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this morning, the low tire pressure light went on and stayed on..... for about 6 miles. It was the first really cold morning (frost on the windshield) we've had so far. I mention that because I am wondering if the w...
Have check engine light and will take it to the parts store to have the code pulled. Thanks
what do I do to permanently stop Check engine, Vsc Trac & Vsc Off light from constantly showing, while I have already tried the alternative 'repair advised' & it came back.
All the gears work and It's an automatic transmission I have 255000 miles.
The car (175K miles on it)shifts smoothly through the first 3 gears, but when it reached 50-62 MPH, it "clunks" it's way into and out of OD until the car reaches ~62 MPH. Then it shifts into OD and works fine in high ...
what is the cause of my car swerving right each time I step on my brake?.
I have a 2004 4 Runner sr5 v6 engine with 156,000 miles on it. All of the sudden my car started running rough when I first turns it on and the Vsc trac, Vsc off and engine light cames on. The roughness stops after abo...
High miles (270,000) but well maintained 4wd, 5 speed 4-Runner. Replaced back-up light switch which caused a short to gauges, windows, blower motor, cruise control etc., making a trip home from Montana challenging. Fi...
I change the oil pump, filter, spark pluges, new oil, but its still not working. An the other situation is the went i start my suv. Its make a poping sound.
what is the possible effect of driving on your 4wdr at all time?.
I was driving at about 65 mph and the truck cut off instantly. Every time I try to crank it, the EFI fuse pops almost simultaneously. There is also no spark at the coil wire going into the top of the distributor cap. ...
would my 4runner have any complications if it is always used on axillary (H4)?.
After 3000miles can an oil filter be cleansed with cleansers like Tina or fuel and reused during oil change?.
First the skid indicater came on whit the alarm. Then vsc. Off and vsc trac light on. When i shut the engine off and restart the light reserts. Whats causing these lights
my 4runner will not start without a boost and if i drive it after the boost soon as i turn it off it cranks till it clicks then needs a boost again. when it gets a boost it starts instantly. Ive replaced the battery
The noise is heard forwards and in reverse and used to be less loud.
why is my flat tyre sign still showing and my 4tyres have been vulcanised?.
Changed fuel filter fuel pump plugs and wires
Ok so I was headed to take my daughter to school one morning went over a speed bump and my 4 runner stalled out. Tried to restart it and it just kept cranking, not starting. Spray it with starting fluid and it starts ...
why is my steering vibrating when ever m on top speed 140km/h and steps on my brake pedal, my alignment is ok..
then it will not start. It is acting like something is shorted and drawing too much power. I don't have a scanner to check the codes.