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but the engine is mostly fine

Which belt would it be and can it be tightened.

When warmed up, a hard jarring or hard bump when it shifts up or down in low gears.

Is my van need timing chain replaced.

Is there a fuse or wire that I can check, to make the alarm honk, like it should? The alarm has never worked, since I have had the truck. I read the owners manual, but can't find the answer.

Issue improves after car is warm but rapid increase in rpms due to accelerator press causes initial stumble. Otherwise runs smooth at idle and higher RPMS. Work done already:

- replaced distributor cap, rotor, plugs, and wires.

- cleaned carbeurator and air cleaned hoses and jets

- replaced fuel filter

rough running engine blue smoke overheat shut off oil and water under carriage

early morning 5am, starter engaged and wont stop turning the motor, even when key is removed, and re-engages when battery is reconnected. I disconnected the battery and went to work. After work I connected the battery and Starter did not re-engage. (until) I turned the key and now every time I connect the battery it sparks hard and wants to melt the battery posts if I leave it connected.

It feels every bump even on the smoothest road.

Blowing blue smoke out the exhaust but on on the first start of the day.

the gear shift is stuck in Park.
when brake is depressed, the column mounted gear will not shift.
it's an automatic transmission.

This just happened after winter storage.

It has happened 4 times in the last 2 months. On a 1994 Toyota Corolla. Car dies while driving then has problems turning over until it rests for a few minutes, then only runs a fe seconds.

I lost a set of keys in car, without the spate anywhere around, it still cranks and goes, so do sent the keys gave to be in the car somewhere?

The door open light on the dash stays on when doors closed. Cannot lock door with fob. Checked both switches with ohm meter and they seem to be OK. Dome light also stays on if switch is in door mode. 2007 Tacoma ext. cab

Cables. I took off my battery, while it was still on. Then I put the discharge battery in my car and my car stop running. Now my car won't start with any battery. Did I burned out something?

Is it something serious or a tune up? It's been happening for a week. How hard is it to remove the trans and take it to a shop? I'm trying to keep the cost down.

I have been having this problem since 2011 when the body shop had to repair the roof from severe hail damage. The body shop attempted to diagnose the trouble and had the vehicle sent to electrical shop and they were unable to solve the problem. I too read the engine code when light comes on with right rear bank O2 sensor. The rear defrost has nothing to do with emissions. If the defrost is turned off, the lights will turn off after several restarts and driving around the city. Please help.

My 2000 toyota sienna 3.0 v6 motor is running very rough and while in gear drives very slowly or not at all. Check enging light was blinking but now just stays on.

I cheacked the gas pump relay working good mass air flow looks good to i dont know what it could be.

It's an automatic and once rpms get up such to pull out on Highway it will not shift to next gear

when itry to crank the car

I understand it was part of a tech package. The car does have Adaptive Cruise control and automatic high beams. Is there a way I can be sure it has pre-collision?

im from malaysia and recently bought a seconhand toyota vios. The problem is i hear a whissing sound from the front passenger side of the car. the sound is loudest at between 60 to 70 km either while im accelerating or decelerating. what could be the problem cos i have change my wheel bearings after consulting a mechanic but the sound is still there. i need help. thank you

I had the motor running and after it warmed up for a while it would cut off like it ran out of fuel but I don't have spark from the coil. At first I could let the motor cool down for an hour or so and it would start back up and then die again after it warmed up but now I can't get it started at all. Timing belt good,rotor in distributor turns normally I can't find crankshaft sensor it maybe in the distributor but I don't know how to test it I don't know if I have a cam sensor that I need to check or not? I did pull the rubber gas line from the fuel pressure regulator. I crank the motor and some fuel did pump out of it but not a lot of pressure. I don't know if fuel pressure on this vehicle would cause it not to get spark of the coil? It doesn't seem to be a Schrader valve on the metering bar .Below the rubber gas line I pulled off the pressure regulator there is below that a banjo nut fuel line connected to the metering bar should I cracked that nut and see if there's pressure there ?Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated I like to get this 94 Toyota forerunner with the V6 3.0 EFI motor and automatic transmission back out on the beach thanks for your help

As I was closing my sun roof an accordion like gasket abt 12" long fell into the car. Where does it go? My manual does not show. will the sun roof leak /

when you accelerate to the floor white smoke comes out off the tail pipe

My car was overheating a lot I replace the radiator and thermostat I'll be driving for three minutes my temp would go all the way up so I put it in neutral and coast for about 30 seconds start the car and it would be fine in a did that maybe 3×4 times a day Max and it really was not overheating after I replace those it was just saying that it was overheating so that's why I decided to replace the coolant sensor to change I noticed vacuum lines were hooked up wrong so I put it back to the way it supposed to be and still won't start put it back the way it was still won't start

I twice overhauled the transmission and the valve body , i found 3 burned clutches ,which are : C0 , B1 and B3
but the problem still remaining . the ABS light is ullominated , and P0746 too. i changed the ECM with a used one but the problem was the same.
When pulling out the counter gear speed sensor NC, the car run 2nd , 3th , 4th speeds only .
Is it a transmission or ECM problem .

Car starts but cannot drive died out

Engine knock when in idle quiets down when I give it gas.