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Fan won't come on. When shut off, won't restart for approx half hour. Direct wired fan to battery and fan works fine. How do I find out if prob is relay or temp sensor? Also, even with fan direct wired and running coo...
Trans jumped to reverse then back to drive going down road now no reverse only grinds
whether the car is on or off when applying the brakes the parking and interior lights come on
Hi guys. I am a new driver so I am not too well versed in auto terms. Today, my battery light along with the oil change light was on (solid not blinking) when I turned on the engine. I proceeded to back out of the par...
My car seems to have a fuel leak when the car is off and almost empty. What could the problem be?
runs good when giving gas or in park only in drive
i replace twice all ready and still noise at first a was ok but later noise very loud !! i dont know what to do please help
The car was making a little different noise for a couple days and could see a small pin leak leading out the drive way when pulled out previously but then upon letting it sit came out a large puddle. Checked my oil an...
when i turn it on and drive makes noise took to mechanic somewer told me didnt have enough oil