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Then the power steering wheel lock wasn't able to pull over do to no shoulder lane what caused this and how can this be fixed scary experience
when stopped, the car gives cold air...happens with ac same opposite way
On the passenger side where the pillar & headliner meet when there is a heavy rain it leaks heavy inside my car. It's only a certain golf ball size area that gets wet, all other areas around it is dry. If I'm driving ...
How to by pass in trunk seat release
Checked the oil pan and the dipstick mount and their not the problem. The oil only leaks when the car is driven. It's a slow leak. I can see nothing leaking when looking from underneath the car. The fluid appears t...
wife started car in this cold weather and car smoke now
My car sometimes will hesitate to down shift for going up a steep hill for example. When it does downshift it's a very hard and jerking downshift to 3rd. It's an 4spd automatic tranny and the fluid is brown. Not sure ...
the car shifts gear 1 to 3 perfectly as normal but it won't shift to 4
I have a 2010 toyota corolla and like to do my own oil changes i have ramps to get the car up off the ground and can do everything but get at the oil filter out to change it. I have the wrench for it but still can not...
Sometimes low doesn't work and then again when I'm driving or just start the engine ac will come on but not in the higher switches. It's very cold air tho.
My 96 Corolla is not shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Runs fine in 1st, reverse, and neutral. Anyone have any suggestions of what it could be? Thank you.
Engine light diagnostic code on dash board: PO171. How much should the work cost for parts and labor and how long should the work take?
I have a 2010 Corolla LE with about 60k miles. Whenever the road is wet or snow is on the ground and I hit a bump, the check engine light comes on and the VSC OFF dummy light blinks. I read the ODB2 code and it was P...
Does not seem to occur when accelerating and shifting(5 spd). Backing off throttle seems to help a little and slowly increasing speed.
I checked the starter tested and it's good, what can I do?