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My car made loud whistle like noise that went away afar pumping the brakes.
fuel tank won't accept the fuel. checked for kinks, did not see any. have tried several times at different stations.
I put Stop Leak in the hose, cause there's no cap, is it supost to end up in the coolant Jug?
It tries to turn over but won't. The gas gauge does not move when trying to start it. It stays at empty. There is gas in the car so I know that is not the problem but it won't start. Please help, I just got a new s...
My car won't start until it gets warm outside then it idols high then very low then bogs out when stepping on the gas. Once the car gets going it runs well until I have to come to a stop, then it is hard to get going...
not getting oil pressure car will not run was told this only part left to change, everything else was
"I can't see how to remove the altenator
first the cable bushing broke and have replaced twice now will not go into 5th gear and then would not go into reverse
for some reason they just stopped working have no idea how to fix it or where i would look to fix it
Code used to go on & off every few weeks and gave me less problems in the winter. Now it has been on for a number of months.
I have done everything from changing stark plugs to spark plug wires too the ignition coil and it still only turns over just will not start although it tries too
It acts like it wants to start be just cant, i have did everything from spark plugs to spark plug wires to the ignition coil and it still is having a problem starting but it turns over
to change busted brake light bulb. How do I get to the bad bulb, which connector, how to remove it, how to put in new one. I am just a humble female trying to save a buck. I called a repair show & they said thet wa...
Car makes a grinding sound when braking - put on new front rotors and breaks at Pep Boys last week. This did not solve the problem. They thought it may be a tie rod - took car to Saturn service center - they said bot...
i was quoted a $155.00 by a service garage in longwood, fl.
I checked all my fuses and switch the fan relay with one i know works and still wont turn on unless i turn the a/c on
do not know the diferance between SO and DO engine. Please clarify.
I had the oil changed and transmission fluid levels checked. I drove it approximately 10 min. to a gas station. It would not shift into gear going on a slight incline into the station. I had to put it into park to kee...
My 1997 Saturn SL1 will not start properly. I have to step on the accelerator to get it to start and now that is barely working. When I give it gas, I have to press the accelerator down to the floor and sometimes th...
how do i adjust the tension on my timing belt. a mechanic said it was loose
i need to know what i can do to make it easier to get to the transmission from the top cause i need to change the seal on the output shaft cause the transmission is leaking bad. i dont want to move the wiring harness ...
car runs good ,when check engine light comes on transmission starts too slip
car runs good/when check engine light comes transmission wont change gears
Car is just clicking when you turn it over I have a brand new Duracell battery on 3 weeks ago.
This just happened today. Went to start the motor, depressed the clutch, grabbed the shifter and either something is loose or broken under floor. The shifter is really loose goes up and down sideways or around. Is it ...
My car keeps overheating after Ive already replaced the thermostat the waterpump and a new belt and resivor cap.What else could it be and how can I fix it?
Son hit a slick spot going around a corner, and the front driver-side wheel slid sideways into a curb, causing a bit of positive camber. It doesn't look like anything was broken, but it may have bent the sway bar in. ...
heater works. air blows but it's not cold. cost of total air conditioner REPLACEMENT