Replacing Compressor and Accumulator but new Accumulator has no visable IN or OUT. Can i tell my looking into the ports which is the IN and which is the OUT? If i get it wrong what will happen?

If I turn it off and back on then it will start! Seems to happen around 80% of the time.

I have changed the transmission fluid and gear oil in transfer case, yet the transmission still overheats, to the point the shifter handle is hot to the touch. I drove approx. 200 miles with a small trailer and 2 kayaks, so not very heavy load.

The outsie shield is rusted off on the drivers side other than that they seam fine should i change them or leave them alone , If i change them can i put gas shocks on instead

Sparkplugs become flooded with fuel at startup ,pressing accelerator while turning engine over allows motor to run but smell of fuel is powerful and exhaust is black.Engine will run but then next day be troublesome again?

Fuel flooding sparkplug at startup.Put gas pedal 2 floor will start but smell of fuel is strong.

belt, has no visual leaks under car

In gear out of gear doesn't matter. What exactly is it. Doesn't sound like valve. How much to fix it?

In my other question I asked about starter problems. Another question would be, is there another starter relay elsewhere on this car? The one in the fuse box tested good.

The starter is new. The relay tests good. All posts and terminals are clean. Turn the key and nothing. Does not turn over and solenoid does not click. The dash lights and headlights do not dim when the key is turned. There is no corrosion on the positive cable at the terminal and there is no corrosion on the other thick black wire going into the fuse box. No blown fuses.

I placed it into 4 wheel drive and it worked ok, then placed it into 2 wheel drive, and nothing. Checked fluids and was fine.

my 2 in. Hitch will not fit into the 2 inch receiver box . Has anyone had this problem?

Where is the knock sensor location?? On the engine??

Thank you very much!!!

when I go from park to drive especially on an incline the 4runner hesitates, makes a loud "chink" sound from the rear end and then it feels like it hits really hard before it moves forward. Its like the car is hit in the rear end and I propel forward a bit. This is the best way I can describe it....

After doing head gaskets on 3vze, it rattles like a diesel in the timing costs .

When I drive 60 miles the AT light and DIF light comes on. In the book it says pull over immediately. I did and I waited then went 60 miles it did it again

Car won't start. No power to dash board,windows,radio,A/C or power outlets. Security light on dash is only thing working.

Just gad my car serviced and was told I had an oil leak at the rear main seal. Was told to monitor the oil level Is this all I can do at this time?

How did the VSC get turned off? I had to jump it. It was totally dead. ANd the axel with X over it is lit. When I push the button it just flashes. When I try to drive it feels like something is dragging or locking up. steering ??? HELP

Purchased car 2 months ago. Window moved slowly then and just stopped moving a couple weeks ago. Need to repair. Always used the key to open window. Have not tried using the switch in the vehicle.