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The car starts and runs for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and quits running has to sit for hours before it restarts
car now moves a little distance and the gear disengages. I will off ignition and start again after a little distance, the same thing happens. please what is wrong?
i changed both gear and engine oil 2 month ago. What could be the fault?
While traveling on interstate at 70 mph, without any warning it was like it was in neutral but it was in D, the RPMs were going up but was losing speed.
One of lines blew after bleeding and turning car on putting pressure in lines.
I have a client who bought 2001 Toyota Camry from Mercedes Dealer. Before purchase she takes to Toyota Dealer and gets clean bill of health. 3 Days after she takes delivery engine code indicates to replace transmiss...
round corners and the OD OFF light will start to flash on my dash then it will stop flashing and drive ok then it will happen again. It was happening a couple times a week but today it seems to be doing it more often.
Hello the transmission kick back when it downshifts to lower gear at speed around 30 miles. any body has and this experience and any suggested fix for that?
changed starter relays still nothing new batt ??????? PLEASE HELP ME
My car's check engine light was glowing for almost a month. I finally repaired it. The repair shop (Midas) replaced my Oxygen Sensor AF type, Thermostat and coolant. My engine light is off now. But the repair shop adv...
Driver's side window stopped functioning. What is the R & R procedure?
When I start and engage the transmission it changes smoothly. But when I apply brakes to slow down and returns to the first gear it doesn't count it up to the fifth but gets stuck at 3. I have to park and remove the k...
only the base and short side pieces remain on the handle. Very difficult to find anything to grab hold of to open door. Would I need an entire new door? If not, would it be very costly? thank you
This does not happen if i am going straight or turning.
1993 Car has only 60,000 miles of normal driving.
When the car sits for a couple of days and you start the car and you shift the transmission to drive or reverse the motor needs to run a bit before the transmission will engage. If we drive the car on a regular ba...
and hoses - what are the cost of parts all 3 and labor seperate charges
Rough transmission gear change shifting in stop & go, rush-hour traffic, at 25 mph. What could be the culprit ? 3.0L v6 182 kmiles 5-speed AT