Light/radio on. Car want start.

P0446 code

I want to be able to hotwire the main cooling fan for full-time operation and bypass the ECU for this. It has been almost 99 degrees every day here, so the cooler, the better. I need some help to get this done, Van wiring is goofy and uses ground and varying voltages to control fan speed and operation. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I already have a colder t-stat installed which helps a drop, but not enough. If I leave it up to the ECU, the main cooling fan comes on much later than I need, and the motor runs wayyy too hot, which also negatively affects AC cold operation as well! I HATE the factory calibrations! They SUCK! I want to bypass all of that by hard-wiring. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

I drove my car to work this morning, but when I went to leave on my lunch it won't start now. All the dash lights come on, the radio doesn't come on, the door locks don't work, the buttons on the key ring don't work. It did this same thing almost a year ago when I was around 300 miles from home, I ended up putting a new starter in. But now I'm at a loss. I think maybe it has something to do with the security system but I don't know. Really hope someone can help out.

I removed and dried spark plugs and wires the car was able to be push started but was idling very high. When I, came to a complete stop the car idled very low and shut off. Had to push start it again.


My saturn vue may have seized. Car would crank but not turn over. Battery is good, cps crank positioning shaft replace. Starter was replaced. Oil was at appropriate level. All fluids good. No problems with overheating. Some electrical problems before car stopped working. A mechanic said he can manually get the engine to turn half way in either direction but then it locks. It no longer cranks only clicks and no power to the car even with battery being recharged.

Will start right back up

I parked my car with the valet and when I came out my car was sitting in the same place as when I went into my doctors appointment. The valet said he could not get my car out of park. I have course tried and the car would start no problem however I could not get it out of park. I then had to call a tow truck. What could be wrong?

When placed in drive or reverse it will move a few feet either direction but then stops. I noticed before it got this bad that it was slow to shift gears during 35 miles or higher. Also when starting g from a complete stop it would jerks hard before actually moving

whether stripping needs repair or cost of new top

It is my daughter's car. She told me her car won't start that there was a problem with her clutch. I told her that did not sound right that the clutch was basically the trani so why wouldn't the car start she said she has no idea but it just will not start. Any idea's. Also I do not know the model and she said it does not even state it on the registration so I just picked one so this would send

My car will not start. The lights go on in thedash board but no starter activity. In the past if i wiggled the orange chime box under the air condionter controls it would start right up. I replaced the chime box but it will not start. It has done this repeatedly but always restarted but now ....nothing.

I noticed the smell of gasoline in my engine oil via the dipstick today. There are no warning lights on, no hesitation, no loss in fuel mileage (5 speed man), no visible exhaust.

A few years ago my car started making a clicking that correlated with the tachometer. We took it home and haven't started it more than a few times since. I need to repair it and wonder roughly what it will cost. It may also need a fuse replaced in the passenger compartment, but the clicking is the biggest concern.

As soon as A/C or even Defrost is turned on, vue just dies out/ cuts off.

Hose leaking