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I have driven for about 2500 miles before I noticed that my transmission oil was low. I could smell the burning oil a few times over that time. But why didn't the A/T oil temp light go on? I know the light works.
AC intermittent. When not working AC button won't light and air blowing
So checked fuel pump, fuel filter,all the way to trottled body fuel flows, so how could I check sensors or injeckters between to cylinder l believe my problem lies between those two points,or could any relays be a pro...
Suddenly all these lights came on at once but car still drove fine. A mechanic hooked to a diagnosis scanner and it read P0A80 code. The next day the lights came back on and suddenly the gas engine will not shut off a...
Did tune up replaced cam sensors and ox2 sensor car runs good Cleared code lights come back on in 10 miles can go 300to 400 Miles car runs rough stop turn car off restart runs good was told could b cat
its more like a jerking and it feels like its slower than normal
tested the bulb on the opposite side and it works fine. checked the fuses and they are ok turn signal works ok on both sides does this car have a headlight igniter or headlamp relay
The light continued to blink and I did feel the cruise control moving my vehicle. Tried turn it off but it stayed blinking. About 10 minutes later it turned off on its own. Should I be concerned?
My manual shows a steering wheel switch, my vehicle does not have this switch. The light comes on a stays on without blinking.
I can get the timing marks with 5 degrees +\-, but cannot get it on the dot. Which is better, 5 degree advanced or 5 retarded?
Nobody was around the car when it did it i had to unhook the battery cable to get them to go off
I own 2004 4runner. My question is will the A/T oil temp light go on in the case where my transmission oil was 2 inch below cold? I assume that because of the low fluid my transmission would be overheating.
I had a new distributor and valve cover put in about a month ago.Right after the yellow check engine light came on intermittently. Also, sometimes I notice a slight hesitation when driving espeically in the mornings (...
Engine light NOT ON. new Battery installed. No codes. Have driven car for 100 miles with no change.
Engine idles perfectly with no misfires when transmission is in park or neutral. This is the 3.0 V6 engine.
primary ignition coil 5 plug. just replace no 5 coil. 150000 miles
because it is old and stuck open. They charged me $99.00 just to tell me this and then said this amount would be credited back to the charge of $780.oo. I am working part-time and raising my grandchild and so I don't ...
this problem is worst with the air on , but is very noticeable at highway speeds as well as idle. but turn off fan swithch and its ok
Brand new coils, plugs, wires.
A/C is cold when first cranking..after 15-20 minutes driving it gets warm. May blow cold again and the get warm again at different times. Radiator flushed. Freon checked. Sometimes reads hi on freon. A/C also seem...
Also, will I absolutely need to replace engine mounts as a part of this repair? How much should I expect to pay for this?