Chapter loses power when engine light comes on turn the key on and off and runs good till the light comes on

I checked all injectors and they all work and good spark in all cylinders, my scanner gave me code for Fuel and air sensor OL which the parts shop say it's oxygen sensor. Whenever i spray starting fluid in air filter it's runs good until it shuts off when it dries.

brakes work very little, hard to push

This started happening randomly a couple of days ago. I brought it into a shop but everyone who has driven the SUV has never experienced it stall.
I have a new Air Filter; the Air intake, fuel system and throttle body sensor were cleaned. Now, the engine dies consistently. As long as i don't stop or apply the gas when the engine is about to turn off, my car will "come back to life" ... which is teaching me bad habits lol. Can someone please help me?

i have an oil leak, but it is leaking somewhere inside the engine: ie: it's not on the ground. my mechanic thinks this will be too expensive to fix, and that i should probably just turn it in and get another. a friend told me she'd heard that this is a common problem with Prius at 100K. i have 164K. what is the best course of action? it seems it will cost $$ just to find out what is wrong.

The car is actually a Pontiac Vibe. I don't know the history of the car. I am looking to buy it from a friend who's daughter drove it to college. I drove it about 110 mikes yesterday. I put the scanner on it and got back PO 420 Catalyst efficiency below threshold and PO 741 Torque converter CKT Performance or Stuck Off. Car has 180,008 miles on it. Where should I start looking? I have felt a shudder once while slowing down from 70 mph. any help appreciated.

Back story: I bought my 08 base model highlander at a reputable lot 7 months ago. I love this vehicle! Only 72,000 miles on it. Three days after I bought it, it wouldnt start one morning after pumping gas. Car lot towed it back and replaced the battery. Everything worked fine and had no notification lights on. I work out of state and left the vehicle in storage (outdoor but securely covered) for about the last three months. I was home every other weekend and would crank it up and circle the block in it.

Current issues: The last week since Ive been back I noticed that the check engine, vsc, and traction lights are on....also....I can crank the vehicle and it will start right up but immediately shuts off. If I try to crank it again right away it starts up and stays on with no problem. This happens EVERY time I go to start the car. There are no odd noises, ticks, or vibrations. The only other symptom is realized when I try to accelerate quickly. The RPMS rev up but its almost like the transmission may be slipping because the car doesnt shift and speed up. I am still able to accelerate and drive safely. If I slowly accelerate, the transmission shifts with no problem. Had the codes checked and out of 8 hits only two were "confirmed". One mention low positive input

Question: What is going on???

When I try to start the truck it sounds like it's got air bubbling in the exhaust. It won't move without stalling. I have replaced knock sensors, valve gaskets, spark plugs, fuel filter, and I'm stumped. Any suggestions.

I have to run the ac at all times or it loses power and shuts off if im not on the gas what can i do to fix this problem

put it in park and shifted to 4 wheel high heard a clunk also when i took it out also a clunk

Brake lights are staying on after I turn off car.

Light came on took it to deal told me it was a xtended warranty issue , the air bank 1 sensor had bin replaced under warrenty , and now it went out agin and 2k to replace and fix it now is there a more financialy sound way of fixing they said it was safe to drive but would b n limp mode please help thanks

Also the interior lights come on and off, Windows, A/C want work.

2016 Toyota Avalon Limited - New 4,700 miles.
When accelerating from a stop or slow roll, vehicle hesitates 1-3 seconds, when slightly stepping on gas to go. This hesitation has happened at least 1/2 dozen times, and has put driver and occupants in harms way. Took it to dealer, but they were unable to reproduce issue, and thus could not resolve the problem. Dealer said, they had tested it diagnostically and by driving vehicle. Dealer had no answer for the problem. Dealer said if it happens again, bring it back in for further testing. Am thinking I soon could be calling the dealer from the hospital, or from 6ft under ground. (BTW, it's been in the high 90's temperature wise; I read online that it could possibly be related to a heat build up under the hood...Mentioned it to the dealer, but they didn't try to simulate the hot conditions. Any suggestions?

Hello, My 07 Camry hesitates when I accelerate between 10-20mph and takes a while to do it. If I gas slowly there's not an issue gaining speed and once I'm above that rpm I don't have any issues, I have even gone on some long driving trips. Rather than expensive repairs I've been quoted to fix the transmission issue:
1. Can I continue to just drive with this particular transmission problem without causing any further damage to my car?

2. If something were to go wrong with this issue, could it be something extremely dangerous like being at a high speed and then coming to a halt or something else similar?

As of now, the only cost/danger risk I'm seeing is if I have to make a right turn and accelerate quickly or any other similar quick acceleration from a slow speed. Thanks so much in advance for any much needed help.

at night when I turn on my headlights on my dash lights go off and the lights around the radio used to light up automatically when driving at night and now they don't.

a Camry XLE 2015. How often does it need a maintenance and how often does the battery need to be replaced. Should i purchase this car, or a better option is just to get the LE or SE.

replaced the vapor canister and replaced the gas cap with an oem.PO 442 code comes on

Plastic covers ruined by desert sun. Bought new lights, need advicce on how to replace the whole headlight unit

Doors get open, but using bottoms inside the car the close, not working. I need to close little bit at a time to close all the way which will take at least a min. to close.

While I was driving, steering wheel and brake pedal has locked, all of a sudden. The engine was still on. I turned off the engine with the key, and when I turned on the engine again, both of steering wheel and brake were working again. I bought this brand new Toyota Corolla 2015, 1 year ago, from Toyota Dealer. This dealer is shady and I can't trust them. What should I do?

I can't turn the ignition switch or roll the windows up do to the the security fail switch. Help me please?
I got a big problem and I got to handle this soon as possible.

check head light fuses both sides look good, both bulbs on drivers side look good what else can it be?

I need to get parts for my '07 Corolla and I found a used '99 I can take parts from. I'm wondering if they will work.

When I start the car u car here like a little noise but as soon as I step on the gas it's loud and when the AC is on I don't no what it can be I just got the car and it wasn't making the noise 3days ago!!!

Mechanic seems to think it is the evaporator for the AC. to complicate things we live in Central America, so I'm not sure he's diagnosing anything electronically. It appears that this part of the system is hard to access. the conversation is in Spanish so I didn't catch everything on the phone, but I am going to go and speak to him in person, what questions should I be asking?

It just stopped and the horn is the only thing I can find that does not work.

What parts is the code associated with?

This squealing/screeching sounds happens only when in reverse and and it doesn't matter whether brakes are being used or not. I do not detect any issues when driving forward

I see it; but they do not make that part anymore? If I clear the error code it comes back on in 80-100 miles. Code P0450. It's the only code that comes up.