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It doesn't stall but steering tightens and it acts like it is going to stall as soon as I get speed back up it stops doing it

I thought it was my tires but they are all good. It seems to be coming from the front passenger side. The car drives fine, doesn't pull to one side, stops fine.

I got this car about 5 months ago and I told the man who sold us it the car need to be service to have the rotors done I noticed a clicking noise when you started the engine I asked him to have it serviced I was driving home today and I could not put the car in Drive reverse the bad part about it as was I have a newborn in the car only 3 weeks old and was stranded on the highway for over 3 hours and then there was a recall on the vehicle will be never got the Carfax on this vehicle from the dealership what would be the best suggestion to do

My gauge reads completely cold but I got a message saying " A/C off for engine protection", What would likely cause this? Drove a little more and the gauge went to normal and the message went off.

If you drive the car for a while and park it it may not crank. If we disconnect the battery and wait a while the car will crank. The check engine light may or may not be own.I've had it on the machine to test but they never find anything. I was told it may be the computer.

My check engine light is also on

ITt would have a slightly high idle that would slowly go down as you came to a stop. From about 2200 rpm to about 900.

On the dash it says servicehybrid system

The heat is not working at all.

The temperture gauge started going back and forth. The engine light would come on and the gauge would go back to less then half and light would turn off. Would this be my temperture sensor that needs to be replaced or is this something else. The guage stopped working and engine light is on.

Dont have anymore details.

We have had the car for years it was my grandma's but she did not receive any recalls on the car I just wondered if it had any

The car started shaking while i was at a complete stop then it shut off i started the car back up and it was idling rough and shaking. i drove it home but it was like i was running on 1 or 2 cylinders the service engine soon light came on and stayed on. What could be the problem.

Need bolt size and torque value


Window will go donw but not up

When testing current flowing it shoes ut is. When connecting motor no current

Stopped turning on what is that motor for and how do I get it to turn back on?

With high beam on with the car turned off, the battery ran down

I purchase a new battery have my starter tested dash lights up when I turn key no sound

No power to windows and sunroof

While I was driving I passed an officer and looked at my odometer. It wasn't working. So, why would the odometer quit?

Battery light comes on had it checked said it was bad generator how do i replace

Bad generator how do i replace

Mi carro estuvo parado desde el 2011 es año 93 y ya se le isieron cambios de creo casi todo so portes cables así te filtros brekas y tenia un ruido como si fuera una lámina al cambiar los soportes se desapareció el ruido después empezó denuevo y ahora lo ase más fuerte el cual empieza cuando prendo el ahire acondicionado y más aún cuando meto el cambio a velocidad o reversa y alpárese el ventilador del motor se lo conectaron directo del ahire acondicionado eso genera el esfuerzo del motor sea mas nose que aser aquí no me dicen que es exactamente y yo ya no quiero pagar dinero por nada el problema ahí sigue

Car starts and runs as long as I have a hot battery. I've checked for voltage at the alternator while it's running and I have nothing. Was told that it could be the security light

At first, it would only go 60 mph, then it would only drive at 40 mph, now it will not go faster than 25-30mph!

Is it necessary to use high mileage oil, and at what point?

Is 3000 miles a suggestion or a limit?

Wanting to know how often I should receive a transmission flush.