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The water runs out of the engine in two places.

I replaced masair flow sensor distributor Time change coil and igniter spark plugs I can hear the pump running

Outside view, looks slightly ajar, I lift the wheel and push hard, I don't get better results. Occasionally the door open idiot light comes on, and doesn't go out when the car is turned off, Any suggestions. Thank You

I can not get bracket off on the backside of the intake at the top.

Call when he hit 34000 miles on it acts like it's not getting any fuel turning over battery good starter good wants to start but no start no codes

can I drive when the red warning sign is on?

It looks like a small, black, vacuum or ventilation hose.

Turned off they just stop where ever they are

about camry

2011 Toyota Corolla LE, 70k miles. The struts are new. The repair shop told me the pare is a generic part with NO brand name. Charged me $480 to install (2) front struts and alignment. Is that reasonable?

i know its egr valve which i replaced. would it be the vacumn cylinoid

ABS control module

Engine cranks but wont start after installing a starter

The car has all the security systems you could think of....first thought maybe it was because I was too close to the curb making the turn, tried slowing down did not help. Went to car dealership and of course it did not beep....

transmission went into limp mode. after a few miles went back to normal operation. did this several times. jhad mechanic check with computer & replaced all sensors that were reading bad.changed trans filter & fluid. fluid was black.on test drive operated normal then back to limp won't change gears but goes into reverse & drive as it should. like the car but don't want to spend more than it is worth. already spent over 500$ on parts. really want to fix it but i have had some bad experiences with tranny rebuilds on other cars i have had done in this area. even some of the so called best as advertised with warranty. need help!!

How many miles does a mm of brake take to wear away?

Begins as soon as you start vehicle , until you turn it off.
ABS and brake dash lights lit

when vehicle is running and you put it in gear the lights come on> My mechanic put out the check engine light> gas cap and pos battery terminal trick did not work> what else can we do ??

The vehicle has new water pump, thermostat, radiator recently flushed. When I drive on flat surface temp gage reads normal however, when I drive up an incline road temp gage goes to red but engines shows no sign of overheating.

My toyota previa is not engagging gears if you turn the key on the engine will start but if you try to put it on gear Drive evn Reverse the gears are not engagging so l just want to know what could be the problem.thank you

I have brought my car to a mechanic a few times because my car is slow to brake when I press down on my brakes. They tell me my brake pads have 75% left on them, is it just the pads? Or should I replace them anyway. Any help is appreciated!

Sometimes when I attempt to start my car it will turn abs continue to turn then stall. I attempted a few things and finally opened up the air filter area and was able to start the car. I changed the filter Even though it still looked good. Same problem. I too out to the dealer and asked, they said battery was low and I had it changed. Same problem. Any suggestions for what I try next?

check engine light came on while drivng errands around town. pulled over, checked all fluids & belts.everything OK. drove home truck ran fine no apparent problems. I guess I need to get obd diagnostic reading 1st. Never had this happen before. hope it doesn't cost much

indicator light EPS electric power steering motor failure.

Alarm will not not work after it is locked eith remote. Light flash but but car can still be broken in to. Alarm does not go off

the car is shaking

Had my oil changed at a Toyota dealership and they forgot to put the drain plug back. Drove 21 miles before lights came on and engine shut off, seizing.

What else can a blown engine affect? Transmission, bearings, coolant system? Not trusting this dealership so far, situation has been handled very poorly and I do not have another mechanic with Prius knowledge to give a second opinion.

my car will not go in reverse even in reverse even when my car is in Reverse it still goes forward straight like it's in Drive instead of going backwards.

what could it be

Subassy bent in the rear