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right cv so had that fixed but it didnt change--was told to balace & align tires-that helped slightly but then tire place said all 4 wheels were out of round & I should replace all rims & tires--doesnt seem likely th...
I loose about a quart of oil every 3000 miles. Can I ignore the leak and keep topping up? The leak appears to be near the exhaust pipe.
the dealer just changed the oil about a month ago
When car is under 60 mph and AC is on? When AC is not on or car is over about 60 mph, the noise is not there.
I checked the fluid level and it seemed to be normal. So what happened and what is the solution?
Servicing air conditioning was not help. Am told that it is "working like it is supposed to." Not acceptable. Needs to get fixed befor HOT weather.
The mirror itself is ok, and the electronics work, it's the housing that needs replacement. I got one from the dealer, but with no instructions.
First time this has happened, drove it up hill in snow and slush and when I came to a stop and tried to put it into park it wouldn't go into park. Plus the key won't release, probably because of car being in gear. an...
have replace the fuel filter fuel pump fuel pump relay and battery sometimes it start and sometime it will crank but i have to hit the gas to start it
The car has been making a loud noise. Repair shop says it needs a new exhaust sytem and new catalytic converters. Cost equals $1300. The car has less than 60K miles.
I like to perform my own maintenance on my vehicles and since this is my first Subaru it would be good reference.
Had the battery and alternator individually tested and replaced at the same time about a month ago. Car has been fine since then, but last night the battery was dead. After getting a jump, all the dash lights seemed d...
For the last couple of weeks, I hear a loud knocking coming from the front driver's side of my car. It happens once I have been driving for atleast 15 minutes. It almost sounds like it happens when the tire is rotat...
When I pull on the hood latch release, you can feel that the cable is nolonger connected.
Every once in awhile my check engine light will come on and sometimes, after a few days of driving, it goes out. What could cause this?
altenator shuts down car runs off battry, no altenator light comes on. if the car sits over night altenator works fine until it does it what relay can do this? help perplexed.
My radio stopped working but the fuses in the fuse panel are good
I just got a price of $500 to replace the front struts if the old brackets can still be used. My front driver's side is leaking fluid.
The check engine light is on and the code reads "misfire on cylinder 3" (at Auto Zone)- the car seems to run fine but when you get to about 60 mph and at 3000 rpms it starts to falter. My DH has changed the plugs, wi...
The ABS light came on after a sudden stop and stayed on.
i jump started a car and later that day my battery light came on along with my abs and brake light on the dash board. the next day my car would'nt start. what could be the cause of the lights staying on?
This worked for a day but now the car will not start at all. Replaced the battery but that did not help.
the light wont turn off at all so what do i do about it
No problems yet I only have 38800 on my car right now, I was just planing ahead
ecu is fine, crank, and cam sensors new, new battery and wires, still no spark at the coil, at all. Any ideas?
how fast must car be going for airbag to deploy have there been any sudden acceleration issues
My Subaru has overheated twice in 6 months. I have flushed the coolant twice, after each overheat instance.