Car still idols high for a period of time before going down sometimes this doesn't happen doesn't matter if it's hot or cold what else could be wrong

It only makes the noise sporadically it sounds like something may be loose but I don't see anything

My service engine soon light came on. Could it be due to the fact that the plug for my fan isn't connected? When I connect the plug the fan doesn't run. But when it's disconnected it run on high all the time. There is also a strong smell coming from my car , like a mix of gas and coolant. Please help. I'm running out of options for my baby.

Just bought my step son a 2002 Sc1, wouldn't pass inspection due to the dashboard lights being out. Thoughts? YouTube? Forums?

Handle @the same time but that doesn't work all the time & rear passenger won't lock I have to do it manually.

07 Saturn vue hybrid has bad batteries... can I swap in batteries out of a 08-10 malabu or aura car..if not why??

I have 6 green 30 amp. One silver that says 30 and a orange 40 amp fuse could this be whats draining my battery

The problem didnt start until i had a mechanic fix my third brake light what he did i do not know if the job consisted of bulbs or fuses or both

The backwindshield light was repaired could that ne the problem? Or fuses?

this happens daily

My paint is coming off in chunks are they a recall

It's in the same area as the battery light. It's a red light

The coolant is full but the light for check coolant is on...

Red lights, stops, and park i get high rough idle. Few times car died.. had to keep foot on break and floor it to get it to start and keep it started. Went to O'Reilly they checked light said Erg valve and battery. Replaced them. No change. Cleaned out throttle air intake valve. Very built up. Helped a bit with idle. Now Autozone gave code PO410 smog pump. I have no clue what to do. I'm a single homeless mom. Any direction would be fantastic.

temperature needle in car goes to hot because fan motor wont come on

After a severe rain storm my car keeps locking and unlocking itself whether the ignition is on or off & my horn sounds intermittedly when I put my key in the lock

Right now I can only open the door from the outer handle. The bar is not attached inside the door. I have the door panel off. I am unable to see where the bar connects. Help!

Engine light has been on before and after car went into dealers for a crack intake manifold. Dealer managed to get a used one with no guarantees. Dealer said problem with valve cover leak is just a mater of time. This leak effects the spark plugs also. What can be done?

the car"s has manual trans mission and the problem seems to be the car not being able to shift or the transmission or engaging to move the vehicle. what are costs for clutch replacement or transmission replacement?

Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module

One owner vehicle...bought it new. Always changed the oil and kept it serviced regularly and well maintained. What would cause the engine in my Saturn Vue to just lock up with only 118,000 miles?? Driving down the hwy and it just lost power. Would not start back up. Luckily, not much traffic behind me. Had it towed back to dealership where I bought it and they said the engine was locked up. No cracks, fluid leaks, etc. It's something internal they say. I need answers....anyone else have issue with motor going bad so soon??

Acts like a fuse link is blown? Any suggestions on where they might be? Also anything else I might look for that would cause this. It almost will start kinda stumble and die. Thanks in advance. Jim

While driving on the interstate, at 65mph, without warning the car stalled. I checked all the fluids and connections and it still won't start. Could it be an oil sensor?

My car will randomly have a single jerk during acceleration and when I shift to the next gear it will jerk once then be fine. It feels like something dragging the car back then it breaks loose. My check engine light came on and stayed on till the next morning, when I was going to get it checked I had the jerk and the light went off. I have bad tire rods right now but that will be fixed soon. I've replaced pretty much everything else around the engine. It has 200000 miles

Both engines have had regular service, but right below where the oil filter
goes, both engines blew holes in the block and you can see the inside of the motor.

Does anyone know what could cause this to happen twice?

My carpet in the front and back gets wet as well and the back seats

When I accelerate it starts clunking like some things broken,I replaced both axles & stabilizer links and still hearing ,when you get to about 50mph it stops if you hit 60 & higher it has a slight jerk

The transmission is stuck in 2nd gear and they are going to fix it and they also recommend a transmission flush. Is it good for the transmission cause they said the fluid was burnt or should I just get a transmission change?

We can not get our veh inspected due to problem with check engine light. What can we do please help we can not get veh reheated and everything is fine with engine .. We have had it looked at several times ... Please going crazy! I believe model to be sl2

My car would not start. But everything in my car was still working. The lights, radio, air etc.So I replaced the alternator. They returned my car, it was running hot and water was gushing from a hose. He also said that a fan would not shut off. But when he put water in the car he only put water in the plastic container under the hood. Was he suppose to put it in the radiator as well? Or does it run from that container to the radiator?