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cant see big leak cleaned under radeater can see fliuld little bit trans is shifting strange to much little slipage
this started when the belts were loose and making noise. The noise has resolved, but even after the car is warmed up there is cold air blowing until you start to drive. If you come to a stop sign it blows cold again...
replaced front blower motor relay (relay tested good) and fan still will not run, 40 amp fuse looks ok, display indicates fan motor is running and changing speed but fan motor does not start. heater hose pipes get hot...
cual es el torgue que se le da a los tornillos de la tapa de bloque
there are no codes. bought the car with noise, but was told that it came on suddenly - the noise listening through a steithiscope seems to be coming from across entire valve train
heat is only working on the left side of the dash
Had radiator,Ac belt,& valve cover gasket changed in shop. After that car dies out while driving and starts after a few minutes. Had it checked and no one can figure it out. Please help!!
Anything I should know? Lost the key need a new one? Hard to replace? Locksmith Suzuki or some other better way?
without disconnecting the drive line, etc.
I want to tow it behind my motorhome long distance.
cant see any holes in floor, heat shield appears to be good. Thought maybe muffler getting too hot creating problem?
I changed the power steering pump but still have the whine. The sound increases with engine speed from idle and up. Still noisy while driving. Engine has 177500 miles. Any help?
Changed all bulbs and replaced fuses. lower lights off upper light on. Not sure if this is the switch or if a wiring run has gone bad. Suzuki is not been a lot of help with this vehicle.
At times the car won't turn on. I hear the engine turn over but it just won't crank as I turn the key. If I jump the car it then cuts on and drives with no problems. This happens sometimes as often as multiple times i...
jump start the car off it doesn't stay on long
had battery, starter and alternator checked at a parts house they said starter and alternator fine battery alittle low so we replace battery started car this morning for work let it warm up got in it to leave battery ...