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This problem started about three weeks ago with the car not starting. I unbolted the positive battery cable waited a second and reconnected it. Then the gas gauge and temp gauge would bounce from empty to full or cold...
I cant shift the gear in drive position on my Saturn L100. Can anyone tell me what is going on.
I recently replaced the sway bar linkages and struts on front end of car. Lately when I initially drive the car, steering feels very loose almost like floating. Car has almost 207,000 miles.
unable to find transmision fluid dip stick
Where is the oil plug and filter
Ok, my battery light has been on pretty constant the last month or so. When I had my oil changed the mechanics also said my battery tested low and should be replaced. I didn't heed warning and continued to driv...
battery keeps going dead. How do I know its not the alternator?
Noticed fluid leaking and it looks like transmission fluid. I want to check the fluid level but can't find where the dip stick is located.
I noticed floor was staying wet on passenger side. Discovered water was sloshing onto floor from middle of car where shifter is. What could this be? I actually saw the water.
there is no check engine light on. Dealer service center did a diagnostic and said the converter may need replacing muffler shop said it was ok. Replaced coil pak, plugs, throttle position sensor but still have th...
Drive less than 120 miles per week
I found the cap where to put the fluid in but I cant find the dip stick. I'm woundering if it's missing. Does anyone know where it's suposed to be?
Spark plug gap for the '02 Saturn, L100 four cylinder. That is all I want.
okay i am trying to put a new altenator belt on my car,2002 saturn L100, and i just cant get it to fit. any ideas? HELP PLEASE
oil pressure issues i think. lots of top end clatter at low rpm/speed. possible failed oil pump? possible hydrolic lifters collapsed? how can i check to see if the lifters have collapsed? repair or replace? is t...
My 2002, L100's rear tires are more than a little out of line. They are actually visually turned inwards. This is causing inside wear patches on both the rear driver and passenger side tires and most importantly the f...