it just came on this morning. We had a ton of snow and the wheel wells were caked but we removed that.

It's been very rainy for the past week.

I had a leak in my 96 Toyota corrola, couldn't afford repair right away so I just continued to drive it and kept my eye on temp and added liquid copper to stop leak, was driving on freeway when it stalled suddenly now it won't start even though I waited until the next day to try and start but it won't start what do I look for to figure out why it won't start

Abs light on

The truck shows its overheating also

I am hearing rattling noise under the compartment were the spark plugs go

New tires 2 weeks ago. Side to side wobble under 8 mph. Steering wheel not jerking, it just feels like the back of the truck gently moves side to side. Gets faster when the truck goes faster then becomes less noticeable above 8 mph.

Have replace the fuel filter to fuel pump temperature sender temperature sensor any idea I appreciate

turn right but my hazard lights go on

My cars transmission is broken and we need to fully replace it I'm not really sure how much it costs?

Step by step instructions

My oil light kept flashing &
On and off and all of sudden, my car cut off and wouldn't cut back until 10 minutes later. But there was a clicking noise while headed home.

We replace the fuel pump fuel filter temperature sensor and sender we run out of ideas

I have been having this oil light problem for about 3 months. The car is running smoothly and very well. Starts quickly, have power and it doesn't stall.
The problem is the oil light is on.
The oil sensor switch was replaced but oil light still on. A local mechanic checked with a scanner and said that indicated a misfire, and may be the spark plugs and/or a coil or fuel injector need to be replaced. However, the engine is not vibrating or showing any sign of having any malfunction. Oil is new and to the right level. The car has 71000 miles. Don't know whom to trust for the repairs and how much would it cost. So far, local mechanics can't give me a fairly accurate estimate. What do you think?

the usual 'D' For drive does not move the car fast enough. it also revs to '3' on the odometer before the car moves. i hope the transmission is not bad yet

I want to know if my 1997 Toyota Camry has a interference engine in it? And I need a picture of a 1997 toyta camry

Piston was like clean of carbon and looks new

How much does it cost to change a fuel pump in a 1995 Toyota came and where is it located and what the cost of pump.

Brake light stays on, ABS light will come on and go off, tachometer fluctuates all the time, speedometer works sometime. Mileage is not being registered.

I was driving for approximately 20 minutes when all of a sudden my 03 Toyota Matix died for like about 5 seconds (everything shut down) and came back on again. It did this 3 times until I parked it and turned it off. It didn't want to start again at all, not even lights but, then it cranked like nothing had happened. When I turned it off it didn't want to turn on again.

How do I reattach it

Any time temperature gets below about 30 degrees

Replace fuel pump filter temperature sensor and temperature sender have to manually put it in low gear

when I open door it doesn't latch into place and will potentially slide shut while someone is trying to climb in. Can I fix it so it latches?

Makes click sound but won't roll down

replaced fuel pump & filter tempter sensor & switch have to manually put it in low gear runs good at an ideal

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

when I turn, left or right, I hear a repetitive clicking or knocking sound.

Already changed the plugs and wire and fuel filter.