the car"s has manual trans mission and the problem seems to be the car not being able to shift or the transmission or engaging to move the vehicle. what are costs for clutch replacement or transmission replacement?

Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module

One owner vehicle...bought it new. Always changed the oil and kept it serviced regularly and well maintained. What would cause the engine in my Saturn Vue to just lock up with only 118,000 miles?? Driving down the hwy and it just lost power. Would not start back up. Luckily, not much traffic behind me. Had it towed back to dealership where I bought it and they said the engine was locked up. No cracks, fluid leaks, etc. It's something internal they say. I need answers....anyone else have issue with motor going bad so soon??

Acts like a fuse link is blown? Any suggestions on where they might be? Also anything else I might look for that would cause this. It almost will start kinda stumble and die. Thanks in advance. Jim

While driving on the interstate, at 65mph, without warning the car stalled. I checked all the fluids and connections and it still won't start. Could it be an oil sensor?

My car will randomly have a single jerk during acceleration and when I shift to the next gear it will jerk once then be fine. It feels like something dragging the car back then it breaks loose. My check engine light came on and stayed on till the next morning, when I was going to get it checked I had the jerk and the light went off. I have bad tire rods right now but that will be fixed soon. I've replaced pretty much everything else around the engine. It has 200000 miles

Both engines have had regular service, but right below where the oil filter
goes, both engines blew holes in the block and you can see the inside of the motor.

Does anyone know what could cause this to happen twice?

My carpet in the front and back gets wet as well and the back seats

When I accelerate it starts clunking like some things broken,I replaced both axles & stabilizer links and still hearing ,when you get to about 50mph it stops if you hit 60 & higher it has a slight jerk

The transmission is stuck in 2nd gear and they are going to fix it and they also recommend a transmission flush. Is it good for the transmission cause they said the fluid was burnt or should I just get a transmission change?

We can not get our veh inspected due to problem with check engine light. What can we do please help we can not get veh reheated and everything is fine with engine .. We have had it looked at several times ... Please going crazy! I believe model to be sl2

My car would not start. But everything in my car was still working. The lights, radio, air etc.So I replaced the alternator. They returned my car, it was running hot and water was gushing from a hose. He also said that a fan would not shut off. But when he put water in the car he only put water in the plastic container under the hood. Was he suppose to put it in the radiator as well? Or does it run from that container to the radiator?

Don't know jack about cars so please bare with me, also not positive on the engine being DOHC or SOHC
92k miles and recently put in oil and coolant
temp gauge not even to half way point.

I was driving on the HWY up a slight hill and noticed a major clanking/scrapping sound from the steering wheel and gas pedal area and it wasn't really wanting to accelerate as well as getting stuck on the rpm gauge. Quickly pulled over turned the car off and looked at it, everything seemed fine.
I started it, and almost immediately didn't want to accelerate the gas pedal and steering wheel where shaking. It sounded like the bottom of the car fell out, then white smoke from the front and back with a trail of either water, oil or coolant possibly all, the smoke was very sweet smelling and the some of the mystery liquid was brownie red. Turned the car off and called a tow truck, the guy said my engine exploded, there is a huge chunk of metal just chilling by the engine. i have pictures, my question is what happened? and why? also is it repairable or just need a new car?

I just had a new radiator and thermostat put in last week. I have had sensors replaced, new rear brake lines, alternator, battery, plus much, much more in the engine before inspection in October last year. I do know my valve cover has a small crack in it which my son will be repairing this week but the service engine light just came on today? Any ideas/suggestions on why the light may be on??? Thank you very much for your time and input.

just had transmission rebuilt

And a lock it come on 5-10minutes after driving

the faster the louder howling and continues when off the gas slowing down. We tow the vehicle but have always followed manufacturer instructions runing 3 minutes each gear every 500 or less miles usually at 400. no noise when car is no on the road and rivving up engine

I put a new motor in my car but took the whole top of the motor and put it on the one I put in. All the electronics that was on my old engine was switched to the one in it now. The car will start but idles up and down, give it fuel and it sounds like it wants to quit. I was told I need to flash the ECM. If the electrical is all the original hooking up this new motor, why do I need to have it flashed?

When I start the engine it runs fine at first while cool. If you shut if off after running it for 10-15 minutes, the dash lights come on and off, the gauges work and stop working, and when you push the gas pedal it takes it a few seconds to rev up and when it does it only goes to half rev? I blew the engine in the car after I bought it and have recently put another engine in it. Checked over compression, fuel pressure, sensors, wires all connected, grounds were cleaned up before being put on, checked exhaust. I'm exhausted trying to figure out why it will start and run say first start in the am but I haven't driven it anywhere due to if I shut it off when it's warm, I restart it and it's all f***Ed.....help me please

I was driving it. Bought the car used had 150,000 miles on it. Had just changed the oil and filter today because the oil was black and it was smoking out the tailpipe. I was driving it to get gas and all of a sudden the rpm dropped and i would press on the has but it wouldn't go. It died. I pulled it over and tried to crank it. It cranked but was sputtering and then died. I know its not the battery because all the lights and everything come on. Any suggestions on what's wrong with it?

The engine is in sideways.

Our 2003 Saturn Vue acts like it doesn't want to go when you give it gas sometimes, not every time. Once you get it going though, it runs fine. Now the a/c isn't running cold. We took it in and they thought it was electrical so they "rebooted" it. Now they say its the transmission valve body. What could it be and is it worth fixing?

I love my car.

Was told because she has the 3.5 V6 that that it would be slightly over $1400. I thought I was gonna get an air recharge.

was working fine, after work would not start. just a click. lights, radio, horn all work. jumping it did nothing.

Why does it make these noises