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Removeed seats, side panels, speaker tray, and 2 speaker mounting bolts????

my engine light is on and already took the diagnois test

I have a rapid leak of power steering fluid

No codes came up at shop, runs great after starting

Ebertime and paasenger side door unlocks itself

2016 Toyota Avalon Limited - New 4,700 miles.
When accelerating from a stop or slow roll, vehicle hesitates 1-3 seconds, when slightly stepping on gas to go. This hesitation has happened at least 1/2 dozen times, and has put driver and occupants in harms way. Took it to dealer, but they were unable to reproduce issue, and thus could not resolve the problem. Dealer said, they had tested it diagnostically and by driving vehicle. Dealer had no answer for the problem. Dealer said if it happens again, bring it back in for further testing. Am thinking I soon could be calling the dealer from the hospital, or from 6ft under ground. (BTW, it's been in the high 90's temperature wise; I read online that it could possibly be related to a heat build up under the hood...Mentioned it to the dealer, but they didn't try to simulate the hot conditions. Any suggestions?

I can't turn the ignition switch or roll the windows up do to the the security fail switch. Help me please?
I got a big problem and I got to handle this soon as possible.

97 Toyota Avalon sways left and rich when driving. The car fishtails and spins out.bSeems trailing arm bushing needs to be replaced?

I bought new trailing arm but how to uninstall old one and install new trailing arm?

My cig lighter stopped working. I noticed it when I tried to charge my cell phone.

Recently I replace my car battery however a couple months later it went dead my roadside service said that it was my alternator took it to the shop. shop said that my alternator was fine and couldn't find a problem. A couple weeks later my car went dead again. Roadside came back out again and said that the cables connected to my battery wasn't tight enough. After tightening them again, they worked fine for a couple of days but every couple of days it comes loose and the car dies again. This last time I tighten it again but when starting my car the gauges didn't work, the speed, the gas or the dashboard monitor just did not work however the lighting in the gauges does work and my radio and all other lights do work.

They are two , one on top and the other on bottom

had compressor clutch replaced still not blowing cold air. fro past few months a/c dash light would blink but I would push the button--turn it off and then push again to turn it back on and it would work fine. but just this past week that trick doesn't work anymore. tried a new MC a/c relay fuse and that didn't work. mechanic says he replaced the compressor unit because clutch bolt was stripped and not engaging. still didn't solve my issue. what next/ something electrical still?

my mpg dropped from 30+ to 22mpg

Mechanic said the engine was locked and it takes 2600 to replace the new engine. What will the price for replacing it?

The engine did not overheat. It just stopped and wont crank. May be sludge build up, but it dI'd not overheat. How can I tell if engine is fried?

It's 2 weeks old and I never had so much water come from a car after driving it.
It's been very hot in Florida, but I only went a short distance this evening, 5miles, round trip.
Other times, it's as bad, with daytime driving of about 30 miles, round trip..

it but it is still not working ?

it worked one minute and the next minute it didnt

All the time

Had it checked out and that wasn't it. Also had transmission checked. I was told that's not it. You can hear noise around 45mph or greater. I'm baffled .

When you first start car up it makes a raddle near fan area but dont run hot fan works then it stops what could problems be

car has lots of miles, we drove only about 5 miles when it overheated and engine stopped. what damage is likely to engine?

Water pump need replacing.

I want to change the water pump

only when cold will go on gear sometimes the check engine light gois on for tps or speed sensor i replace both

Id like to know whats wrong

What could be causing this problem, my whole back is screwed up the temp gauge stays on cold in the air won't work if the ABS brake light is on when it goes off the AC blows cold and my temperature gauge goes to in the middle of hot and cold took my car in for oil change came out the problem I had didn't have prior to the visit to get the oil changed. I have already had the AC vacuum down and more Freon put in and that's not the problem