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after i pulled the relay out the base of it continued to chattter is this a serious problem

Won't go back up,without starting vehicle

tail brake right hand rear turn signal and front marker lights stay on with master fuse in fuse block.When master power fuse is in all these lights stay on and hazard lights will not work. With master power fuse out all lights work normally.unless head lights are on.

the emergency brake is not engaged.

While driving my 4runner it seems that the transmission is not engaging in drive with the overdrive on and the ect on, it does fine for a while then the engine just revs, but when I turn the overdrive off and ect off usually it goes back into gear

The car still won't start. it did start and i took the jumper off but when i turned it off it won't start back even with the jumper

The noise started out as a clicking sound and now it is more like a roaring/vibrating sound.

how do you check if a mass airflow sensor is working properly

I can not open my passenger door from the inside nor the outside. How can I get it open to get inside the door panel?

the E-brake light comes on then goes off. what can be the problem?????

the back interior light isn't working

Goes after restarting vehicle, but comes back on after reaching speed of 40mph

brakes work very little, hard to push

put it in park and shifted to 4 wheel high heard a clunk also when i took it out also a clunk

It seems that the orange light is out on half of the radio on the dash. I cant see the stations at night.

When braking the front end wobbles a bit. Is this a concern?

I noticed a leak on the garage floor of water with oil near the rear wheel on the drivers side. Should I be concerned.

When trying to fill up the gas tank the gas pump keeps shutting off because it saying it's full it takes me forever to put even a couple dollars into the gas tank because it keeps shutting off. I assume it needs a new ball inside the gas tank and I was wondering about how much it would cost to get fixed

Many time I need to accelerate hard to get the truck to start moving after a stop. Also on occasion the breaks lock up at slow speed stops.To me it sounds like break caliper issues. It's like they are not releasing pressure? Thanks for your input.

My 2015 4runner steering column and front end vibrate when I apply the brakes at speed over 50mph.

I have a 5 mi. drive to work, morning drive is fine. 90* temps on way home in stop and go traffic seem to lock up brakes after 3 or 4 mi. Acceration is difficult and vehicle slows much to fast plus brake pedal has no play. mechanic says brakes and calipers fine. i replaced catilytic converter recommended by my mechanic and no change, what else may be causing problem. Mechanic now suggests transmission issues and i don't agree. These are expensive fixes for guess work. 4runner has 294,000 and have had no problems until 2 weeks ago.

Toyota says the whole system needs replacement; can we replace the actuator and pump and use normal shocks?

It's coming from the rear axle?

My starter went about 3 years ago and ever since I had it hasn't ran the same. You have to let it warm up before it will pick up any speed and then all of a sudden it just stopped accelerating. I have changed the fuel filter and was told my o2 sensor is broke. Can you help?

Vehicle has 160k miles. Purchased vhcl at 84k. Last tire bal did seem to help. But vibration is still present. To my knowledge all supension, wheel and brake parts, as well as drive train are still origanal.

They randomly flash when my 4runner is off. I can look into the driveway and just see them flash randomly.

the neddle is working erraticaly , mean not reading the rigth amount of gas the ytank have

When I put it in gear it won't sometimes move at drive or reverse. Fluid level is good. Is this a sign that the transmission is going or has gone out. What do I need to do because I don't want to say I need a transmission if I don't. Would the screen make it do that?? Need a answer please. Thanks

Started with the radio going out

the vsc and battery light is showing. please how do i resolve that?