I've received conflicting information regarding this

Why does car shut down when driving and lights come on. The check engine light, slippery tires light.It will restart after putting in neutral. But shut down again after a few blocks. Could it be the spark plugs need changing

and it will cost around 800 dollars to fix. That two comes in a pack is the reason it cost so much

I replace the IAC seems,checked for vacuum leaks,but still not right. Stumbles sometimes around 40, but beyond that she runs smooth.

Defrost output only not operating.

went from 20 mpg to 13 , shows no fault codes , engine runs fine , no rough idle

Bought Factory kit for Sat/receiver and harness for my Tundra no instuctions gave w purchased n Toyota was no help

My car was parked for over 6 months and the rear wheel seized / froze / got stuck. The left rear tire would not move, only would slide with smoke coming out from the tire with pumping too much gas paddle. The parking brake handle would not engage. Then I cleaned the rear rotors and calipers, lubed them and installed the rear parking brake pads with new hardware kit. Once again the parking brake handle would not engage. I drove around the block and regular brakes seem to work, even though it seemed that I had to push (move) the brake paddle down little more than usual. Any suggestions about what might be the issue with the parking brake handle.

If i rev it up for a bit, or after i drive it for a minute it wont stall. However the next time i go to start will stall a couple times again. I have new plugs, wires, EKG valve. New distibutor , new oil n filter, new coolent and new battery. Also replaced the starter. new fuel filter and air filter. Cleaned carbon out as best as i could.

can disconect cables resets for a couple of days

i have had problems with the tires going bad too soon and no one knows why

The alarm comes on intermittently

I stopped at the gas station and went inside and left my 2011 tundra crew max 4x4 idoling. I had taken my daughter to school and not been in 4x4 for several days. When I returned 10 minutes later the 4lo light was flashing. I looked at the knob and it was set on 2WD like I thought . I reversed fine and slowly began driving forward with light flashing I went 200-300
Feet and pulled off put in neutral engaged in and back out of 4hi without problem but light continued flashing. I drove about 1/2 mile with seemingly no problem and it suddenly stopped. I'm concerned about it due to the fact the truck was not moving or engaged in 4x4 hi or low and the 4lo surprisingly pops up.

after replacing headlamp i turned lights on and new light was not working right. i put that light in the good side to make sure it was good, it was so i put second good light in the one that went out. it would barely come on, i tested the voltage on the bad side and when i stuck point in hole 1 of three the other side headlight came on, i put new bulb back in and reattached it, i also put the good side back, turned on lights and both sides barley work, when i hit the brights the side that was good comes on bright and the one that had gone out does not power on at all. also i unplugged the big connector to the brakes to replaceheadlight, and put it back in now my brakes make an awful noise like abs is off could these two be releated, it was raining a little bit and there was heavy moisture in the air, i checked all fuses, and even put scan tool obd reader on car, no electrical problems showed up, the abs test did say master cylinder main control not working but i already figured that out. is there something i need to reset when unplugging that main connector and with my headlights could the fact i touched the bulbs numerous times and it weas raining have screwred the lights up or could i have blown a relay not a fuse.

Engine has compression, is getting spark and will run if gas is self fed. Why won't it turn over and run on its own?

OD light blinks, CC wont set speed or drops out once set and at low speeds 0 to 8 mph hear clicking noise searches for gears. No error codes are found ??

I have a 1989 Toyota Supra 3.0 turbo. I finally got it running half ass after 4 years. I put stock injectors back into it to see if maybe it would cut down on my fuel air ratio. It wouldn't idle very well. I put some ether to it one day and now it won't even idle. Any help?!

Transmission was overhauled. When put back. Transmission was overhauled due to water/oil mix up at the radiator resulted in poor pull up on D, worked fine in 2, and L.
It seems something is still wrong after overhaul. What are the possibilities? any computer resting needed after transmission overhaul?

Check engine/VSC/4WD lights were all on. on 2007 Toyota RAV4
gas cap replace and remove positive terminal for a few moments, ligts went off...temporarily.After driving for 3 miles, they came back on. Does anyone have an exact solution or can tell me exactly what the problem is. just a definitive answer. Would so greatly appreciate it.


was told some kind of senor

Wet weather seems to increase fequency. I must disconnect battery to reset. Toyota dealership says I need charcoal canister. codes p043f, p4201,p2419, come up when they tested.

12/16 and 01/23/2017 mostly in afternoon while at work and car has set for hours.

I have Toyota Highlander 2009 , 160000miles tell me witch engine oil is better For it? 5w 30. 10w 30. 10w 40

Does the 2011 3.5l motor have a timing chain or belt? Whats the recommend mileage replacement interval for such?

Won't start. Put in a new battery. Still wont start.Lights in the car flashing when open door and when try to start. Not turning over at all.

will not start and alarm goes off. Is there some way to disarm alarm or start engine without key fob alarm reset? This is second time problem has occurred.

i turn the key.....all lights are fine and bright but engine wont crank at all.....thanks

I bought a replacement keyless entry fob, and I have to find the ecu to program it. Is this something I can do, or should I take it to a shop?

Whenever I hit a bump or pothole, more noticeably at higher speeds, but happens even at lower speeds.

Keith a jumper on e1. And ttenmy Co eng let flashes codes 14 and 24. What problem does that indicate is wrong.