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Dealer stated I need replacement of steering rack??

All but the driver's side door lock quit working either by pushing the button or using the remote. I was told it was the ECU and needed to be replaced. How difficult is it to do it yourself? It looks pretty easy in how to manuals. Also how much should it cost to have someone else do it? Or is this not likely the cause of this problem?

Why not add a can of GumOut?

the pass. side works find, the driver side just blow out warm air. everthing seems too work ok except the cooling of air on the driver side. thank you jerry

My automatic key unlocks every door but the driver side. I have to unlock it manually. Then when i start my car and put it into gear the alarm sounds. I have to only open the drivier side door make sure no other doors unlock so then i can drive without the alarm sounding whats the problem do i need a new battery for the key?

How to repair a stuck rear window shade

happens 25-35 mph over average small bumps on city streets. turn radio up almost halfway to drown out annoying bumpty-bump noise. could it be struts and springs. Car has 120,000 k

Replaced wiper motor and now wipers don't park all the way down. They also go down and hit the cowl before traveling up and don't travel all the way to the edge of the windshield. How do I adjust them correctly?

no codes showing the longer I drive the tighter they grab

car runs fine when ac is off, miles 111'242

is there any pther solution for a leaking power steering other than replacing the arm etc? there is a little leak

My 2001 Avalon has 162000 miles and i just bought it I need oil change but need to know what type oil and oil filter I need to use.

The SRS light came on and I took the car to the mechanic and he did a computer diagnostic and told me that I have to buy the FRONT RIGHT SQUIB. But I have been looking for it in the web and could not find anything like it. I know it's the seat belt, but is that it?

Do I take cover off that u push to blow horn? It will blow sometimes when u turn wheel. Got upper n lower cover off behind wheel. Sounds like ground wire or something is there one under cover?

The driver seat is stuck in awkward position and electrics have How can I manually reset?

Is there a time limit on getting the parts replaced?

our well used 278k miles avalon has gurgling noise from what sounds like the top side of the engine. This is our son's college car, the noise is becoming more pronounced the last 6 months. for years it had a smooth, very quite purr with a very faint tapping lifter noise. the timing belt is near the end of itts life mileage wise and the the water pump has never needed replacement (yet). The valve cover gaskets were replaced about 2 years ago, cam lobes looked good at the time wih no sludge anywhere. any suggestions? We are trying to keep it running as long as possible.

2002 Toyota Avalon XLS, what are the top problems with this car

has 132 miles, but engine replaced at 110k (with another rebuit engine that had 72k)

No miss fire or coil codes.Eng compression 210 lbs each. Ing coil reading on connector terminal is .9ohms. No reading at sparkplug connector side. Plugs look fairly new but lean grey.

Did tune up replaced cam sensors and ox2 sensor car runs good
Cleared code lights come back on in 10 miles can go 300to 400
Miles car runs rough stop turn car off restart runs good was told could b cat

Engine idles perfectly with no misfires when transmission is in park or neutral. This is the 3.0 V6 engine.

primary ignition coil 5 plug.
just replace no 5 coil. 150000 miles