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Toyota avalon 1999 replace motor or car
I have a Toyota Avalon (2001). It stalls sometimes when I am on the highway, then it picks up speed again. FYI: the check engine light is on and it was diagnose to be due to a knock sensor which I plan to replace as s...
Can you tell me what is wrong and what need to be done.
Started today when parked overnight temp. droped to 9 deg. w/20 mph wind gusts.
After replacing the interior car door handle on the drivers side, issues occur such as: -If i try to open the door from the outside, when its locked, then use the car keys to open it, the door doesn't open at all (...
Just bought the car, the dash panel door and hat opens downwards exposing the GPS controls acts like its latch is stuck so the door only opens 1/4 way.
I had a dead battery this mornng and after jumping it off and getting the car started the accelerator doesn t work above an idle.any idea what it could be
my avalon has a wiper always on problem and i cant find a relay for it (just a fuse)
the brake lights work as well as the back signal lights work I changed the bulbs and fuses but still no lights how do I fix this
It was working fine yesterday. No indication of low battery power. Remote was out of range and tried to start engine. The panel showed the key sign crossed out.
When engine stopped there was a loud squeal. Had it towed to repair shop and after sitting over night it started. My AC is not working now, is it related?
We have taken it to dealer & an independent mechanic: Cannot figure it out. Check engine light came on once but that was due to fact that to get it to keep running must keep foot on gas & rev. it hard when it finally...
Engine turns but will not start until the 2nd or 3rd try. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump, filter. Car has 51,000 miles. Check engine light does not come on. Will not have trouble the rest of the day wh...
My check engine light and my vsc light come on and my cruise control will not work. This will last for several days or hours then go off only to return later. What is causing this?
Locatione of coil 3. Is misfiring
noise in the break when you step on the break pedal
everytime I breaking the noise is at front, but I don't have cheking engine