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My car cranks over but won't start. It has spark and fuel. I just changed the fuel pump. I sprayed starting fluid in the carb but still would not start. The timing belt is good. What could it be? It is a 97 Toyota cor...
1993 Car has only 60,000 miles of normal driving.
Installed external temp guage and connected to excessing senser and the readout goes to 240 deg. Checked coolant temp in Radiator and it reads 185 deg. So it's not running hot.
When the car sits for a couple of days and you start the car and you shift the transmission to drive or reverse the motor needs to run a bit before the transmission will engage. If we drive the car on a regular ba...
It was running perfectly, but died on the road. I would step on the gas and would not go until it finally died.
2002 Toyota Avalon XLS, what are the top problems with this car
A/C not working. Air comes through but not cold. Thought it may be a fuse but can't find it under the hood. Manuel not very helpful.
Cleaned the surrounding area and I am pretty sure it's one of the high pressure hose lines leaking power steering fluid.
I have checked all the doors and pulled the positive pole on the battery to try to reset. What should I do. Budget is little. Truck is mainly used for off road.
vehicle stopped running after I turned the corner. have replaced the radiator, knock sensor, starter, hoses could it be fuel injectors
The turn signals seem to work and the left turn signal indicator remains on all the time, even after the key is turned off.
and hoses - what are the cost of parts all 3 and labor seperate charges
It is cold air.. Some times the belt gets stuck and it smells like burning rubber. Is it the clutch or the Compressor?
The noise seems to stop after u give It some gas if u stop it keeps making the noise but eventually the noise stop
The actual lock for the back hatch has fallen into the gray modeling and I don't know how to retrieve it
I just observed that the coolant level in my 2002 Toyota Sequoia keeps slowly going down to halfway between Full and Low, in about 12 to 24 hours, whether driving or parked. I removed the skidplate and noticed coolan...
Automatic. After sitting awhile it will go back into 4 high by itself. Thanks
3 mos. after buying it new, manifold cracked. Dealer replaced it. broke again before she got out of the lot. dealer fixed it again. less than 1/2 mile out of the lot, again it broke. and again...and again. this is not...