It occurs at anytime espicailly after rain.

My truck is a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Trd 6 cyl. 4.0l

I can either back up or forward slow speeds a defiant clunking sound at times worse than others and you can almost feel it in the steering.

I have 2 sets of keys I want to be able to keep the engine going,run the air conditioner and lock the truck so no one can drive off with my pet. Is that possible.

Will a supercharged intercooled Toyota Previa maintain 6 PSI @ 12,000 feet? How much will it loose on my next trip to Aspen, Colorado @ 12,000 feet? Are their any cheap tweeks to maintain 6 PSI ? Respectfully Submitted, Rex McGuire

Rotors have been changed, not the problem. Brakes are fine, tires are good.
Car stops well, does not pull to the right.
Acts like ABS has a dry cylinder.

They have not been replaced in 2 years.

The noise stops after a few moments

I do not park under trees and have never had a sunroof leak before

My interior lights have always worked. Then one day they stopped working. All of them. Even the ones that are supposed to come on automatically when I shut off my car.

Sometimes when I'm driving on a straight, dry road, the anti lock brakes will kick in and the anti-skid light will beep and flash for a couple of seconds. There is no reason for this to happen and it's very scary when it does.

When I try to close the automated sliding door, it makes a grinding sound, shudders a little, and then opens again. I can't see anything blocking the track. It works fine if I hold the handle while it closes. But if I squeeze the handle for a second or two, it does the grind/shudder thing.

When I start my car, I hear a really loud ticking sound similar to a belt falling off or slipping. The car performs fine, but I don't know why I'm always hearing this sound.

My car is an automatic but the shift in in the console between the seats. When I drive there is a loud rattling sound under my car that sounds like it is just below the gear shift or just forward of that. When I put it in neutral it will often stop making that noise. It does not do it all the time.

When I turn on my A/C it smells like mold. I dont know if I get use to it or it goes away after running a long time. I have had the coolant flushed in the past but it just came back a short time after.

The right left tire feels like it is wobbling but only when I go over 60 mph? Sometimes it will wobble enough to make whole car wobble and then suddenly stop and not wobble at all.

It seems that the orange light is out on half of the radio on the dash. I cant see the stations at night.

When braking the front end wobbles a bit. Is this a concern?

I can't find the button.

I noticed a leak on the garage floor of water with oil near the rear wheel on the drivers side. Should I be concerned.

I have 75,000 miles on it now.

Do I have to use premium grade?

I have a headlight out and am trying to replace it myself instead of taking it somewhere.

There is a red/orange underlined exclamation point light on on my dashboard.

I've noticed that we get poor gas mileage in the summer with our prius. normlly, we can average 50 mpg, but over the summer it's been closer to 44 mpg. is this related to fuel additives?

I get my oil changed 3000 miles over the recommended, because it's a Toyota. Is this okay?

My brakes are making a strange squeaking noise sometimes when I stop. What is this noise?

My car makes a gurgling noise when stopped, sometimes when driving, but mostly when stopped. What is this water noise? Sometimes it sounds like water is sliding around inside the dashboard!

I have a check engine light on.I like to plug it in for diagnostic.

Had a flat tire but dont know the range of the doughnut would be