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My forerunner won't let me go over 2400 rpms without spitting and sputtering the truck has had a tune up recently plugs and wires only

Truck loses power. Dies. Used to jump it. Bang on starter. It would start. Replaced starter. Still had to jump it. Replaced battery. All in past week. Ran maybe 2hrs. Lost power. Won't jump now. Nothing. Had to tow it home. I'm guessing new alternator. And belts. Also has some weird wiring issues. Need it to run.

where is the overdrive solenoide switch located on my suv toyota sr5 4runner.

Forgot to turn off fog lights for a few hours after stopping. Battery dead. Had it checked said it was Ok. This is the 3rd time battery went dead after a few hours leaving a light on. Any help is appreciated.

Is it most likely a bad relay fuse, or solanoid switch.
Which holes in diagnosis
block by fuse box do i put wire ends into to check for code number. I have a 3.0
liter v6 3vze engine.

When slowly accelerating from 3rd to 4th gears the vehicle shudders. This only occurs at slow speeds and does not happen when I press the accelerater quick.

rear passenger window will go down but not up unless someone pulls on window while another person holds up/down switch.

197000 miles never replaced,engines runs rough

it has happened twice and fixed both times. was told it is sensor on breaks and their are 4 . is this true?

Will reverse slowly on level, but typically moves only after low range is engaged. Fluid/filter changed recently.

I need some info

blowing really hard and my steering wheel alignment changes position daily

Why is my toyota 4runner maint light indicating while I haven't driven up to 2000miles aft my last servicing/engine oil change

Why is my Maintain light showing while I have not driven up to 2000miles after my last oil change(servicing)

On freeway then she shakes and decelerates to 20mph. Abs system cpletely locks my tires have to disconnect battery to reset system. Help frustrated. Does she need booster or what

6 cylinder auto transmission

Hello, this has just started to show up? and it is a pain in the butt! One shop said it's nothing to worry about? another said it will be about $3000.00 to fix?

SO I am asking what is this problem? and is it something I can do/fix? My 4Runner is running strung!
I hope to hear from somebody soon!
Thanks Mike