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My (2007 Saturn ION), right front wheel wobbles (especially during acceleration & braking). Also "pops" during tight turns. Is it a bad ball joint, or a worn CV joint?
After my battery light was on all day i was driving home and the cruse control was turn off over and over again. Then all of a sudden the airbag light came on and started blinking so i go to get off the free way and i...
Where are they located any special tool any pictures would be helpful
Left front brake is not releasing. The system is not allowing pressure to caliper to release. Lines and caliper are ok.
Car not blowing hot air. Tstat has been changed still no heat. Help!!
I have had the battery and alternator checked out because the server, engine, and battery light came on the dash. My radio also began to cut on and off by itself. It cut off on me later that day. I can not get it to c...
Engine will run very rough, misfire and service engine light will flash. Had ignition module replaced 4 times in last 16 months using Napa parts. Am now being told maybe needs a dealer part. What are the chances a d...
Constant when driving, just noticed smell. Wheel is hot to touch on center.
Timing belt repair cost
Car shifts into drive, reverse and low with no issues. While driving and during acceleration the transmission will shift from 1st to 2nd, but from 2nd to 3rd it doesn't shift and the engine races upwards of 4500 rpm.
Getting Codes p0301,p1651,1650,p0507. Needs to pass inspection. Is the intake gasket the same as the oil gasket.
replaced the BCM only check engine light came on when resetting..
My check hybrid system light came on out of no where.
The traction warning lights stay on all the time
This is happening every time I start it for the past couple of days. It doesn't seem like the battery, or I would think it wouldn't be starting up for me at all. It just runs like it doesn't have any power. What do yo...
rack has no leaks and steering was fine prior to pump going out
water pump is spraying a mist when running,feels oily.
While digging my Saturn out of my driveway today after a lot of snow fell, I noticed it immedietly hung up on a small chunk of snow and ice in my driveway. As I accelerated I noticed the front right wheel spun and the...
This is just a problem when weather is extremely cold. Car starts but doesn't go into right away. Have to struggle with gear handle. As engine warms up, it seems to go into gear easier.
I had the battery and alternator checked they are fine. I did have an valve cover leak that I recently repaired but there is quite a bit of oil every where from where previous owner didn't fix...could I the oil on may...