our well used 278k miles avalon has gurgling noise from what sounds like the top side of the engine. This is our son's college car, the noise is becoming more pronounced the last 6 months. for years it had a smooth, very quite purr with a very faint tapping lifter noise. the timing belt is near the end of itts life mileage wise and the the water pump has never needed replacement (yet). The valve cover gaskets were replaced about 2 years ago, cam lobes looked good at the time wih no sludge anywhere. any suggestions? We are trying to keep it running as long as possible.

2002 Toyota Avalon XLS, what are the top problems with this car

has 132 miles, but engine replaced at 110k (with another rebuit engine that had 72k)

No miss fire or coil codes.Eng compression 210 lbs each. Ing coil reading on connector terminal is .9ohms. No reading at sparkplug connector side. Plugs look fairly new but lean grey.

Did tune up replaced cam sensors and ox2 sensor car runs good
Cleared code lights come back on in 10 miles can go 300to 400
Miles car runs rough stop turn car off restart runs good was told could b cat

Engine idles perfectly with no misfires when transmission is in park or neutral. This is the 3.0 V6 engine.

primary ignition coil failure..no 5 plug.
just replace no 5 coil. 150000 miles

Bought new gas cap and reset computer by disconnecting battery. Lights went out then after a few miles went on again. This code tells me it has to do with ignition coil. There are no other problems. It started when I inserted a device from my insurance company into he OBD socket. Might be a coincidence but I think it messed with the computer. The only symptom is that the lights are on. The car has 96000 miles. TY.

the windshield washer reservoir or the tubing from the reservoir to the pump appears to be leaking.

All happened at once when I went to honk the horn I have a code tester no codes errors

Mileage seens to change about 30 to 50 miles per gallan at different Gas stations. Am i buying more ethinal at different stations. gas comes down one pipe line. it has to be the additives?

I have taken my car to 7 different mechanics and no resolve to this problem to date. I have the wheel bearing hub replaced 6 months ago and the same wheel that the hub was replaced on is the one that constantly wobbles. I asked if the hub was defective and all I get is that the car is mechanically sound. The axles have been checked I have put 4 new tires on the car again and had all balanced and the transmission is sound and gears all in working condition. Honestly this is getting expensive replacing things that are not resolving this problem and I'm tired of driving a car that feels like an exercise machine gone bad.

Independent garage says they had nothing to do with light coming on but searching internet find that this can occur when proper care isn't used to protect wiring.


Still dont work help

my car is in good condition and i dont rag it out i only drive from point a to point b.....why do you think the check engine light is coming on?....im getting your oppinion so i dont get ran over.....thanks

Recently replaced valve cover gaskets and spark plugs, checked all vacuum lines, cleaned mass air flow, any ideas?

Filling the car's gas tank was no problem until after we returned from a 10 1/2 month RV trip. The car remained in the garage and was not driven during that time. When we returned and went to fill the car's gas tank we found that the gas tank or filler spout would no longer vent causing gas to rise in the spout stopping the pump, and the problem has remained since we returned several months ago. I can only add a 1/2 to 3/4 gallon before the pump hose shuts off. I then have to wait 3-5 seconds before squeezing the handle again. It takes forever to fill the tank. A mechanic put the car on a lift to check underneath the car but found nothing out of order, nor could find any evidence where insects (such as mud dobbers) could have plugged something up as some Camry owners have experienced. BTW, the gas cap was never left off leaving the filler spout open. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

A large leak can I fix this myself

My 1998 Avalon has 122,000 miles on it. While there is slight movement in the engine (less than 1") when shifting gears, the ride is still smooth and I do nt hear any clunking. My Toyota dealer says that I need to replace all 5 mounts (inl. the trans. mount), even though only 2 are shot, at a cost of $1,300. Is that necessary at this stage? Can I wait?

Sound a lil like turbo but I dont have 1

I have not had any problems with my Toyota car until this major problem came up?