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car now moves a little distance and the gear disengages. I will off ignition and start again after a little distance, the same thing happens. please what is wrong?
i changed both gear and engine oil 2 month ago. What could be the fault?
how long should a computer last? I have 13 year old truck with 112000 miles on it.
The thermostat was removed,but has been replaced.I thought the fan had To rotate on starting So I called an electrician Who added so many wires as the fans are working.but what's the effect of the so many Wi...
also The car jerks,shows a blinking engine malfunction signal,d fans were not rotating so so a wire relay was we hear there is no need for that.what effect could the added relays have on d engine?
While traveling on interstate at 70 mph, without any warning it was like it was in neutral but it was in D, the RPMs were going up but was losing speed.
Okay so I was driving the day after I changed my clutch and it just randomly dies on me, I tried to bump start it and nothing. It turns over, and fires with starting fluid. I thought it was timing so I changed my dist...
One of lines blew after bleeding and turning car on putting pressure in lines.
It doesn't do it all the time. It started last week.
Can I run a wire directly to the positive side of the fuel pump and the other End to the possitive side of battery? also where is the relay on that for the Fuel pump?
replaced the plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, fuel filter, and fuel sensor, still fires and dies. drove it home hasent started since
I recently had new motor mounts and now there is more engine noise in the cabin of the car and some vibrations especially when idling in gear. I returned to mechanic and they changed the brand of motor mount to anoth...
I have a client who bought 2001 Toyota Camry from Mercedes Dealer. Before purchase she takes to Toyota Dealer and gets clean bill of health. 3 Days after she takes delivery engine code indicates to replace transmiss...
Has anyone else encountered this? if so, what did you do? I am trying to find an illustration to break it down and fix it. thanks
basically I detailed and clean my mother's car completely inside on the carpetswhere the radioafter this I get the bright idea to clean the doors and inside on the dashboard where the radio is. After I did this I coul...
round corners and the OD OFF light will start to flash on my dash then it will stop flashing and drive ok then it will happen again. It was happening a couple times a week but today it seems to be doing it more often.
repaced front wheel bearing pass. side now abs,swerve and break light are on how do you reset. Thanks!! Dave
Hello the transmission kick back when it downshifts to lower gear at speed around 30 miles. any body has and this experience and any suggested fix for that?
This problem persist when the car is switched off and later switched on.