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I drove (slowly) into high water and took water on into the intake and cylinders but it was only for 15 seconds AND i ONLY idled while in the water. I pulled the plugs and , OF COURSE, i had to remove the intake manifold to remove the plugs on the rear side of the moter. I charged the battery and i still Get NO POWER ANYWHERE in the vehicle. I mustve blown a main fuse

It was stolen I got it back and tried to start it it will crank over but no start. I saw a few fuses missing from the engine
Since I got it back from tow yard can't start it at all. It didn't start at the tow yard either

I was told that my Avalon needs lower control arms on both sides followed by alignment (recommended) plus rear sway bar bushing. What kind of cost should I expect? I hope not so expensive...

Toyota dealer quoted me a price of $1374.00. That seem high. They also said it will take 3.5 hours.

I was driving and it completely started smoking up. The lights in my dashboard dimmed out and the car completely shut off . It didn't change gears to go into neutral and a jump didn't help not one bit . My uncle is trying to find the fuel pump relay and cannot find it . Someone help ? Or do u guys think there's a different problem ?

the bulbs seem to be good no error lights nothing happens when you push the four way flashers on and nothing happens when you put the left or right signal switch on

Fix radiator dr 2 mi then it wont engage 1 2 4 or revers. Wait 20min an dives then 1 mile starts jerking an stops engaging in any gears wait then same thing happens.

I replaced both knock sensors (KS) and harness with OEM Toyota parts. I had a professional shop make the repairs. 30 days after install I am getting 0325 code again on one KS. Now have to replace again. Is it common for the KS to continually go out? I reordered the KS and harness from Toyota to try this process again. Is there another issue I should be looking at before repeating the repair?

Possible that it has to be hooked up to diagnostic (cost $50 even if no solution) Would like to repair myself if possible.

car up to date on maintance

I believe I can use a wire across two terminals on the Diagnostic box un der the hood , then turn on the ignition and count the flashes on the engine light , I would like to know which two terminals .

My car hasn't had a service in quite awhile and is running very poorly.Aside from replacing a couple of sensors and the EGR valve,absolutely (besides oil changes)nothing has been done.Due to my negligence,I'm considering selling as is and buying another car.I feel like a traitor because this car has been nothing but good to me.I know this isn't very specific.Its just running BAD!!

what could have broken


I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS and it has a V6 in it. It has 240,456 miles on it. I am the third owner. The tranny fluid/screen has never been replaced. It is now a real dark red/brown. It does shift just a little late. If there any expect Toyota tranny experts out there. Or others with a view I would like to here from you to. What would you do if this was your car. In closing. I do have enough money aside to get a newer car.

When I had oil changed on 6/4/15 service man asked me if I had changed my timing belt, it was cahnged in 2009 alon w/ water pump as preventitve measur. I was told the bearing in water pump bad and caused the timing belt to become frayed and makeing sqeeking noises. They replaced my spark plugs because they had carbon on them? now cannot get car started? talking about replalcing 12 valve, when they said ONE may have gotten bent? I am not at a Toyota dealer because I only have a CC for Firestone and at the limit. I need help, asap. I am worn out.
They are suppose to look at it again Mon 7/6/15 and I have to do something.
Thanking you in advance with any advice.