the vsc and battery light is showing. please how do i resolve that?

Why when n 2nd or 3rd gear and gas is pushed the rpms go up but we can't get any power?

Engine stalls when shifting from drive into reverse or reverse into drive

Has new ECM, Throttle Position Sensor, neutral safety switch

my transmission doesn't want to work when I put it on Lower sac and then I shift I'm going to take to drive

2008 4wd sport edition . Having trouble shifting from slow downs to getting going agian. Examples, stop signs, sharp corners etc. Also throwing ABS light, vsc light, traction control light...

Check engine light sometimes does not come on when ignition key turned. As a result the engine turns but does not start. After a few false starts, engine check light comes on then car starts. Also sometimes when car is running, the engine cuts out, then I have to wait til the engine check light comes back on before car can restart. What relay do I need to change and where is located? Cheers. Sifa

The clutch pedal engages and disengages about about an inch from the floor. Can this be adjusted? Do I need new clutch plates or to rebuild slave cylinder?

I have a high mileage automatic transmission and it slips a little bit. I have tried some conditioners, but they don't seem to help.

The oil filter used was smaller than what was needed

The 3 inch lift is causing the boots to tear . Lasted about 6 month and if I continue the ball joints will need to be replaced again.

it automatic transmission 3.4 4wd limited i shift to drive after changing oil and filter and it wont go but i put reverse right away it moves can it be the solenoid and which one is it and where to locate it

The reason for replceing the parts. was it would run ruff when trying to speed up. but would idle just fine. thank you for your help...

I can only purchase the idle air control unit specified for manual transmissions

Reset codes and engine light comes back on after about 12 miles with same code. In town and rural miles at different speeds. Engine runs fine with eng light on or off.

If I rev the engine it will hesitate and sputter it will do it no matter what gear I'm in and happens everyday

How do I change power brake booster?

My forerunner won't let me go over 2400 rpms without spitting and sputtering the truck has had a tune up recently plugs and wires only

Truck loses power. Dies. Used to jump it. Bang on starter. It would start. Replaced starter. Still had to jump it. Replaced battery. All in past week. Ran maybe 2hrs. Lost power. Won't jump now. Nothing. Had to tow it home. I'm guessing new alternator. And belts. Also has some weird wiring issues. Need it to run.