Have had car for about 10 months front driver side tires wears tread on outer edge real bad. But all the sudden out of no where car started to have a wobble and or shaking only when I accelerate. And up hills the more throttle I give it the worse it gets. Same when rpm gets high but will stop instantly if you let off gas and coast or put it in neutral. I have to get up to speed as slow as possible to try and avoid it from shaking/wobbling What will it most likely be?

Cv axle?, wheel bearing?, differential?,

i brought my car in today to have them determine why i am getting a check engine light and they told me it was due to low compression on the cylinder and i would have to get my engine replaced. is that accurate?

Burps farts sometimes dies at 55+ on hyway restarts in N. ATtrans.whats up?

The dash lights come on, the key turns in the ignition, but the engine doesn't even attempt to turn over. There will be a buzzing sound, or sometimes a quiet clicking, but nothing else. After many tries, or just walking away and trying later, the car will simply start as it should. I've replaced the battery several times, but don't think that's the issue. Shops say they can't replicate the problem, so can't solve it. I think it's electrical. I've been told it is not my starter or alternator. PLEASE help. I've been stranded several times.

while driving my car the elect. system completely shut off no door locks,lights or hazard lights ignition switch wouldn't unlock to remove the key and trans. selector wouldn't shit into neutral to push out of traffic then 5-10 mins. later the key turned elect.returned and the car started and worked fine . the pos. bat. terminal was completely covered in corrosion so I replaced the term. also during the day the outside temp. was over 100 degrees.
what would cause this all to happen

going down the road on a 100 plus degree evening my car shut off on its own nothing elect. would work and the ignition would only let me turn the key to ON ,START ,and LOCK but would not release the key to pull it out of the ign.
after about 5 or 10 min I heard a light clicking noise behind the radio turned the key to remove it and it came out after that i started the car . could the 100 + degree heat of the day or a completely corrosion covered pos. term. (whitch I had to replace ) have caused the temp. power failure or is it the IGN. switch?

Gears are shifting harder after adding transmission fluid

Turns over but will not start.

The mechanic said he suspects the converter and replacing the transmission when the car could not move when put on reverse?

The transmission has just been taken from another same Subaru model and was running just fine.

its 22611AA331

My car rattles in the undercarriage as I excel and the I get to 35 it quiets down.
It started yesterday after I when to car wash and steadily gotten worse. Last week my check engine went on however I was thinking that had to do with the need for oil.

So whenever I turn a sharp corner like pulling in and out of a parking spot the wheels kind of "jump" I dont know how to describe it exactly. Does anyone know what could cause this? It doesnt happen if its a regular corner just sharp ones.

I am filling up my brake fluid every day

It starts up and shuts off it will start right back up and shuts right back off

I just recently changed my power steering unit on my car as my old one was leaking badly. Now I have no power steering, even though I have put new fluid in and worked it through. Please help.

I have a subaru legacy sedan 2006 2,0 and when i remove the key from the ignition i get a electric shock. but it only happens every other time. Does anyone know what might be causing it and/or how to fix it

It looks like it was rusted and fell down. I have no idea what this is for or what its called

Radio dies when I hit a bump. Will sometimes comes on after I shut it off and turn it back on or switch from AM to FM. Grounded the attena to the frame and that helped a little while.

on wagon back door

if you hit seat a few times light will go out but will come on few days later

I replaced horns and have current to them. Purchased new relay and need to know it's location in wiring circuit to replace it.

Can the use of regular cheap gas instead of super cause car to die out quickly?

...after having new tires put on--suddenly there are major symptoms.Terrible squeaking noise when braking--squeaking with a "crunch" sound--and now similar sound when turning corners. It does this all the time now since new tires. Estimate is $900 for brakes alone. But are there times that cars do this after new tires when they don't need them? Last trip to mechanic for something else--was told "sometime you'll need new brakes..." Did the new tires create the "sometime"? Is this a stupid question?!

remove them or not?

the engine dies, so I have to power off for a second or two then hit the gas, then its all good. Any suggestions as to why the power drops in that range would greatly be appreciated, cheers Donnie.