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It happened today

how available is this part, and what is the cost

The radio and a humming noise by the engine ???

It's a 2001 Toyota Tundra V8 it starts up but it will die when you put it in gear

the other side won't open and close now

Replaced thermostat ,flushed control valve and core still blows cool heats a little on low blower when cold weather no heat

will you bend the valves on a 1997 Toyota corolla 2.2 engine if the timing belt goes, it has 99,000 miles with no timimg belt replacement

transmission slow to change gears until warmed up.

The noise is all the time, even when the car is just sitting there. Which is killing my battery. I think it's the door ajar beeping but the picture of the door isn't on. But the light in the back ceiling is on, so just turn it off. So it might be that? I don't know. But just need help to stop it! Can't take it to the shop now but need my car.

Stereo cover will not open. I do not want to try and force it open, but I need a clue on how to open it in different ways.

At night with low beam lights the area of the windshield from the top to almost midway down is blackened out. You cannot see anything in that area.

Can not get belt on .loosened A bolt not sure about B bolt

battery warning light comes and off,battery and alternator both been replaced about a year ago Is it safe to drive or get stock

I was trying to change the front differential fluid and the fill plug I couldn't make loose I grinded the treat my problem is that the differential is empty I too off the draing plug.

Died While driving. I didnt notice right away since the radio was not affected and its a manual. After pulling over, they car would turn over but not catch then slowly stopped doing that. Now it wont turn over at all. Battery tested fine. What gives?

I was in a roll in accident the vehicle that hit me at 2-3mph cracked my rear tail light. I need to know exactly what parts and labor would cost to fix/ repair the cracked tail light? Thank you.

remove old headlight lenses .install new ones.

My driver's seatbelt won't buckle and I've been having to use the passenger buckle. I've tried sticking a butter knife into the buckle to pull out any debris, but no luck.

I've purchased a buckle from ebay, but I have no idea where to start on replacing it. Do I have to take the seat out? Is there a way to do this with minimal work (I am car-stupid)?

Replaced broken raer hatch handle with an all metal one but now handlen latch barely moves and does not allow door to latch closed

Transmission cost to repair

Door open lite is continually on with some lites constantly on, leading to drain on battery

how do i run car through drive cycle in order to pass emissions test ?

2004 Toyota Camry

No problem.

My cigarette lighter don't work

I replace alternator but forgotting disconnected the battery accidently one cable touched the body of the alternator, a big spark came, now I only can start the engine and that was it nothing else worked I did check all the fuses every looked ok.
Help Please

leaking antifreeze from back side of engine right above the exhaust can not find leak where could it be coming from has new water pump please help

This happens occasionally shortly after the Sequoia has been sitting over night just wondering if this could be a vacuum issue?

I have 195000 miles on this engine.

It may sound like the noise the rear wiper washer makes when it has not been used for awhile. It's not the normal high-pitched squeak when brakes need to be replaced. Sometimes the noise occurs while driving on uneven roads. It's sporadic, usually when the a/c is on; in all types of weather - sunny, rainy. Sometimes it appears after driving in rush-hour traffic for 30+ minutes, other times it appears in a few minutes when driving. Unfortunately I am unable to duplicate the noise for a mechanic to hear.