cleaned with electrical spray ,but returns next day

trans fluid has tiny bubbles and fluid dark.the slipping comes and goes.and the power light comes on and off and goes away.checked the self code engine light just keeps flashing.until unplugged

It shows check engine and stops on its own, have to start it and it will move and stop again, until three starts then it runs. There is a feeling of misfiring. Sometimes when the fuel is low, it just stops any time. Sometimes it runs very smoothly, but sometimes, it just stops. There is a smell of burning oil when the cars is stationery. Please advise

axle bearing making ruff sound

she was driving in the rain in the mountains and the light came on and a noise in the back. she and her son are alone on the road

ive changed cam an crank sensors and checked timing an fuel an also changed ignition module

The ticking occurs with both a warm or cold engine.

My 2011 Imprezza does not have heated seat option BUT the drivers seat started heating up 4 days ago -- even over heating. How can this be? Will it drain my battery? I did start using a rigid plastic "back joy" car seat posture support a month ago.

1995 subaaru impreza 1.8 L with 5 spd manual trans

Customer complaining about not wanting coolant flush but recommended by mechanic. that and an air filter.

I've had my car sitting in my drive way for a few years now. I'm considering buying a new battery and getting it up and running for quick errands (5-10 miles). Other than oil, oil filter, air filter change, and new gas... Is there anything else I should do before I attempt to crank the engine? Thanks for your help.

I have spilling on the ground while fueling. Filler neck wasn't sitting right, so it was adjusted to fit in properly. I attempted putting gas in once again, and now instead of it dripping out, it's spraying out. Was thinking fuel tank epoxy to seal the filler neck to other piece..will that work?

The cruise control got deactivated somehow and read through the manual and figured out how it got deactivated. Followed the steps to reactivate it (instructed to turn the ignition switch back to the "ACC" or "LOCK" position, and then turn it again to the "ON" postition)and the cruise control is still deactivated.

I have done this several times and still won't work. I went as far as driving it around, stopping, turning the car off, going through the procedure in the manual and still nothing is working.

Any helpful ideas, short of going to the dealership to get it fixed?

I have put gas in the car three times since I bought it. The more gas I put in, the stronger the smell. However, the car only has the gas smell for a few hours after fueling. Any other time driving the car there is no smell

I was told a O2 sensor was the cause for the check engine and cruise light being on, I live abroad and the sensor is not available. Could a failed sensor cause engine damage and how do I turn the warning lights off?

I perform the over-ride operation(from the manual) to unlock the shifter so I could drive home. I verified the fuse for the brake light is ok. Could this be the brake light switch being faulty? if so how can I verify and is it easy to DIY?

Even engine is off the side of headlight and side of tail lights lights are on. I have no idea what's going on. I even unplugged the battery cuz I was afraid the battery would run out. Is this fixable?

took it to autozone and ran codes. said it was and o2 sensor. also ran codes from a different machine which indicated something about left bank heater? everything was fine until i had the clutch replaced.

car still seems to run ok

a lot of fresh oil in no 1 and a little in the rest

left rear wheel bearing makes noise. I am thinking it is a press in bearing not a bolt on type

It has also started dropping down to 1k rpm and occassionally dies when pressure is taken of engine (such as pushing in the clutch) which is making it a pain to drive. I just purchased the car a month ago, it started with the rough idle 2 weeks ago and stalling 3 days ago. It has no cel and dealership originally said they seen nothing wrong, other than a emissions recall (which they did). I am lost. I have changed the plugs, wires, looked to a vacuum leak, even had a friend put a scan tool on it and found nothing.

I pulled the door panel and went to remove the switch and pulled it apart in the wrong spot . It looks like spagetti lol

It usually occurs after driving for a few minutes, speeds range from 25-50, also can occur when going over speed bumps, hasn't occurred yet at higher speeds. It stops when the brake is tapped or hit. The brakes were recently replaced and I've returned to the shop, they said they couldn't see anything wrong, Also clicking noise accelerating from stop or low speed.

Speedmetror not working. Chech engine light on.

the hydro carbon level was 161 out of 130

I just bought the car today and on the way home and when stopped at home with the engine still running the reverse lights are staying on

I have 2008 Subaru Impreza and my intermittent wipers are not working. The wipers also do not return all the way down when turned off but stay in the middle of the windshield. The Hi and Lo speeds are working fine.
I had a problem with the nut for the driver side wiper arm being loose.
I tightened the nut and the wiper works. After I fixed the loose nut problem I started having problems with intermittent mode. Since we are having lots of snow having wipers work would be very nice. Your advice greatly appreciated

My Subaru is 3 years old with 38,000 miles on it; I do mostly hwy driving to work. When taking it in for inspection, I passed but was told my front brakes are low, and they are bearing the braking load. Mechanic told me that rears "look almost brand new" because fronts are stopping the car. Is this normal or a defect?