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was driving fine. Then the information lights and notifications came on and were all flashing...then they stopped and the car died. We put it in park but then it was locked up and we could not remove the key. Everything was dead

I was told the ECM had to be replaced. Since I never had a problem with ECM and my car not starting before timing chain repair, could the ECM have been damaged while replacing timing chain or the connections to it.

On a regular bases free, is it the timid belt?
It's been like this for a long time

I did tuneup air filter oil change estil feol

Do I need to drain the radiator to make this replacement?

how many more hours to replace timing chains?moo

my 2006 Suzuki xl7 shows the fuel gauge as 0 on panel though the tank is full. But while driving the gauge moves a bit and at stops the empty light comes on . Is it costly to replace ? How can I take the gauge out without removing the gas tank?

When lifted on a stand, the wheels have excessive play in the front end. The wheel nuts and bearings are tight.
Where is the excessive play coming from?
Both front axels,have an equal amount of play, in the left and the right.

Over heating gauge crazy

When you start it takes a while to accelerate and won't pass 30 mph unless you press on the gas pedal hard.

my car makes a vvvvvmmm sound when I push brakes I know sorry this is the closest I can think of. Sounds on the left wheel side or front middle under my break pedal. Was told not breaks or Rogers. Help please

took my car to les schwab three times. my brakes, roters are good. not sure if the noise I am hearing is coming from left tire somewhere in the middle of the break. but only when I push on the breaks you hear this humming noise.
maybe my rear differential? or abs? help I was told I shouldn't be afraid there is no danger of some day not being able to stop..??? any advice would be much appreaciated.

After the stop leak, it stoped leaking now only cold air comes out and still need to find out what the main problem is so i can fix it?!
Thank you for your time

Cause Engine light on and Dashboard Fuel level show 0 Gas

The odometer is about 160,000 Kilometer and I have changed the its ATF last week.

I took my Suzuki XL-7 out for a short drive this afternoon then parked it for lunch. I came out 45 minutes later and started it up, but it ran *very* rough for about 10 seconds then quit. I started it again but had to keep pressing the gas pedal to keep it running, and even then it ran very rough again and died after about 6-8 seconds. I could not get it started again after that. It cranks fine, so the battery and starter are doing their job, but the engine (V6) just won't fire up. It has never done this before and there was no indication prior to this that anything was going wrong. I spoke with an ex-mechanic at Auto Zone who said it could be anything from an ICV or ECV, to an EGR valve, to vaccum, to fuel pump and/or filter, and more. I suspect I should start with the easiest thing and work my way through diagnosing the hardest component, but I am not sure where to begin or how to check any of these things. I checked for loose hoses and wiring--none of that. Any help would be much appreciated!

this started when the belts were loose and making noise. The noise has resolved, but even after the car is warmed up there is cold air blowing until you start to drive. If you come to a stop sign it blows cold again. Thanks