I tried to replace my manual regulator and I found this weird screw I couldn't take out. It's like a squished screw, does anyone know how to take it out? Please help.

Car cranks but won’t start, mainly when it is hot. Crank few times and it starts without any problem or hesitation. This issue does not happen every time and not able to recreate. Took it a local shop and they could not re-create the issue. They changed distributor cap & ignition coil and the issue is still not resolved. So far the issue happens only when the weather is hot and park the car for 10 to 15 min and then when you try to start, it will not start.

It is a new motor

cause after I pulled it out my dome light personal lights side door lights and my radio does not work at all now and no one caneem to find me a 12v 2w bulb or fuse ?

I installing now timing chain

Engine took several tries before starting. Outside temperature has been 90 degrees for several weeks and I do not use the car often. Is this an indication that the battery in the remote or engine needs to be replaced or do I need to run the engine more frequently?

It's a 1995 Camry auto 2.2 engine

There was a smell of burning electrical, so I turned off the fan and ac. Next time I started the truck up, there was no fan on any settings. The ac light still came on, but no cooling took place. Prior to this there were no symptoms. The blower resistor looks like it may have been hot. There is discoloration on the bare copper parts, but the terminals look perfectly fine.

my egine light went on last night will on my way home from work, car had all it power no funny noises, only this morning I start engine just swing but does not start any help on were to check

I just got this used Toyota Camry and need to fix the choice of air flow - to front window or feet or direct on driver when a/c or heat is on _ it is stuck on the front/window and feet choice and changing the knob does not change the air flow _ is there a motor for switching this or is it manual and how to fix it- Thanks Joan

My fuel pump starts when hot wired but ot when connected. Need help please!!

I got in my truck to start it and nothing my battery said charged when I had it tested but when I put it back in nothing won't even try to crank.

My Camry hesitates when going from 10-20mph, exactly like this previous Repair problem detailed "Hesitation on acceleration of Toyota Camry"

I also have PO codes 776 and 793 when the check engine code is checked. Should I take my car to dealer to get update of board computer as suggested (although one dealership says there is no update for my year Camry) OR to an auto shop to get the PO codes resolved?

I have a Prius 2007 that is not working right now. After changing the battery twice, the water pump, the inverter and the ecu. And the car is still not working. My mechanic which works for Toyota doesn't know what else to do and we already have spent too much money on this car. What else could be?, the computer to troubleshoot doesn't show any more signs, it's says that everything is fine. But the car keeps on getting some weirds lights on and not working.

was at the mechanic and had a computer scan. result said it was o.k. but it happened again. mine is a 4 plug engine

and to test it

Removed shifter. When replacing shifter If I pressed it down to screw holes , and place it in park I cannot remove keys from ignition. I pull up shifter slightly and the keys will release! Did I break something or what?

I have 1992 celica gts. Maybe 30 miles on Hwy.
I previously had 1995 celica st. It got 36-40 miles on Hwy. Why does 1992 get less?

We are thinking we have low vacuum when running on 3 cylinders. We Have Replaced master cylinder and power assist unit, bleed brakes, 6 new coils & spark plugs and most maintenance due sensors Have searched for vacuum leaks and none to be found.
When I take my foot off the gas pedal while traveling, the engine immediately drops from six cylinders to three cylinders. When I go to stop I barely have any breaks. I'm assuming that the reason for this is that when the engine drops down to three cylinders it does not provide enough vacuum for the breaks to work properly

We are thinking reprograming computer Or the BIG sins of a DIY taking it to a dealer.

I just had the engine replaced. Now I have had the code twice for P0907.

97 Toyota Avalon sways left and rich when driving. The car fishtails and spins out.bSeems trailing arm bushing needs to be replaced?

I bought new trailing arm but how to uninstall old one and install new trailing arm?

so mechanic keeps trying to fix it.. my car is 183,000 miles is there something i need to replace at this point because of it's age?
Mechanic said that oil was leaking into the coils?? It runs great as long as you have your foot on the gas, but let it idle or coast and it shakes hard- the RPM's shoot down then level back to normal then down again. This has been an ongoing problem- nothing has fixed it yet- it calms down for a while then after a month it goes back to shaking hard. At this point i want to start ruling easy things out myself that i can fix at home. He said something about he hoped the oil did not ruin the coils, but to be honest he couldn't look me in the eye when he spoke to me (possibly from exhaustion it is HOT here in Florida)
but i looked under the hood and i saw a spray pattern that looked like it hit the power brake booster or came from it and im a little confused... wish i could post a picture to show you. but if the seal was leaking oil, this was not an oil spray- it was more like the residue from the antifreeze kinda like when my radiator blew - that kind of lightly greasy residue.. ok i know i went all over the place here. HELP!

There is an intake leak how do I find it?

after about 30 minutes of cranking on it and sometimes it'll start cranking and going dead and then other times it'll spit and sputter and hat and then once it seems to get a little warmer all the sudden it cranks up and runs perfect and it's running perfect the rest of the day

Won't start until it cools down. Starts and runs fine. If I keep the hood up when it's parked, it will start and run. If I can get it moving , it will run rough for a few minutes, then it runs fine. It's getting a little more difficult to start in the morning than it used to.

Also whAt dose the ECT switch do?

The engine won't not cranking. The dash board shows all the symbols but it won't crank

I removed automatic shifter. When I put shifter back in place I cannot get my keys out of ignition when the car is in park. Although if I raise the shifter a little the keys will come out. If I put the screws back into shifter I cannot get out keys! What am I not connecting?

Antilock brakes engage on highway if I lift brake Petal up with foot then fine for a while vib very bad when happens

sometimes if I mess with the seat belt on passenger side it comes off.