Is this something that can be replaced?

Is it necessary? For how long?

They are corroded, what can I do to remove the corrosion?

When I take my foot off the gas to apply the brake, my car dies. It stays running if I apply brake and gas at the same time though.

While my car is running and in park, the noises it makes are so loud and rattling.

After about 10 mins of driving , my car starts to smoke under the hood and then dies.

I was just wondering. Also, if I had this same car even older, say 1988, would it need to be smog?

I there a way to increase the contrast on the camera?

In my Highlander, the check engine light stays on 24-7. Why is this? Even when nothing is wrong, it will not turn off. It makes it difficult for me to know if something is actually wrong or not.

This wasn't something that I experienced in the first few years of owning my car. I have not had any work done on the AC to date, and the car has about 170k miles on it. The car sounds really loud (it rattles) when the AC is on, especially at a stop or while idling.

I've adapted to not using it (I just make sure to reset miles every time I fuel up and I know approximately when I'm getting low), but does the fact that it's not working properly have any other effects which would warrant me getting it fixed?

I need someone affordable but reliable!

When I get on the highway and go the speed limit.. I get off and go home. By the time I'm home my car is leaking in the front underneath the car.

I always turn on my brights instead of my regular lights and I'm not sure how to turn it off.

comes off with wipers

Some say regular oil 3,000 miles for Oil change if you use synthetic blend is that true?

the button on the control panel is not working

Some people told me 32 for front and 34 for back is that correct.

In hot weather the rubber handle softens.

This only happens when I'm in a parking lot going under 10 miles an hour.

Both rear doors do not lock automatically any longer. They will both unlock, just not lock back. How much is the repair and can I do it myself?

Radio seems to work fine.

If I go over 70mph.

It happens when I step on the brake all the way.

...when I'm driving my Toyota Corolla, I don't want to activate the high beams by accident, so I was wondering if there is a way to never hit it and if it's always close to the regular button to activate the headlights.

I have a Toyota Camry and was wondering where is the level for me to push or pull to release the truck access?

When I drive away from the light, they brighten back up.

Only gets bad when the car is on the interstate going over 55 mph

I cannot find "transmission mount" or "motor mount" listed under the repair list on this site to get a cost. Does anyone know what these procedures cost in San Diego, CA or at least in general? Thanks

I first changed the entire starter/solenoid assy., then installed a new battery and new positive battery clamp and cleaned the wires. It still clicks at the starter (once only) when I turn the key to start.