways to check the pump?

Since I change my intake it happens and my acceleration is getting lie and my mph is not going to more than a 85 mph

I want to know where the fluid can be changed in the transmission

Car was fine, then wouldn't start one day, after driving fine a couple of minutes before. Did this a few times previously, just tried a few times then it started again. There is no cranking when I turn the key, just a click. Lights work fine, stereo etc, no dip in power when turn key. I assumed it was starter motor so took it out and tested it - fine. Also tested battery - fine. Looked at a spark plug, fine, oil level fine. Don't see a reason the engine should have seized, as it was driving just fine, then wouldn't start suddenly, but I haven't tried manually turning the crank. I then looked at the switch on the clutch pedal that gets pressed when you push the clutch in, and allows it to start. Looked ok, but pulled the wires and bypassed it with a cable. Still nothing. Any ideas would be great. Can the starter test ok but still be bad?

Gear oil is different than motor oil ,I wanna know when i need to change the gear oil / Motor oil

Changed skpar plugs and changed the valve cover gascet

the starter motor has been replaced but it is still doing it and it makes me think that the starter shouldn't have been replaced and its something else

It is a constant low noise coming from the ignition'.

It hasn't started since. I replaced the battery and the spark plugs but no luck. What else should I be checking? The brand new battery dies pretty fast when I try starting the car now though, should I check the alternator?